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  1. Town removed and area regenerated. T/C
  2. Hello, When it comes to PvPing, we have just a few rules to follow which includes: [5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items: and [14] No Scamming: (Which would include PvP scamming) PvP is not limited to these two rules, however, from everything provided, it sounds as nobody has broken any rules, therefore, no action will be committed by staff. It may be considered "mean" or "rude", however those are not reasons for staff to hop in and refund what was lost. We have PvP enabled on our servers, and that being said we do not protect or refund items if a player is killed legitly. All mechanics of PvP are entrusted and expected to be followed, which can be basically put as Bloodskals had it, "If you get killed, your stuff isn't your stuff anymore."
  3. You stated in your complaint that you would fill out an inventory rollback request in order to get your stuff back. We do not refund/protect against legit PvP losses. Therefore, your request is denied. For more information see: T/C
  4. Items Refunded and placed in player inventory. T/C
  5. Everything checked out and looks good. I have removed _kitaecybivaec_ from the town and set gotmidz710 as mayor of midznation. I also set a town spawn at the base, as it seems gotmidz710 had no home set and was at spawn with no way of getting to the base. To get to your base just use /town spawn Have a good day! T/C
  6. Hello, I would be glad to refund your items, however, to better understand what was lost and the scenario, will you please comply with the following template:
  7. Items Refunded and placed in inventory. T/C
  8. Hello, I have done some checking into to issue you have brought up. Indeed players are unable to change the leaf-decay flag for their claim, along with a few other flags that could not be changed. I have inquired about why access is denied to your personal claim. It is looking to be a bug and should be corrected soon. @ManYouForgot
  9. Hello, It is not true that you need to purchase a rank (Vip, Premium, Sponsor) to receive a colored name. All prefix packages in Direwolf20 1.12 version will change the color of your name along with giving you the prefix. However, the custom prefix in 1 color is the only package that will not give you a colored name. All other prefix packages include a colored name, including the custom prefix package with 2 colors.
  10. Ness27


    Hello, Unfortunately we are unable to help here. We do our best to provide a great experience by giving you all the tools you need, however, we can't do much when you fail to use the given tools as we have no record or way of telling where you adventured out to. I also believe this is just a fundamentality of Minecraft! If you travel away from your house or base, you better have a way of getting back!
  11. Hello, In order for us to help you, will you please provide the following information: Your former in-game name Your current in-game name The town you lost access to Proof of name change
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