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  1. Edgentex acted in accordance with the rules and guidelines set out for staff therefore it is decided that no further action will be taken with regards to this complaint T/C
  2. is this a request for your island or inventory to be rolled back?
  3. i re-issued the commands from your donation and should happen on next login
  4. Please provide a timezone I can't do this without a timezone
  5. Please specify a timezone so this can be completed
  6. Enchant perms fixed; please note all items enchanted with it are deemed creatively influenced so cannot be sold
  7. I'm going to chime in now since this is now becoming a he said she said and external parties of no relevance to the situation have started jumping in. After reviewing all evidence from both parties, there has been no evidence provided of sufficient relevance to overturn this punishment; especially given this is a warn not a ban. Before people jump down my throat, the definition of creatively influenced includes anything where creative obtained items influenced in the creation of, the storage of or the use of the item being sold. While you may say "But items get accidentally tagged" to which I say yes they sometimes do, which is when you should engage staff to have them replaced with untagged ones; this is a normal refund request nothing special as accidental tagging is an unintended feature of the plugin having to deal with the inventory events the way it must. There are numerous cases of players doing this exact process across CL as well as it having been discussed publicly on discord in the past. While you have shown a DM conversation with Ness which shows you asking about it, however you have not been able to show that the item in question is actually the one mentioned in the DM as well as the timeline of the DM happening and this punishment. As a formal decision has now been made by management, this topic is now closed. If the warn does not expire within 14 days of the date it was given please contact staff and they can manually expire it.
  8. rollback done let me know if there are still issues
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