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  1. Great suggestion Chicken Eggs { minecraft:egg } added to admin shop at 8 for $100
  2. Inventory Rollback Complete If anything is missing, reply below
  3. World Edit access added. Unfortunately, we do not give out /enchant, as there are no restrictions to unsafe enchants. Note: Any abuse of world edit will result in removal of access. Usage is logged
  4. Item refunded to player inventory
  5. Thanks for the bug report. As for why it runs out of energy, I can't pin-point the issue. I've heard amongst other players that you may want to avoid charging it. ( Possibly could cause the energy depletion? ) I have placed a Creative Jetpack into your inventory. Only protection 4 was added
  6. Glad it was sorted 👍 Future references; The unstuck package is free and sends players to spawn within 5-10 minutes. Available on all servers
  7. Also, looking at the pastebin, it would be smart not to attempt to use that MiniGun again. 👍 Could corrupt your inventory again
  8. Inventory rollback complete. For future reference, we have a template for inventory rollback requests. It gives me more information to help resolve the issue. So I went ahead and used your player data save files from Feb 24th. If you are still unable to connect, reply below
  9. /top was added. Once again, we do not give out the permission to remove/delete dimensions/rfdimensions
  10. Claim Rollback Complete. Apologies for the delay, if anything is missing reply below
  11. Unfortunately, at this point we do not have a rollback that far back. If you haven't made the items yet, you can reply with a list of what exactly you lost and the items can be refunded.
  12. Crate keys refunded and $11,000 added to your account
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