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  1. Account Name:articircleRank: sponserRequested Commands^: /effect giveReason for Request*i want it too use on em only
  2. Account Name: ArticircleRank: sponsorRequested Commands^: /rftdim deldim /weather ./timeset /world edit/enchant/godReason for Request*: for deleteing my diemsions
  3. Account Name:Articircle Rank:sponser+ Requested Commands: /weather /world edit/time set/
  4. it wont load the area the chunkloading wards are broken please fix them
  5. Your Name: articircleItem Name + ID + Amount: alloy smelter basic ender tank resosannt magetic dyunamo mixer basic1 a blast furnace of each of thoes enrgetic conduits energy <24Coordinates: Description of Issue:they all got rollbacked within last hour Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Account Name: ArticircleRank:sponser Requested Commands^/time set /effectReason for Request itle be cool too have
  7. Account Name: ArticircleRank:sponser Requested Commands^:world edit enchant god /timesetReason for Request itle be cool too have Revelation
  8. the alter bugged in the middle of it the astral mod please fix
  9. canyou guys put constellion paper from astral sorcry in the donastion shop please and ty
  10. centrifuge ic2 at spawn shop
  11. Your Name: ArticircleIsland Owner Name: Articircle Coordiantes: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10:00AM january 31 2019 west coast OregonDescription of Issue: my disk disappeaered Screenshots (Optional): coords
  12. Your Name: ArticircleItem Name 30x 100 dollar bills Amount: Coordinates: Description of Issue: its uselessScreenshots (Optional): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/529577051573977089/540689480844050473/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/529577051573977089/540689564478734356/unknown.png
  13. Your Name: ArticircleItem Name + ID Amount: 1 creative spikes dissappeared i want 10x 100dollar bills back pleaseCoordinates: Description of Issue: dissappearedScreenshots
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