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  1. I know it's still up there because I can tp to it lol @D34DPlayer
  2. Account Name: cvance2387 Rank: sponsor+ Requested Commands^: /advancedRocketry givestation Reason for Request*: I lost all the copies of my space station id chip and I read that this command will give me a new one with the correct ID so I can access my space station
  3. you know now that I look at it, I can put down another digital miner and just mine the area again..the ore is still there after all. and the parts that weren't rolled back on my enterprise aren't that bad, It's easily fixed with schematica. I am all set now. Thank you so much T/C ~D34D
  4. so it looks like it was rolled back a bit to far. When I logged off right before I was nuked I had a digital miner going that had pumped a few thousand various ores into my ME network. Also the stuff that I moved out of a few chests and into my ME network in one of my buildings on my claim was back in them. There's also a few spots on my USS Enterprise that were not rolled back at all, starting at x2771 z-2587 y251, z2668 z-2573 y251, x2729 z-2566 y207. These areas should be part of my claim..unless I messed up the corners lol Could the areas that were rolled back to far be because I forgot ab
  5. Thought I'd share the starship I just finished making in space for Advanced Rocketry, just need to put in the warp core and such and I can sail the stars. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5nt6eu1h4r40gt8/AACqPRCiw3oTv7S3gnZ-p7TVa?dl=0
  6. Today I'm the latest victim of at least 7 people that I can count on the technical support forum that have had their bases nuked. Clearly these can bypass grief protection so can we please disable nukes and missiles? I spent almost a week building a giant replica of the USS enterprise and now it's a radiated pile of rubble. This is really bad.
  7. Your Name: cvance2387 Coordinates: 2636 -2353 67 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 11:00 AM EST 10/11/2020 Description of Issue: My base was nuked, not all of my buildings so far but the coolest ones anyway, my USS enterprise and my beautiful factory. While we're on the subject can we please ban Nukes and any type of missle or TNT apart from like tiny tnt? these can clearly bypass grief protection. Screenshots (Optional):
  8. It seems like these restarts are happening more and more often lately across all servers. Would it be possible to have the restarts at static times? say once an hour on the hour? That was at least someone will know before they go to log in that hey it's almost 14:00 I should wait a few because the server is going to restart soon. There have been many instances where I log in and 30 secs later the server restarts and I know i'm not alone. This would really improve the quality of play for your members.
  9. I just had a rank transfer from infinity evolved and not all my commands were transferred. On my transfer request I had indicated I had world edit, /time and /tppos and those have not been transferred to eternal. Could someone set that up please? @EPICfighters
  10. no it's ok, I'm fine now. was able to clear my inventory so I can log in now T/C
  11. I was able to log in with pickaxe chat and clear my inventory, this issue is solved now
  12. Checking again on this, it's been a week now and still haven't heard anything. I can't log in until this is done, it crashes when I try. Please help
  13. hi just wanted to check in on this, it's been several days and I haven't heard anything. I can't log in until this is done. Thanks!
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