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  1. Account Name: Exief Rank: [S+][Helper] Requested Commands^: /iteminfo Reason for Request*: To get the information of problematic items to report to staff eg if an item is causing crashes or lag
  2. Exief

    Died in Compact machine

    Hi Kulvan, you can submit a refund request over in the technical support section under Direwolf server. this is the link to the template to use: hope that helps let us know if you need more help
  3. Exief

    [Refund Request] Hadrach

    Topic closed as issue is resolved.
  4. Your Name: ExiefCoordiantes: (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) -1642 61 -1613Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 3/11/2018 midnight Australian Central Daylight TimeDescription of Issue: After a crash during the night something happened in my claim where now if it gets loaded the person loading it and the server crashScreenshots (Optional): Claim Information: Crash Information from my Craftersland launcher crash log folder:
  5. Accepted! 1) Revelation 2) 3) Basic Information Name: Jake C Minecraft Username: Exief Age: 21 Languages you speak: English (fluent), Spanish (broken) Country + Time Zone: Australia, Australian Central Time (GMT+9:30/GMT+10:30 depending on DST) Discord Name and ID*: Exief#9026 Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I have multiple Simple Questions Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes, I try to check the forums every day. How long have you been playing on the Crafter's Land servers?: Between 1 month and 2 months On average, how many hours do you play a day and during which part of the day?**: On average 3-4 hours per day, days I have work will be slightly lower but days off/weekends are much higher playtime. I generally play in the evenings on weekdays and throughout the whole day on weekends. Have you read and understood the responsibilities of the position and permissions you receive with this rank?: Yes I have read the staff responsibilities post from the forums and understood them as they are written. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Modpack?: 8/10 for knowledge of the mods, when it comes to the content of the mods, tech is a 8-9/10 and magic based is a 3-4/10 Complex Questions What can you offer us if you were chosen?: Additional global coverage of timezones due to being on the opposite side of the world to other staff. I also have immense experience dealing with students and their conduct as an academic therefore can aid in conflict resolution. As mentioned earlier I am a trained developer so if needed I can aid in investigating source code etc in the goal of decreasing issues related to the mods or resolving them for players. Have you ever been banned and if so, why?: No I have never been banned A short description of your strengths and weaknesses: Due to my work field I am incredibly strong when it comes to technical concepts. I am also strong in conflict resolution and wording my communications in a professional manner. I am however weaker at making things look pretty and can be weak breaking down a heavily technical concept to a level anyone can understand. What is the one thing you can improve yourself upon?: I can improve upon and am actively working on my ability to break down technical concepts to an understandable level as I want this part of me to be a strong point never a weakness. What experience do you have as a staff member? Exemplify: I used to be the lead developer and administrator of a vanilla server when I was younger as well as running Minecraft servers for my friends. I also used to work as a system administrator which involved similar workflows. What other modpacks/gamemodes have you played? Elaborate: Most of the modpacks I have played other than on craftersland are custom packs consisting mostly of tech based mods as they are what I enjoy more. I have played FTB Infinity Evolved and other similar mod packs in 1.7.10 (cant remember names) Is there a mod in which you excel at, if so, which one and how?: I excel at applied energistics 2, the mod is similar to what I do as a job so the concepts click really easy as well as having used the mod since AE1 came out in every pack I play. Do you have a screen recorder? Are you willing to download and use one?: My old computer had one but I have no reinstalled it onto my new machine, I am more than happy to do so however. Where do you see yourself as a Crafter's Land staff member in the future?: I see myself working in whatever capacity the server needs, the rank I have does not impact that vision as my goal is to make the server the best place for players What suggestions would you like to see from us and how can you help us improve the server?: My suggestion is to have staff around in different time zones to cover more of the global player base as there are issues happening when staff aren’t online. I can help improve the server by directly addressing my suggestion as I am on a different time zone as well as having enough experience to aid in resolving the issues that are occurring. I can also provide feedback for how the server is running at times when other staff aren't around. How much do you know about the helper rank? Elaborate: (permissions, usage, principle/concept): Permissions wise I know what was written in the staff ranks explanation forum post. When it comes to principle/concept, my understanding is that the helper rank is there to as the name suggests help players resolve issues they are having as well as de-escalate situations happening between players in chat, discord, world etc What knowledge do you have of how the staff operate today (communication, coordination, activity)?: Based on my previous experience as an admin on a server, my understanding would be that the staff communicate via a hidden section on the forum and for more urgent matters have an instant messaging for quick action, due to the server already having discord I would assume the instant messaging is conducted via that. I know that the staff act well as a unit, playing off each other’s strength and weaknesses in scenarios and call in “backup” if they cant handle a situation. Scenarios You see a player abusing a glitch, what do you do?: I would initially give the player in question a written warning then if they continue assuming I have the privileges to (as Helper I would not), I would follow the outlined consequences on the forum. If I do not have the privileges to do so, I would report the incident to higher ranking staff members with as much detail as I can so they can action it when they come online. A player lost his items due to a server crash, what do you do?: I would get the player to submit a refund request or inventory rollback unless the item was trivially available eg diamonds they were going to use to craft, which if I can spare said trivially obtained items I would supply them with a few from my storage system to recover from the issue. How would you handle a situation if you got targeted by trolls?: I would ignore to the best of my ability any inflammatory comments and deal with the trolls in the same manner I deal with students who think the mark I gave is lower than they deserved which is in a kind and professional manner warn them of potential consequences and if it gets to a point where I cannot handle the situation, I will remove myself from it and refer the issue to another staff member. A player is speaking a a foreign language in chat, what do you do?: To the best of my ability I would translate to their language letting them know that the server is English only in chat and take note of the user potentially requiring more assistance communicating in the future.
  6. Exief


    Love the spooky spawn as i shall forever call it, you did a great job

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