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  1. What kind of problems is having the server?
  2. Account Name: GravityCube Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: Worldedit Reason for Request*: I would like to have worldedit build faster
  3. To be clear I think that you deserve to get banned but there is a problem is how the staff proceeded with this. The first problem is that you shouldn’t remove the program of a player that is following the rules. It’s not even a gray zone because the rules specify that only tracking staff is against rules. It even get repeated in 2 points and he used a method that requieres manual input so no need for databases. Screenshot. The second problem is that you are targeting one player about this. Knowing that there a lot more. That is harassment and it is against rules. Therefore the staff member that did it should be punished too. On the other hand infernal has been harassing a lot of players. He have said so on discord a lot of times. Link Now if you think that normal players shouldn’t be tracking and harassment should have harder penalties just change the rules, it’s just a couple of lines to change and everyone would be happier. EDIT: almost forgot, the staff has deleted my comments a couple of times so I suggest you to quote it.
  4. I think that using the siren for that is against rules. You should make a complaint for a ban if that is the case. [8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory: 1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land.
  5. The redstone boost could be disabled so it is not too overpowered.
  6. I told you that it has been done on the server. The issue can be solve disabling sell signs and the adminshop. It is not really necessary to modify the mod.
  7. Modifying the mod code. It has been done.
  8. It can even be just disable AdminShop and the Sell feature of chest shop to avoid money stealing.
  9. We can disable AdminShop and restrict the setLine method in case that the sign is a chest shop sign.
  10. All of the problems that he said were because of the tesseract issue. They don’t crash/lag the server by themself.
  11. What are you talking about? They just want some items that crash the server to be banned or restricted for everyone to enjoy the server without crashes too often. The aluminum wire + tesseract crash was fixed. I think that this topic should be closed.
  12. I can fix that. Don’t worry about details but it wouldn’t need to be disabled. Just some minor modifications
  13. The password plugin is installed because this is a cracked server. So you don’t need a premium account to play.
  14. From the player side is hard to make big changes in the server, we don’t even have access to the server logs to see what’s wrong or a list of the actual items that crash the server to say what do we think about it. It’s common sense to hide the crash causes to avoid bad intentioned players actions. I think that improvement in the server can be done by focusing a dev on fixing or patching the issues. We instead can report the issues that we find and ask for features that we would like. Maybe you think that some things aren’t posible but they are almost always to hard to accomplish but if the staff sees that is something that ppl are really interest on they are probably going to make an effort. This is just an opinion, it’s like what I think about the suggestion section of the forums. ? PD: I’m not very experienced speaking english so I would appreciate any correction.
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