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  1. Bug Armor CTW Post #3

    Thanks for reporting. (A ss is enough haha) T/C.
  2. Teams Troll CTW

    Punished! Thanks for reporting T/C
  3. We did not had enough with Mainblost :v

    It's not only copying the name, but impersonating too. It's not the same to impersonate a staff member and try to trick the users than impersonate geri33. I think that MisterLuis is not trying to impersonate her.
  4. Help me jejej salu2

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. xlNoroEste_


      Hahahaha :v el que hablaba de bans :v 
      acabo baneao :v xd 

    3. iiTzPaquin_


      No tienes unas lanas que buguear? 

    4. xlNoroEste_


      Usted no tiene un team que trollear ? :v 

  5. You don't share enough proofs of duped items, so I've jailed him only for killing in gm1. T/C.
  6. SpawnKill

    Not enough evidences, T/C.
  7. We did not had enough with Mainblost :v

    MisterLuis123 isn't banned. Anyway, if someday Mineblast enters in Staff, that account will be banned to avoid staff impersonating

    Apart from Termi's reply on which I agree: I'm not motivated. I applied for Staff because I thought this community was an active one. But here I only see problems, and you already know them. Every week there is at least one person complaining about his rank because he hasn't got it in-game or something. In fact, it happened to me. One day, my judge and sponsor's permissions disappeared, and I had no replies from Bruny nor Power until I talked to Zyko and he told to Power. So I got my rank back a month later. Today, @victoraf33 told me that he is waiting a reply since february, he paid 100€ and he hasn't got the rank yet :/. The problem is that he is not the only one that suffers it. Most of the reports are because of bugs. Bugs that could have been fixed a year ago. We made a list, I recorded videos to show every bug in ctw, and some other videos from pure and ac. None of them was fixed. You complain that we are online while reports here are being ignored? Well, I can't take care of all the posts. Actually, if you see me online, I'll be probably helping people in-game or answering PMs. That's more important than a reply to a report of a person that has been writing in chat with caps. Nowadays, more and more people is reporting with lack of evidences, or only because they want to have lots of reports on their profile. Helpers are still waiting for "the next round". We could have 6 judges in two weeks, but nope. We need their help. From all the staff, only ~4 are active. Network needs more attention. I'm not proud to be on a server which is being totally ignored for more than a year. I'm tired. I was going to retire from staff, but I still have hope.
  9. We did not had enough with Mainblost :v

    He is Misterluis123
  10. Rango sponsor

  11. Advertising - Lobby

    Don't be mean, you were only 3 at lobby! I won't punish 14d for that. T/C.
  12. Report; CTW

    One screenie of grip was enough xD Punished, thanks for reporting T/C.
  13. Report

    Punished thanks for reporting, T/C.
  14. SpawnKill

    Any screenshot of him at spawn at least? I don't see his tag