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  1. Your Name: QRostino Coordiantes: 2675 -3451 113 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 20/04/2021 at 00.15 (UTC +1 EUROPE) Description of Issue: My ME Drives disappeared, someone stole them, 3xj told me about what happened and resetted my claim configs. Can i have a rollback? Screenshots (Optional): before these drives were full
  2. Also i can't see how harrassing players and griefing are linked. I need more explainations
  3. 1] In-Game Username: QRostino (Before i was F_Lost) and Lews_ [2] Details of Situation: Me and Lews_ have been banned for 2 months and 24 days. I understand the harrassing players reason ,but i can't accept to be blamed of selling items for irl money and griefing because we have not done these things (this time). Can you attach me some proofs which led to decide this appeal? One time i was joking with Lews_ about selling items in dm (like the screenshot attached) but you can guess that we are playing in the same town and together (btw we are brothers and we live in the same city irl)... So, can you reduce the duration decreasing two months from our ban? We can only be accused of harrassing, not for the others two reasons. [3] Ban Category: Selling items for real life money and Griefing [4] Ban Duration: 2 months and 24 days [5] Staff Member: Kaszanka_1234 [6] ScreenShots: Attached, obv Lews_ is in my same town and he had no motivation to buy items from me for real money. [7] Your Reason: 1) Selling items for irl money -> I attached screenshot showing that it all was a joke with my brother Lews_ 2) Griefing -> I have not griefed anyone's town (i griefed before the overworld but i paid for unban 2 hours before i got banned another time from Kaszanka) So, the only things that we can be accused of is harrassing players (4th offence) for a total of 24 days.
  4. Username: F_Lost Rank: Premium Reason: World Wipe, need rank reactivated.
  5. Your Name: F_Lost Item Name + Amount: 1x ender quarry, 1x tesseract Coordinates: mining world x 7820 z -9611 y 70 Description of Issue: I left my quarry and tesseract in mining world since it was resetted. Can i have a refund of these items? Thanks
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