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  1. I have checked, and unfortunately the earliest rollback date I have is the 13th... If you'd like, you could reply with a list of items/blocks that you may have lost and I'll be able to refund those.
  2. God has been added. Unfortunately we do not give out /effect to players nor staff members. T/C
  3. Town and Inventory rollback complete to the 12th.
  4. Unfortunately we do not hold any backups that far back. I've checked and the earlier I can do is around the 12th... We could go ahead and attempt to do that, and if that is not correct it looks like your best bet is to do refund requests.
  5. Hello @XJayWithOuttaX I'm afraid we don't have backups that far back. Best I can do is refund what was lost and suggest using AE2 as storage mod. If you want items refunded, make a list below of what was lost.
  6. Town Rollback Complete. If anything is missing or incorrect reply below.
  7. Town Rollback Complete. Player Confirmed.
  8. Town Rollback Complete. If anything is missing please reply below.
  9. Inventory Rollback Complete. If anything is missing or incorrect, please reply below.
  10. Items refunded. Confirmed. Note- The issue the player reported will need further review. T/C
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