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  1. Note, you had multiple claims in your base so yes while you are correct nobody was trusted. However, I didn't notice till after the rollback, you had left these areas unclaimed which is how the items were stolen. Now I'm not going to revert the rollback, as what is done is done. Future notice, claim all the base. We don't rollback for unclaimed land
  2. Before rolling your inventory back, I had taken everything out and placed it inside a chest at your last known location. I believe it was a copper chest. Anyhow, if you'd like, we can attempt another rollback or you could reply with a clear and concise list of items you lost.
  3. Town Rollback Complete. I'll note that Craftersland offers rollbacks for server-side issues. We usually do not rollback for user error. Also when you had requested World Edit, you agreed to unstated terms which doesn't include free rollbacks for deleting your own base. Anyhow, it has been rolled back and confirmed ( I tp'd ).
  4. Keys refunded to inventory. Removed the hitbox from spawn
  5. Inventory Rollback Complete
  6. Applications are now closed. Congratulations to our new Helpers!
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