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Some bugs


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Ok so over my time on revelations I have noticed a few bugs some since the Rev 2.0 update ( some of these may have been fixed already or may not be the fault of the server) 

1: If you log out in the new mining world wither it be from a server restart a crash or just logging out. You get stuck in a infinite logging in loop until one of the GM's teleports you to spawn.

2: The draconic energy core is broken. Not sure if this is an issue with the 2.0 update but it will not extract energy from the core.

3: Last I checked the chunkloaders run 24/7 not 100% sure if this is still going on. Should probably be changed to only works when the owner of the chunk loader is online

These are the main three I can think of if any one can think of more feel free to add it to this post :)

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11 hours ago, brunyman said:

for the mining world, is this always happening? What does the log say?



Yes sorry. Nothing is really said in a log it just doesn't let you back in untill after the you are tp'd to spawn


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