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  1. Nothing

  2. [ Rollback Request ]

    There was some bug lasers close so they burn the items
  3. Server crash

    I already ask him but he is like busy and i have no idea what is causing the crash.
  4. Complaint [Chunk_Reloader]

    I don't care if you don't believe me, there are logs with the commands that you used. they can check you and the assistants of the town to check when you claim last time. The other reason is that there is no many ways to place blocks in a protected place, at least not easy ones so they can be track easily.
  5. Complaint [Chunk_Reloader]

    I was online last night and he claim the place after chunk_reloader place the bedrock in there.
  6. Server crash

    I move all my store and it still happening, It is probably something about my code but can you help me to fix it please?
  7. Server crash

    It was something about the networking cables, I ended up moving from that place to not cause any more problems
  8. Server crash

    I destroyed all my computers in that place like two days ago, but it still happening sometimes
  9. Multiple blocks stole from vlaimed town

    There are a lot of ways to teleport antimatter to another place (I'm not going to mention them because it can be used to grief some town)
  10. Server crash

    Sometimes when I tp to my base the server go down instantly for a few minutes and then I enter and the server works fine. I even disabled all my computers and the server crash keep happening sometimes Town: WatchStore
  11. Unprotected Land Griefing, Dumblore

    That is suppose to be allowed. The server should have the pvp off if that isn't allowed.
  12. Private message and Town Spawn

    The server should have another system besides the wait on the teleport because it is super annoying. It could be replace by something like CombatTag (I'm not sure if that plugin still works).
  13. Question about a rule

    @brunyman there is a chance to change this rule to allow the creation of computercraft economys? I put a lot of time in my store and I don't affect anyone storing a simple list of the currency of my own economy.
  14. I cant find my town!

    Probably if you provide a period of time that is more likely that you were in your house bruny could look into the backups files and get the location at that time. Example: 01-01-2017 [22:00-23:00] GMT -4