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  1. Let a manager know. Hopefully it will be fixed for you soon
  2. Taken care of in game. T/C
  3. To add on to this sometimes people disable chat in settings thinking it will just disable being able to see the chat when it disables commands as well.
  4. where in New Hampshire i live in Vermont

    1. ViperBites


      I went and stayed in rochester for a bit

  5. Epic Games is giving away Subnutica for free on their new launcher through the 27th so grab it now if you want it!!!
  6. Happy Birthday, have a fun day :D

  7. If you try to kill a friendly mob it won't let you
  8. The server has been restarting on a constant basis for the past week or so now. Nothing much to say other then that
  9. okay when ever you are on i will give you the money
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