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  1. Happy Birthday :v

    1. MarceLOL


      gracias espero no cumplir más xdd

  2. It happens to all players who have been inactive for a long time, because there was an update of a plugin and everyone had to have a reset of the account (unregister the account). If you have been playing lately idk what could be the reason.
  3. :D:P?


    This deserves to be in the next Newsletter, doesn't it? :v

  4. Legend has it that Deivid appears only to the chosen one, nobody has seen him yet... Congratulations finding the secret room :p [Moved to General]
  5. I'll refund you the sword. Maty_Pro is not obligated to return back the bow, but if he has 2 bows and one is exactly as you said I'll take it and give you back
  6. The keys were in your enderchest. You asked if you could use illegal items for pvp, which means that you knew they were illegal. In fact, I asked you what illegal items did you have and you said items enchanted with commands. You didn't ask at any moment if you had to return the items. Your question was if you could use them. Unban request denied.
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