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  1. accidently made 2 post idk why it did that please delete one
  2. Account Name: KraveBlaze Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: /block Reason for Request*: it would really help me if i could use /block to convert all the ingots in my inventory to blocks , it would help me with speeding up production
  3. and also can i get my [S+] in green or red? thanks
  4. i know somebody gave me the tag and i appreciate it but im after upgrading my rank and its now staying at P+ instead of S+
  5. apparently should be [S+][CerealGod]KraveBlaze
  6. In game name:KraveBlaze Proof of Purchase: Transaction ID: 3X615812B9262235W Description of Issue: Bought a tag but already have a rank and it will not show up Date/Time of Purchase: 13:40pm Items/Rank Bought:Tag 1 prefix color Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: the Tag was Gold and just said CerealGod
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