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[command request] ItsBattlepro_

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Account Name: ItsBattlepro_
Rank: sponser+
Requested Commands^: /enchant, /thru, /gmsp, /lighning, /kittycannon. /skull
Reason for Request*:  cus enchanting manually is a pain. cus thru is very handy if i'm stuck or tryna to help someone and need to get through closed doors. (compass works to but is slower).
gamemode spectator cus tis really usefull. even later in /V it is usefull for catching xrayers etc. and /lighning cus lighning arrays + /pt lighning = infinite enerrrrgyyyyy. cus kittycannon is just awesome. cus i wanne get my skull to place in my base
command node's: 
nucleus.enchant.base, nucleus.thru.base, nucleus.gamemode.modes.spectator, nucleus.lightning.base, nucleus.kittycannon.base, nucleus.skull.base.

and als last but not least can i get unsafe enchants with /enchant?

cus i wanne play with it. ofc i know the amount of abuse it can cause. so i wont be suprised if it will get denied. but i would be super happy if i could get it
the command node is 
oh and: 
nucleus.skull.others could be awesome to.


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