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  1. Duped Legendary Keys

    All of them punished, thanks for reporting; T/C.
  2. ACV1 - Scammer.

    Punished, thanks for reporting; T/C.
  3. Duped Legendary Keys

    I punished Thezeusmaster and Xxmaddy323xX, i need to check hokage's home better
  4. Illegal Sword?

    He has enough power to get one op armor. I'm going to pure, 1 sec *Edit: He is offline
  5. Illegal Sword?

    It's possible, but I would like to see it's durability
  6. Nether Portal in CTW

    They are disabled, so it doesn't matter if they lose money creating a portal. Lol this is mi 666th post and is related to the Nether
  7. Re-ban @Aduanich

    Yeah he bought it, I close the topic
  8. Duped Items

    I've checked his home and I didn't find anything more, i don't think they are duped
  9. Duped Legendary Crate Keys

    Punished! He had some stacks at home, thanks for reporting; T/C.
  10. Problem in CTW (hacker our DDoS)

    Last week it happened too, but I was not sure about who was doing it. It's not DDos, it's a simple command that crashes the minigame. Thanks for reporting, user punished. T/C.

    Punished! Thanks for reporting, T/C.
  12. ctw report

    Punished! Thanks for reporting, T/C.

    Punished, thanks for reporting; T/C.
  14. Unban

    I already reduced your ban because I knew that greeny and you were new at PS. Hmmm but you know what? I'll reduce both of you the ban to 2 days. Next time remember to use english and the template. Ban reduced, T/C.
  15. Unban

    Edit your post using this template And you have to write always in english