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  1. GravityCube

    [Unban] Macciato

  2. GravityCube

    [Unban] Macciato

    Smug_Anime_Face is the one that gave you the keys
  3. GravityCube

    [Unban request] GravityCube

    [1] In-Game Username: GravityCube [2] Details of Situation: I have a computer that turn on an atomic science alarm if someone unknown is close to the chunk and it display the intruder name in a monitor. I was crafting something in my me system and I got banned. [3] Ban Category: Rule 6, 3rd Offense (According to xxDragonJCxx) , Staff Tracking. [4] Ban Duration: 4 days [5] Staff Member: @xxDragonJCxx [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: I forgot about the staff when I made the program so I forgot to filter them or something. I know that it is my fault but I'm suppose to get a warning about it, instead I get a ban and it is my first offense.
  4. GravityCube

    [Guide] ComputerCraft Tools

    ComputerCraft Tools. I made this post to facilitate the access to simple tools that I made or I found on internet to make different kind of programs. peripheral.find This function helps you to find every peripheral connected to the computer of a certain type (sType) or a custom filter (fnFilter). Source. Example: Function: string.random This function gives you a random string with a certain amount of characters. Source: @XMedders Function: string.split With this you can split a string into a table with a delimiter. Example: Function: http.getStringWithTimeout This is a custom http.get that have a timeout for the requests if the website doesnt response so your program doesnt get stuck. Function: GCAPI To be honest I'm too lazy to explain all the function of the API so I'm going to give you easy example programs for you to try. I disabled some stuff like the rule34 Download API > pastebin get XJAdkfJ8 gcapi Images for Monitor This program display a image from a URL from internet. Images for glasses This is almost the same that the one for monitors but with commands for the glasses and higher resolution Note: If you have any question, you found a bug or need something extra just comment this post
  5. I added the tracker to the list of programs
  6. Crate machine. This machines gives you random items for vote crate keys! (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore) Slot machine. This machines requires "WatchStore Credits" and the use of glasses. (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore) MonitorDisplayer. This program allow you to display almost any image from internet typing "!image (url)". You can buy it for $500 (Server Money). Tracker. This program allow to track players with a really nice interface. I'm going to add the rest of the programs another day NOTES:
  7. GravityCube

    Voltz Server For Crafters Land

    You're right. It was just an idea. In any case a voltz server seems like a lot of problems to me too, at least in the first months.
  8. GravityCube

    Voltz Server For Crafters Land

    I dont support this idea because of the outdated mods. We already have a lot of trouble because of it. I prefer a custom modpack (with updated and alternative mods) for craftersland to replace Tekkit.
  9. GravityCube

    quarry resetting

    Just make sure that your quarry is inside the loading area, just dont place it in the border of a chunk.
  10. GravityCube

    Redstone creation battle

  11. GravityCube

    quarry resetting

    It is because of chunk loading, try placing it in te middle of a chunk so it can load itself. Press F9 to see the chunks.
  12. GravityCube

    Redstone creation battle

    Nice idea, if you need any help tell me. I could set up sensors to detect player positions and other stuff if you want
  13. GravityCube

    Redstone creation battle

    I don’t really understand the idea. Can you explain it more in detail?
  14. GravityCube

    Particle accelerator not working

    We need more chunkloaders to keep them working, there is a limit of 4 now
  15. GravityCube

    Internet problem

    Try disabling the firewall of the router

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