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  1. This is a known issue that we have yet to be able to determine the cause. @D34DPlayer will be around at some point to process this for you
  2. In game name: cvance2387 Proof of Purchase: https://imgur.com/a/p2gK2wa Description of Issue: I haven't gotten my purchase it's been about 20 minutes since as of this posting. I've gotten the message IG that says i've donated and the "thank you for your donation" message but no claim blocks have been added. Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 6/10/2021 7:24pm EST Items/Rank Bought: claim blocks Screenshots (Optional): if I could I would but i've reached the max number of attachments. Any other important information:
  3. make a post in the technical support forum with the proper template and D34D should take care of it for you. It may take a few days however.
  4. Well from the sounds of it you used the keys and then the stuff you got from them may be gone? Either way you’ll have to submit an inventory rollback request.
  5. So from what I’ve read you had vote keys then used them and the stuff you got from them is gone?
  6. @MiniTermi77 well for starters thermal expansion doesn't work because phosphorus is unattainable so I'd add White Phosphorus to spawn and then tackle other issues as they come up. With dedicated staff who could process rollbacks and refund requests more quickly the player base would rise as many feel like no one is around to help with issues. If I'm not ingame i'm most always on discord and do check forums multiple times daily and could process refund and rollback requests daily in the afternoons. I'm not sure what I might be able to do about the current issue of people logging in to steve sk
  7. I’d love to do more if I could but as a helper I’m severely limited. If there’s a way I could be made mod so I could affect real change with the server I’d be all for it but I understand most everyone starts out as helper. However if the server doesn’t have any other dedicated staff there’s not much I can do. I’d like to actually fix some of the issues that have been plaguing MCE.
  8. You can buy a port to spawn at the store, it’s free. As for the error I. Not sure what caused it but you could try reinstalling the pack.
  9. Thanks y’all, I made it with schematica so it didn’t take as long but still took a while lol
  10. no worries, yeah you can always buy that unstuck thing and get a port to spawn. Glad it worked out
  11. cvance2387


    I'm sorry I'm not fully understanding your issue, I've been able to log in with my minecraft account and play on the server every time for the last couple days. As have others who aren't VIP or premium players. You've logged in with your minecraft account yes?
  12. @nostelnorios are you still experiencing issues?
  13. I've let bruny know this but don't know when it would be updated.
  14. cvance2387


    why are you pressing play offline? that's probably your issue, gotta login with your account and it should be fine.
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