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  1. Items refunded. If you remember what you had in your backpack we may be able to assist you further.
  2. Topic name changed to [Inventory Rollback Request] Deaway. Hi Deaway, If you have few items to refund, an [Inventory Refund Request] may be more appropriate - as more staff can perform this task and the response time is quicker than an [Inventory Rollback Request] typically.
  3. Hello MaverickGoth, This occurs when you sort by rows in the market listing inventory. When you sort these items, the market thinks you're "clicking" them, causing the purchase to occur. I would recommend not sorting the items via tabs in the upper right, or middle-mouse clicking (sorting function) while in market. Example of issue below: Attempt to sort by rows in market. "Accidentally" purchased items. Sorting is a game mechanic that the market plugin has a difficult time working with, so please do not sort the market in the future to prevent a similar situation. I hope this cleared up some confusion.
  4. Items refunded into players inventory. T/C
  5. Items refunded into players inventory. T/C
  6. Duc_Lucius, I don’t see it as an issue as the center of your “claim box” is still griefable by outsiders and other players. We do not allow a long claim wall blocking outsiders or boxing in others’ claims. Another note, a player in this thread asked what is the name of your town - I would be cautious in giving this out as they may locate your town, and attempt to exploit a way inside of your base and grief everything.
  7. Hello Asta0, A few other staff members are checking currently on this subject. My friend donoskaro - or another staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!
  8. To the staff member that handles this, we've had this issue in the past and as far as I know we don't know the cause. I've had players report about placing items in the market, only to find they are gone and their balance does not change. Just my experience for what it's worth on the topic.
  9. Hello dankfeelings, Thank you for reporting the issue to donoskaro. Are you looking to get your items refunded? If so, please follow the template in the technical support thread for our staff to handle your request appropriately.
  10. Situation is under review currently. Car, handle your interactions with others on our servers more maturely in the future. The behavior you have displayed is innaproriate and disappointing to our community - to say the least. We are welcoming, compassionate, and helpful towards others. Your comments represent none of this. If your actions do not change in the future, we will ensure they do not continue.
  11. I’m not sure I’m understanding your question. I stated it was banned for two reasons, and banned items don’t have to be mutually exclusive for the ban reasons. And if you read my post, I state what I know on the topic as well. I could very well be incorrect about the duping issue (hence I said I don’t know how it happens), I just recall a conversation about it a few months back and it jogged my memory. @Swimsam777
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