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  2. can you staff change my name to &0&k0&r&l&4&lWEED&0&k0 i cant do that becuz there is a limit i have premium i think this is all the information
  3. urgh i died in a scorshed ore world 😞 and died in 1 second can i have my stuff again + the legendary crate enderchest? you can remove the redstone energy conduit @Manyouforgot
  4. @DezeGames @EPICfighters hes duping
  5. Your Name: weedfriesCoordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 15:50 netherlands time +1Description of Issue: log in 2 creepers at front of me BOOM rip items and i cant pick them up becuz of claimed land
  6. i accidently placed my legendary enderchest 2-4-2019 7:30 europe netherlands name weedfries i placed it and then trying to get it back but then i got 8 obsidian😥 So can i get it back?
  7. Account Name: weedfriesRank: premium and i bought $20 worth of in game cashRequested Commands^: /speedReason for Request*: it makes life alot easier
  8. INVENRORY ROLLBACK NEW i lost my stuff again name weedfries place same place time 15:00 netherlands time server glitch
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