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  1. jak222pro

    [Refund Request]*Ubuchy*

    Well bruny can rollback to excatly that time you lost the stuff and that chunk only Or nvm
  2. jak222pro

    Direwolf20 1.12 WIP

    Looks cool
  3. jak222pro

    [Refund Request]*Ubuchy*

    I think you need a rollback not a refund request
  4. jak222pro

    Inappropriately named claim

    Wait a min did u erase the chat log ingame or the folder?
  5. jak222pro

    IE map tour

    Wow nice
  6. jak222pro

    Draconic evolution config change

    Interesting but tge problem being the player can loose items very easily of the accidentaly have a full inv
  7. jak222pro

    Enchanted Spikes & Ender Quarry

    Hello there you will need to use plots for the chunk the quarry is in and with that chunks perm set modify to true and enter to false. And for your towns perm enter to false as well. As with modify on anyone can come in there and steal something in anything with modify on so you'll not want people to get in that chunk or really near it. If you want people to still get in your city but not that chunk I'd suggest making a wall of plots around the quarry chunk with perm enter to false. P.S repost from ManYouForgot
  8. jak222pro

    Clan chat

    Does this mean accepted? xD
  9. jak222pro

    Does RF Laser is nerfed?

    you are right i have 28 lasers atached and getting 280rf/t
  10. jak222pro

    Clan chat

    I think it would be a good idea to add a clan chat because it would be very handy to talk to multiple peoplethat are far away without using the global chat. Also i have noticed that not a lot of clans are being made cause they dont have a use outside of a cool clan tag and war.And i have seen it on sky factory.
  11. I was in my base i cleared my strongbox and i tried to pick it up i mined it with a pick i saw it drop but imdeiatly after it disapeared.Can i pls have a refund if possible?

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