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  1. Spring_Water

    Limiting Certain Blocks and Creations

    I do know years ago that aluminum wires when hooked up to tesseracts can cause server crashes almost immediately. I am not sure if this is still the case as I do not follow changelogs consistently, as a matter of fact I’m sure it’s not. Cutting back on server lag in any way I also see being beneficial to current players as well as attracting new comers, and my idea of reducing/limiting certain blocks was just a thought. I appreciate the input from everyone and can’t wait to hear from others. -Spring
  2. Spring_Water

    Limiting Certain Blocks and Creations

    I appreciate both of your inputs on this thread. As Swimsam said, tesseracts are a very useful block, and I will be one of the first ones encouraging their use. Without shooting myself in the foot to sort of speak, it's people like me that cause instability on the servers through excessive strain. On the contrary, Henk you stated it best: I fail to assume the broader reality that a large sum of crash loops are due to a single corrupt block. I don't mean to push for an extended 9 month server wipe, but rather tone down the spontaneous server crashes that may be preventable, if even preventable. I agree with the statement in reference to 6 months being perfect timing for a wipe, for identical reasons why. As you said, people don't follow the rules. I wish they did. I did not anticipate that a plugin would be more efficient for matters like this, and for that reason my rule idea would be - to blatantly say - pretty dumb. Enforcement would need to be dependent on another plugin, which may not prove the best use of time when staff could be delegating this to server maintenance. I do think there is some merit to this conversation however. Limiting server crashes by preventing overloaded server situations could prove beneficial, but as of right now I cannot see a solution that everyone would like. To go even further, preventing block corruption would be the end goal obviously. But, this is clearly an impossible, unattainable task as we know. In the end modded servers are buggy, crash frequently, and push RAM beyond its expectations for Minecraft and that's just a part of what we all signed on for. Thank you both for the dialogue, I had interesting thoughts and a ideas from it. Until next time - Spring
  3. Spring_Water

    Limiting Certain Blocks and Creations

    This is not a very useful comment, constructive criticisms are what I am looking for. Tell me why it is a terrible idea, not that it is. Tesseracts are useful, and this is why they are over used in abundance. They are also a main cause for crash loops, but that is a different topic for a different time. I am not saying remove them from the server, merely limit them. Do you need 300 tesseracts? Would 200 change your gameplay experience?.. etc.. I appreciate your opinion either way. -Spring
  4. Spring_Water

    Limiting Certain Blocks and Creations

    It may be worth a note, that we have frequent server crashes on CraftersLand Tekkit due to complex, intensive creations brought on by those who wish to have it all. These individuals dream big and never stop making it bigger - I am guilty of this too. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy, except when the server crashes. In an example, fulmination generators and laser drills/prechargers in clear excess can become detriment to the server's stability. Limiting blocks and creations like these could prove beneficial for preventing crashes. Instead of 3 fulmination generators, limit each individual to 1, etc. Items like laser drills/prechargers, tesseracts, item ducts, and other common blocks that are over used per chunk in excess can take away from users' experience by constant server kicks. A solution to this issue could simply be adding to the server rules. You would not need to regulate this by creepily monitoring individuals like Big Brother from George Orwell's novel 1984, but rather if a server crash occurs and the problem was due to an excess of a limited item, a consequence would follow. I know this may get flak from individuals who are in the "end-game" like myself, but it may be worth consideration. Let me know your thoughts - Spring
  5. Spring_Water


  6. Spring_Water

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Spring_Water

    Nothing is missing, rollback was successful. Feel free to lock the topic. Thank you, Spring
  7. Your Name: Spring_Water (Nick: Spring)Coordinates: -3415 3323 (130)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9:40pm CST (from America), (5th of January 2018)Description of Issue: Computer froze for like a half hour while I was building platform while flying. When I came back I had died somehow, unsure of cause, although I was on my own claim. Went to where I was building and loot obviously despawned by the time I arrived. Unsure of my specific inventory at the time, but I know I had power armor and some building materials. Screenshots (Optional): N/A because my computer is soooo awesome. Edit: spelling Edit: time and date
  8. Spring_Water

    New crafting recipe for double stone slab facade.

    Whether it be possible or not, I can get behind this!
  9. Spring_Water


    I'm not sure why GravityCube is met with such disrespect on this topic (rom7ster). It is important to encourage ideas instead of mock them, as this is a suggestion board. I agree with the chest shop idea. I don't have a CompSci background so I have no idea what it would entail on the administration end, but I know players would appreciate the opportunity to have a store on the server.
  10. Spring_Water

    [Refund Request] Spring_Water

    [Refund Request] Spring_Water Your Name: Spring_WaterItem Name + Amount: (Resonant Ender Drum 2527) + (12 drums)Coordinates: 3400 3375 (120)Description of Issue: Server crash around 12:50am CST on January 3rd. Lost more in my inventory than I stated, but only care about the Resonant Ender Drums. Screenshots (Optional): No screenshots available as it was unexpected.

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