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  1. Exief

    [Refund Request] Hals_G_Ruch

    Confirmed by player T/C
  2. Exief

    [Refund Request] Whitejakyl

    Confirmed by player T/C
  3. Exief

    [Refund Request] DarkKnight2107

    confirmed by player T/C
  4. Exief

    {Command Request} Levi779

    Permissions confirmed to be working. T/C
  5. NEI/JEI (depending on mod pack) should already be within the pack; I don't know of any mod pack that CL offers that doesn't have one of those mods.
  6. Exief

    [presentation] SassyBirch

    Welcome to CL Sassy, hope you enjoy rev and our shenanigans
  7. The time has been set to noon; hopefully this satisfies what you asked for.
  8. Exief

     [Refund Request] levi779

    Confirmed by player ingame T/C
  9. Exief

    [Refund Request]

    Confirmed in game by player T/C
  10. Exief

    [Refund Request] Airio

    Confirmed by player T/C
  11. Exief

     [Refund Request] levi779

    Hi Levi, What type of mob spawner were they?
  12. Exief

    Can't login to the server (MAGNET Issue)

    Thanks for providing the additional information; I'll get Geri to look into it again.
  13. Exief

    Can't login to the server (MAGNET Issue)

    Please use the template geri linked in her reply.

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