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  1. logs of what? im not the one who needs to prove i didnt do anything wrong, its the staff team which proves wrong doing and not the other way around, you can go straight to the SM if you would like and try to get logs, i dont know what logs would or wouldnt prove as i did not do it ?
  2. i was never arguing with anyone thank you very much, i was just explaining to him the staff rules, on how staff should not be afk while in game. and like i said, this still does not prove i griefed which i did not do, for a ban you must have solid evidence which you dont have as i did not grief instead, as youj cannot find who really did it, you're just going off of the fact that i did it in the past, so i will ask again, please review my ban, thanks
  3. right this still does not prove i griefed the base does it ? no. i had my home set here as i was going to use it for a base idea, as i stated to this guy before, as "The grief matches your previous griefing offense" doesnt mean anything, it is a publicly known exploit, and has been for years... even when i was staff (in 2018 iirc) so just having a home set at a base, which was set when i asked to tp to him for base ideas as i have not played for a long time, which is true, if you could check you would see that, and you can ask them your self, i asked to tp for base ideas,. so im asking you to reconsider your decision, as well as this, you should know, as staff, the person who banned the player should not deal with the ban, it should be done by another staff member to avoid bias, it has always been this way. I did not grief this base, i will admit to doing it in the past and theres no denying it, however I did not do this, and i please ask you again, please either yourself or another staff member (how its supposed to be) re evaluates this due to the lack of evidence
  4. [1] In-Game Username: jkl882 [2] Details of Situation: No idea, banned for "griefing" [3] Ban Category: rule 8 [4] Ban Duration: no idea, 2nd offense till 2020/04/17 [5] Staff Member: not provided [6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/71kohb3 [7] Your Reason: No idea why i was banned? nor would there be proof that i grief which i did not, so can someone explain 1. which incapable staff banned me and 2. why the hell you think ive griefed someone? staff have really gone down hill since i left....
  5. I agree with this, however, I think the system isn't supposed to be used (the buying of claim blocks) well on "our" servers, I think it's just one of those things which has been left at its default value, and just not disabled, however a price reduction would he really nice so I do keep having to buy claim blocks from buy craft lol
  6. Your Name: jkl882 Coordinates: -263 100 -257Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): midnight (29/03/19)Description of Issue: whole inv just dematerialized into fresh air Screenshots (Optional):
  7. T/C items refunded to player
  8. Your Name: jkl882 Coordinates: -263 100 -257Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10 min a go xD Description of Issue: my items went poof after throwing them on a vector plate Screenshots (Optional):
  9. T/C items refunded, if any issues with this rollback please pm staff
  10. You were banned for duping of blank ritual stones (mainly and other items too) we have clear proof of you duping which I can supply to you if you wish
  11. The reason for this reset was due to evidence of him duping in which he was banned (permanently) and as procedure the dupers base or the base they seek refuge in is wiped.
  12. @Waldhein hi was this the town in which sethrex had his base ?
  13. Unlocked thread, confirmed by the player that they need a inv rollback sorry about the confusion
  14. T/C Items refunded to player (left in a chest at their base)
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