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  1. Hello, Yes the Monk Mod has been bugged out since v2.4.0 update. It seems as one cannot pass Monk level 18. Sadly there isn't much we can do about it. However, we do offer the setting of one's Monk Level via shop for one euro.
  2. That seems to happen at times, Just relog and that should fix it.
  3. Ah there was a slight misunderstanding, I was under the idea it was a performance issue. Well, I went ahead and sent you to spawn. If you are on our discord server, the next time you log in, ping me on discord and I can get on as well to see if we can work it out together.
  4. How much ram do you have allocated to the launcher? Is this your fist time joining the server? Did you try to talk around to see if chunks would load? Edit: Apologies for the questions, just the post you made had relatively low information. It is very difficult to find the issue without a lot of information.
  5. Moved to Sky Factory 3 technical support
  6. Topic moved to Sky Factory 3 technical support
  7. Hi @Blockboi69965, Which server is this for?
  8. No worries. Moved to Sky Factory 3 technical support.
  9. Hi, I'll try to hit some of the points you mentioned in your suggestion post. Staff: The concern of a lack of staff hasn't been raised to us, even though it may seem by sheer numbers there is a lack of staff, but if you consider the necessity of a staff representative, I believe the number fits the needs. I believe we can both agree that dw20 1.12 has a great community in the past and current which has lead me in my time here to rarely hand out punishments due to rule breaking. From my experience everyone is having a wonderful time and the biggest concern over rule-breaking I receive would be along the lines of- "spam". Which in itself is rare. The larger issue would indeed be bugs and glitches. Most of the time I am helping with players, "How does this work?" or "This mod is broken" or "This item isn't crafting", etc. The last Helper application wave was March 14, just over a month ago, we had 1 applicant focusing on becoming a Direwolf Helper. Theres always been opportunity... I believe we aren't in dire need, but help is always welcomed. Bugs: We are aware of bug issues in the pack, but I hope you can understand that we do have other priorities and de-bugging mods can be a hectic task if we don't understand what is causing the issue. Not to mention, Bruny may not have all the time to run maintenance on all servers and attack bug issues for all as well. I did however find a GitHub post relating to the issue we are seeing, however it may not be the same. Link For GitHub post -> HERE Wipe: Indeed the overworld has had its share of playtime. You've done the right thing coming to suggestions here and requesting it to be looked it, thanks. Rules: Its sad to say, but more often than not we find players using such terms in a demeaning manor. We have considered the effects of these terms, and we do not want to go down that alley. I'll actually quote Epicfighters, " However, we do not allow anything targeted towards homophobia, religion and other stuff. This is because lots of people get easily offended when talking about these subjects (even if they are not used in a negative way). For example, many people like to say "oh, that's gay" which a fair few people would take offense to, and logically, no "event" can be gay so the saying itself makes no sense really. Summary: The word is of no use and there's no need for it. I see no offense you can take by the word being blocked, it's simply not needed. " As for the other terms, that is a different question, more specifically you are resorting what is called Tu Quoque, a fallacy basically stating "I have to do this, why doesn't he have to?"
  10. No longer needed, player confirmation. T/C
  11. Hello @lionhearted408, Which server is this for? As I teleported to those coordinates within DW20 1.12 and there was nothing.
  12. Hey @DBZWatcher If you lost anything of importance that you remember, you can reply to this post, and I will be able to refund those items.
  13. Claim removed. For future reference, use the template below Another note- When claims are removed, we regenerate the land. Therefore all items, blocks, buildings, etc will be removed. T/C
  14. That error occurs under the circumstances of attempting to allocate 4gb of ram using a Java JRE 32bit version. Java 32bit cannot create the JVM. Download and install Java JRE 8 64bit to be able to play. I also recommend giving the launcher a little more ram, roughly 5-6gb should be fine, depending on how much ram you actually have. Here is a Java JRE 8 64bit download: HERE If you use Windows, make sure to get this one -> Windows Offline (64-bit) Edit- Be sure to uninstall the 32bit Java version to avoid conflictions
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