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  1. ItsBattlepro_

    Ender Chest issue?

    the normal enderchest works like normally. but FTB adds another enderchest. the colours are for the different channels. but they are public. so everyone can access these chests. if you want a private channel you need to put a diamond on the lock.(right click a diamond on the lock. just like you colour the top).
  2. ItsBattlepro_

    Monk Mod Advancement tab

    hello. yes all advancements are a little bugged in direwolf20. they will come back at random times. about level 10 is that the watch the moon in a boat on the water? if its that one. yes its bugged aswell but we found a workaround! yay! so you have to sit in the boat as passenger and it should work. so get another player to go in the boat first or even an animal will do. just push it in. and go in afterwards and it will work.
  3. ItsBattlepro_

    Assumed Griefing

    hi jamert. sadly i assume the villagers got removed by the server. the server will occasionally remove entity's if there are more than +-10 in 1 chunk to prevent lag. so this makes animal farms and villager farms a little pointless. i have no idea why you need villagers but you can make a villager spawner for trading.
  4. ItsBattlepro_

    Need help resetting Monk level

    hey henk my monk mod is also bugged so i am not sure if it can be solved by resetting it maybe to 11 is better. its only watch 5 seconds to the moon anyway and quick question did you have any time to look at my command request?
  5. ItsBattlepro_

    Need help resetting Monk level

    monk mod does have commands coded into it also i could use with this to:/monk setlevel 10
  6. Account Name: Rank: Requested Commands: worldedit, godmode, /kitlist if there are any kits,Reason for Request: cus building is way easyer with this also i can select a big area and only delete 1 block type, and i can fix ugly water if i break the side of a lake. and godmode cus i like to have it on when going nether. and well kitlist so i can see kits also for some reason i cant do colors in chat (this may be a plugin bug idk) first 2 already got kinda approved on my rank transfer but i didnt get the perms so yea lets do it the official way
  7. ItsBattlepro_

    bad server tps

    hello. so last 2 days server has had very bad tps. yesterday after a restart it would be better for 15 min. now the tps never gets above 10 most of the time its lower than 5. yesterday 2 dudes placed like loads of transwood trees. we removed all of these not sure if this was the problem. but its still not fixed. this causes many problems: mobs not spawning, me systems not working, base out of power, whilst reactor full power etc, cables not updating, and just block updates taking ages. could we pls get a higher rank staff member look at this?

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