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  1. southrumble80

    Report - CTW

    User banned! T/C.
  2. southrumble80

    [Command Request] KatheRurik

    Topic title changed.
  3. southrumble80

    Report; Ctw

    User banned T/C.
  4. southrumble80

    Help with CTW achievements

    You can get Sniper killing someone at a certain amount of blocks, to get the highest one you have to kill someone at more than 50 blocks, the Overpowered achievement is your total amount of kills, the melee and the bow ones. Then there's Sword Master and it's about your melee kills and Shooter that it's of your bow kills. Then Wool Master of the amount of wools that you place. I hope this can answer all your questions!
  5. Tio, yo lancé la rope dart hacia mi amigo, no sabia que fue a ti xd, iba hacia SorteoFullAcceso, vamos el mismo lo vio, y en cuando a evadir el ban con la ip premium, no queria evadir, es que no me veia la skin, y entre a la web a buscar la IP premium, que no me la sabia de memoria como la de no premium tio xd @southrumble80

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SniperWolf


      hola :v

      south, si el te ha hecho eso entonces necesitas poner pruebas men, como sabemos si mientes o dices la verdad?

    3. southrumble80
    4. southrumble80


      Y siguen con escribir aqui :v que necesidad tengo yo de mentir, además el propio usuario ya confeso que fue por accidente, además, sea por accidente o no sigue siendo ilegal 

  6. southrumble80

    Unban Request | DmZMoDzYT

    You did it to me... I don't know you so well to consider you as my friend... You even tried to ban evade joining with the premium ip Unban request Denied. T/C
  7. southrumble80

    Ac v1. Campers en spawn.

    Pls anyone, move this to Complaints. And make sure to follow the template (only english on forums) I'd like to see more proof, but if other staff thinks that this is enough proof punish them.
  8. southrumble80

    Mayus and troll CTW

    manolooo: muted Windley: Banned T/C.
  9. southrumble80

    [Swear] AurelTheDark, SofiaGonzalezRat, southrumble80

    All the... what? https://imgur.com/a/3GkC2E6 And that's why i started to fight and yeah, you've got a warn + kick for insulting staff before i started to insult 2 days later. Yo, you want respect but u don't give us respect, please stop this madness, i'm tired
  10. southrumble80

    [Swear] AurelTheDark, SofiaGonzalezRat, southrumble80

    Yayyy i even tried to left ya using friends help But you didn't want 😠 also: https://imgur.com/a/kqGpFsh
  11. southrumble80

    Report - southrumble80 & AurelTheDark

    Ruisu told me to don't ban him, and you know it since I told you about it and you agreed with it and you started fighting with Ruisu. I know that you don't want me as a staff member, but please, don't make useless posts PD: Ruisu didn't ban him because he doesn't know which rule to follow I told him that he should follow rule #2 (bug abuse) but he didn't wanted to
  12. southrumble80

    [Swear] AurelTheDark, SofiaGonzalezRat, southrumble80

    Please, you can edit the reply and add all those questions, and no, I didn't insult you that day, that happened 2 days later, and yeah, i insulted you cuz u started, ( as always ) it wasn't my intention but you didn't give me another option
  13. southrumble80

    [Swear] AurelTheDark, SofiaGonzalezRat, southrumble80

    Then if you made the report for take off my staff, why you included the mirs case?
  14. southrumble80

    [Swear] AurelTheDark, SofiaGonzalezRat, southrumble80

    I did,you got a punishment for insulting staff, and how i can "play with her feelings" if i just left her, and stop, gf in minecraft doesn't make any sense, i've insulted you cuz u do the same all day, i'm not a robot. Ik that i dont have to act like that but you just don't stop
  15. southrumble80

    [Swear] AurelTheDark, SofiaGonzalezRat, southrumble80

    I don't even knew that girl since I told BySniperWolf to talk with her cuz she speaks another language that i don't know and that Wolf knows, and idk why she ended up being my "gf" in a cube game, yeah, crazy, right? (the reason that i told BySniperWolf to talk with her was cuz a player told me that she was swearing in another language) and all of this happened cuz i left her,i left her to prevent things like this and cuz i don't like to have virtual gfs, and here we are! and yeah just for that thing all of this happened (i repeat, in a cube game!!) (even in real life, the worst thing that you can do is fight for a girl) I even told Julio to stop, it's stupid, fight for a minecraft relation ship, wtf, but hey! guess what? he didn't listened to me as always... Even before all of this Julio always insulted me, even before i became staff. *waiting for another attack*

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