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  1. southrumble80

    Unban iDennsey_

    Only english in forums please, as i can see the IPs are bugged 🙄 Sorry for the inconveniences Unban request accepted User unbanned T/C.
  2. southrumble80

    Unban iDennsey_

    Proofs like chat logs, screenshots and a pic of your profiles (launcher) (IPs are the same anyways) I can see that you've edited your post so i'll answer, the Ban evade consists in join to the server with another account while you're banned in your principal account
  3. southrumble80

    Unban iDennsey_

    Hi. First of all there's no need to tag RuisuMC. Now, the reason of your ban is Ban evade, you have the same IP as LucasBiondi which was previosly banned, also, a friend of yours told me that you've been evading in "iDennsey_" account, and it is very strange. So, if you're not LucasBiondi you can show me proof before i deny your unban request. No T/C for now.
  4. Hi, I want to request my miniyoutuber rank. , I met the requirements of the video I hope you answer my nickname: gamerpelao and the link of the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUK-M9l1Pgo&t=240s.

  5. 🍕

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      Hola, quiero solicitar mi rango miniyoutuber. , Cumplí con los requisitos del video. Espero que respondas mi sobrenombre: gamerpelao y el enlace de la revisión: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUK-M9l1Pgo&t=240s.
  6. southrumble80

    i cant chat

    If you're talking about Acv1 (Network Vanilla) use /ch g (global chat) or /ch l (local chat) or if you're talking about CTW use /G (message)
  7. Bob?


  8. Te calmas we


  9. southrumble80


    User banned T/C.
  10. southrumble80

    Team troll

    @Slendy, in the first picture we can see how JOR97 is about to turn on the TNT blocks, then in the second picture the TNT is about to explode (because of the time that the guy took to go down and take another photo), same map, same location, same TNT blocks position and same blue leather armor guy, also, you can see the tiny nametag rectangle as in the first picture. User banned (By @Slendy) T/C.
  11. southrumble80

    Team troll

    User banned T/C.
  12. southrumble80


    User muted T/C.
  13. southrumble80

    Team troll

    Do you have more proof? 🤔

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