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  1. yes, aris, you are sooooo damn right, everything i say is about you first of all i was talking to someone else about someone else but if you feel like the thing i said is about you, mhm ok, it's up to you.(im not the only romanian on that server) and secondly stop stalking dudeee, you re scaring me!!!!! cya next time! ❤️
  2. mirs

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    im in (xNorth_) but how does this work lmao?
  3. mirs


    im surprised this post is still here =)))))))
  4. If you really want to do this, ok. The fact that you are lying really bothers me and I think that lying is a bad thing, especially when you are a staff member. Images removed, showing irrelevant content to this topic. -KayWolves
  5. mirs


    Network Server :CTW In-Game Nickname :_BubbleOfMirs Nickname of the one you are complaining about : mike333 Description of the situation : he is using hack (antiknockback and probably scaffold) Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :
  6. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    im sorry for blocking you on skype geri because i dont have the message when you said 'marce is looking for duped items in your house on survival' so marce did you find something? because if you had found it I would have understood the reason for banning me
  7. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    sorry marce i didnt see i kept them because geri told me is better to give them to a staff and i gave them to her that's how I was taught
  8. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    the thing on this server is when you try to be legal you are stupid and whatever you try to do you are banned plus gerry_lmao was there when i gave the keys to geri
  9. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    jesus geri told me to give them to a staff! i did what she said lmao
  10. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    AGAIN? when did that happen twice?
  11. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    'she remembered who she was and the game changed' yes. the game changed into an unfair game duh like wolfie said think twice
  12. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    actually you taught me that i should give dupes items to the staff because in this way i will be legal and instead of throw them by myself i gave them to you to be sure i wont be banned the only one who does not play right here is you geri
  13. mirs

    [Unban] mirs

    Well, I knew from my knowledge that the staff is not allowed to ban someone without evidence. She banned me because a random player told her that I have 'duped items' and I am pretty sure that she sent someone on pure survival to check if I have duped items. I am sure that person did not find anything but she still banned me. I would like to see the proof otherwise I should be unbanned!
  14. in my opinion it should be legal because is not such a bad thing.... so which is the punishment for this ''ilegal'' thing?
  15. if my rank is sponsor+ and i give someone a notch on ctw is this thing ilegal? because someone said that to me and i want to be sure.
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