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  1. MarceLOL

    Suggestion - Map Change on Pure Survival

    Didn't you read what I said?... what's the point of playing survival 1.13 with a map that doesn't have anything from that version, nor anything from the last 30 versions? In case of using a map in Pure, it should be in 1.13, with all new updates (biomes, blocks, oceans, structures, etc)
  2. MarceLOL

    *MEGALOLYT - 3nd offense duplicate items*

    Punished, T/C.
  3. MarceLOL

    Refund Request

    Refunded, thanks for reporting T/C.
  4. MarceLOL


    I already told him via discord why was he banned, he is Vito. The ban expires today, I know it's your first time, that's why the ban is only for 3 days. I hope it's your first and last time! T/C.
  5. MarceLOL

    UnMute Request - BySniperWolf

    It's not to feel sorry. Pillin is not an insult. Loco is a way to refer to someone. I can't punish Jimmy_04 because the last connection from his ip is JIMMY_04 and we have not case sensitive. With same insults I mean you used the same kind of "insults", or at least try to offend as he did. As both were offending each other both had the same punishment. I didn't mean literally same insults. And I'm not laughing, this is tiring.
  6. MarceLOL

    UnMute Request - BySniperWolf

    Constant fighting ingame and continuing it here. His "insults" were the same as yours, so if he deserved to be punished, why don't you? As I already said, the punishment is for fighting. Both were fighting, both same punishment. Equally punished.
  7. MarceLOL

    Report - Jiimmy_04

    The only thing you are doing is extending that fight here to the forums. Instead of reporting each other, what if you two talk in pm and solve it? I think you two are old enough to have a discussion. And if you are not doing it, just stop talking. It's really easy. Or report him without provoking/offending him too. I can't know who started the fight, but that isn't important, you both were fighting, so both muted. T/C.
  8. MarceLOL

    Report - Jiimmy_04

    What I'm saying is that gay isn't an insult. If you want an explanation pm me, or reflect on it and get your own conclusion :v
  9. MarceLOL

    Report - Jiimmy_04

    Please don't misuse Italic, it hurts. So this report is because Jimmy said 'gay' and 'mientes loco'? In my opinion, 'das pena' is much more offensive than 'gay', since I don't find that word hurtful (it's like being offended with 'homosexual' word). 'Das pena' can mean feel sorry for someone, but in this case has an agressive/offensive/despective meaning, it could be translated as 'you are pathetic'. I can't punish anyone because I can't join to the server, but you both were verbally fighting, not just the reported user. Sniper, you say he always starts the fight but you are the one who continues it. (I don't see any clear evidence of the hb)
  10. MarceLOL

    Suggestion - Map Change on Pure Survival

    Maybe an updated map... In 5 years there have been added so many biomes, ores, trees, blocks, etc. that are missing there.
  11. MarceLOL

    [CTW] Kits

    When I say expensive, I mean really expensive, because actually if you buy one, the money you make with a single pot is at least x5 of what it cost, it's ridiculous. x15 if you are sponsor. (ty for congratulating me :v)
  12. MarceLOL

    [CTW] Kits

    Higher prices, nerfed kits (with this I mean to remove level II potions and level III, IV enchants), and make the most op kits exclusive for donators
  13. MarceLOL

    Suggestion - Map Change on Pure Survival

    It is a good idea but that map is from 2013
  14. MarceLOL


    Nice, it looks hard getting to the wool hehe

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