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  1. Your Name: itsbattlepro_ Item Name + ID + Amount: time in a bottle with 60something hours Description of Issue: lost this item cus i had it in my inv before the rollback. and put it in a chest during the rollback. so lost it. sadly i can't quickly go in creative and get it back myself since it needs to be NBT edited
  2. Account Name: ItsBattlepro_ Rank: sponsor+ Requested Commands^: /speed and /give if not included with NBT access please Reason for Request*: so i can fly quicker through the map and find the biomes i need for making rftools dimensions. and the second command so i can recover more complicated items that i lost cus of the rollback. like time in a bottle. i think the time is stored as a NBT tag so yea...
  3. sorry it didn't ping me that you replied. anyway yea everything is back thanks! T/C
  4. Your Name: ItsBattlePro_ Coordinates: -2361 -4075 52 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): well i'm no sure since i took a week break since my pc was messed up. so you probably have logs of when i was last online and today somwhere between than Description of Issue: someone blew up my base... Screenshots : https://gyazo.com/db4d0a4796b8d07ba402161a051f216b
  5. hello all So this post is mostly aimed at the people i was staff with at the time when the incidents occured. but also for all the rest the somehow got caught up with the mess i caused. so when i came back a few months ago. after being gone for more than a year, i noticed some people still have a grudge against me. thats why i'm making this post now. to apologise to everyone i might have annoyed,pissed off, or offended. I don't know why i behaved the way i did. but i now realise i was behaving very childish. so i want to apologise for this. now i want
  6. there will always be people playing.... they will always upset a few people by wiping. however for the most part a wipe is a good thing. i mean in a month time there we be another vote and we will have this whole discussion again. so in my opinion its better to wipe now and have it over with. than more people can enjoy a completly clean server. yes it sucks for the people progressing now. but that will happen wether its now or in a month time....
  7. well if the server would get wiped i would probably start playing on here.
  8. thank you very much. and i will not abuse them. Permissions granted T/C ~D34D
  9. so in short i would like to request: worldedit, /enchant, /thru /gmsp, /skull, /god and /ptime or /time. if you want me to find all the command nodes. i'll be happy to do so.
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