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  1. You were banned for duping of blank ritual stones (mainly and other items too) we have clear proof of you duping which I can supply to you if you wish
  2. The reason for this reset was due to evidence of him duping in which he was banned (permanently) and as procedure the dupers base or the base they seek refuge in is wiped.
  3. @Waldhein hi was this the town in which sethrex had his base ?
  4. Unlocked thread, confirmed by the player that they need a inv rollback sorry about the confusion
  5. T/C Items refunded to player (left in a chest at their base)
  6. T/C Items placed in players inv
  7. T/C Items placed in players inv
  8. T/c Items returned to player
  9. I banned you because your name is and can be seen as inappropriate and the official rule i banned you under rule 20, common sense dont forget that minecraft is a 7+ game (depending on version) and this ofc wouldnt be appropriate for someone of this age, my ban still stands unless your name is changed.
  10. T/C Items refunded to player (left at chest at there base)
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