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  1. Epic Games is giving away Subnutica for free on their new launcher through the 27th so grab it now if you want it!!!
  2. Happy Birthday, have a fun day :D

  3. If you try to kill a friendly mob it won't let you
  4. ViperBites

    [Refund Request] UgurkansTR

    Items refunded T/C
  5. ViperBites

    Constant Restart Issues

    The server has been restarting on a constant basis for the past week or so now. Nothing much to say other then that
  6. ViperBites

    Diamond chip not craftable?

    Issue solved T/C
  7. ViperBites

    Can't craft metal plates

    Issue Resolved T/C
  8. ViperBites

    Skyfactory 3 server full wipe

    The lag is still pretty bad at times.
  9. ViperBites

    Refund request

    okay when ever you are on i will give you the money
  10. ViperBites

    Refund request

    Sorry about the confusion. I can refund you another chunkloader if you need it in the future, or I can give you the money back. Will leave the choice up to you
  11. Saddest: When my pepere died. Happiest: Going to sound like a complete ass espically after what tara said xD but was going to a WWE event this year. Never been and wrestling has been my obsession for 20+ years
  12. ViperBites

    Refund request

    Hello! Since your chuckloader was refunded you do not get a money refund
  13. ViperBites

    Skyfactory 3 server full wipe

    May i suggest adding some kind of clear lag if possiable. With any kind of skyblock mob drobs and items become an issue. This might help the tps tremendosly
  14. ViperBites

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC Beta

    Alright will message you my BattleTag close to the beta

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