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  1. Alyssuu is a good player. She has been there since day one and has helped out a lot of players. She made a lot of progress in the game and banning her permanent for swapping out a image is way too hard. Please change the time of the ban to a week or even completely remove the ban. Of course changing the image at spawn is not okay, but it shouldn't be punished the same as someone who does real griefing like destroying blocks and stuff. She is a good player and will never do something like that again.
  2. Hello. :3 The DDSS Server is currently one of the biggest Servers Craftersland has. The amount of players playing is big, but so is the lag. On Events like the Bloodmoon the Game is totally unplayable. The Server restarts a lot because the massive lags that are always around. Some Players can't even get online sometimes. We really need help, these lags are terrible. We are hoping that you find a solution to help us out. Have a good day. ? ~cKasune
  3. The bois and i (edit: and gorl) thought about a nsfw channel for the Discord server of Craftersland. Because, its fun and why not . Pls dont ban me from the Forums :C
  4. Well, dimension and world is the same or nah? We are all talking about a second overworld that's getting monthly resets. Also i don't think it would suck that much resources. DDSS already got so many dimension because of the space thing and other mods. Also the main reason for lags are the players. We hope to double the amount of overworlds, not the amount of players.
  5. We got a new idea. Of course its hard to make a second world. So how about a little spawn shop update. Things like all the stuff you can get from killing a wild dragon or rare stuff that you get from dungeons. Without exploring dungeons and killing dragons this pack gets a bit boring. But updating the shop for us could be a good alternative.
  6. Its been a month or something since DDSS released. Almost every dungeon you can find is empty and almost every dragon you encounter is already dead. I would love to have a second world that resets every month or something where you can continue exploring this awesome Modpack.
  7. Your Name: cKasuneItem Name + ID + Amount: Dragon Egg (11280) 1 Dragon Meal (11313) 53 Diamond Dragon Armor (11309/0) 1Coordinates: Description of Issue: My Stage 3 Dragon Despawned. Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/PUrnuLu
  8. Your Name: cKasune Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 Infinity Drill Tier: Legendary (7694) 1 Mob Imprisonment Tool (Pink Slime) (7686) 1 Mob Imprisonment Tool (Blizz) (7686) 1 Mob Imprisonment Tool (Blitz) (7686) 1 Mob Imprisonment Tool (Parrot) (7686) 1 Mob Imprisonment Tool (Slime) (7686) Coordinates: X:2264 Y:69 Z:4010Description of Issue: I put a few full ME Storage Cells in a Backpack. Now i cant open the Backpack because it kicks me instantly from the Server.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/9q5A9F8
  9. Your Name: cKasuneClaim Owner Name: cKasuneCoordiantes: 2264, 69, 4008Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 14:00 GMT +2Description of Issue: I stuffed too many Full ME Storage Cells in a Backpack. Screenshots (Optional):
  10. Well. Maybe i need to explain the Situation now. Lol. I got a few of those Tanks from a Guy, they are not mine i am too dumb to cheat. Anyways. I didnt try to bribe ya mate you seemed interrested in them so i thought of giving you a few just out of kindness.
  11. I cant sell up to 9 items. But i should bc i am Premium. Would be nice if someone fixed that!
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