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  1. The password plugin is installed because this is a cracked server. So you don’t need a premium account to play.
  2. From the player side is hard to make big changes in the server, we don’t even have access to the server logs to see what’s wrong or a list of the actual items that crash the server to say what do we think about it. It’s common sense to hide the crash causes to avoid bad intentioned players actions. I think that improvement in the server can be done by focusing a dev on fixing or patching the issues. We instead can report the issues that we find and ask for features that we would like. Maybe you think that some things aren’t posible but they are almost always to hard to accomplish but if the staff sees that is something that ppl are really interest on they are probably going to make an effort. This is just an opinion, it’s like what I think about the suggestion section of the forums. 😊 PD: I’m not very experienced speaking english so I would appreciate any correction.
  3. Maybe ban aluminum wires can be a good thing.
  4. Before the incident: Joey doing his stuff in his house (you can know when this was by seeing when was the last /t spawn or /home before the incident. If between that and the time when the incident happened Joey did not use /spawn then he is innocent for obvius reasons.
  5. I know but he would need to do /spawn after the last /t spawn or /home before the time that the force field was activated It is just an idea anyway
  6. Question for the staff, did you checked the log for tp commands of Joey? That could prove that he is innocent considering that he doesn’t have home there and you probably already checked his base for tp mystcraft books. I’m just sad for him because he donated real money for the server. I think that he deserves at least to check the logs.
  7. Deze just said that he was there the whole time and he was talking to you about it. Not even he was sure about the violation of the rule 2. About the first punishment he told us that he teleported to another player and after 10 minutes or so he killed another guy that was close to the first one. I have no idea if this is true but I believe that is a considerable amount of time to be consider a fair kill, not to mention that he did not tp to the victim directly. I would like to know what you think about that because I consider that a situation that is not described in the rules.
  8. About the redundancy of adding another plugin to complement the market I see ChestShop more like another activity after end game. For me the addition of the plugin would be something to focus making a nice store after I finish the main mods. I think that it can be a good motivation for a lot of players that are finishing the game. The warps are not needed. You can use /t spawn <town_name> instead and it is already available for all players although I consider enemy fire should be disable inside towns (I just made a suggestion about that.) and is just changing a line in the configuration files so not too much effort to put into it. The plugin doesn't need additional permissions or configuration, it is just drag and drop.
  9. Solved. Please close the topic.
  10. I think that I'm crashing the server everytime I try to connect. No idea why. My actual coords:
  11. Why do you think that it would bring more problems? ?
  12. I would like you to consider reinstall chestshop considering that the exploit is easily fixable (disable signs methods in openperipherals config).
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