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  1. MarceLOL

    this is stupid :V

    The problem of induction? This would be using deductive premises: God is love. Love is blind. My dad is blind. Therefore, my dad is God.
  2. MarceLOL

    armor bug

    Punished! Thanks for reporting T/C.
  3. MarceLOL

    [unban] [Tetiia]

    Of course you are not satisfied, you are banned xD BUT fairly banned, you had duped. Next time don't do it, it's easy. Also, if you have more, remove them as soon as can. Unban request denied, T/C.
  4. MarceLOL

    [unban] [Tetiia]

    alt ≈ other account you own It was your account and you had duped items, thats illegal. I remove items and forgive a ban if you only have 20 gapples for example, or 3 duped tools. I would have remove them and warn you. But mate, you had more than 60 stacks of gapples xD.
  5. MarceLOL

    [unban] [Tetiia]

    Please always use English on forum. https://plays.tv/s/LjkiOx2YD4Fa 00:20 I found a base near your new base. It's owner was MrEsthetics (is your account https://es.namemc.com/profile/Tetiia.1). 00:35 Chests full of gapples. 01:11 I checked who was allowed. "____________" was allowed (your other alt), and I saw his last connection, which was 23 hours ago. You had duped items in your alt's account, enough for a punishment, don't you think? As I said, it's near your new home, that's a bit suspicious and the alt who had sethome there was online 23h ago.... I wait for your reply
  6. tenemos un trato no me puedes banear las otras cuentas :v

    1. MarceLOL


      un trato que te has hecho tu mismo o que

  7. MarceLOL

    HB in Spawn

    Punished, thanks for reporting; T/C.
  8. MarceLOL

    Report - CTW

    Punished! Thanks for reporting, T/C.
  9. MarceLOL

    [CTW] Kits

    Yeah, but if we remove op kits and leave some kits exclusive for donors, they will still have the advantage they had paid for. So there wouldn't be any problem.
  10. MarceLOL

    New spawn for CTW :D

    Not the best one I've seen but better than the actual lobby haha. We appreciate it momo, thanks for supporting us with new content
  11. MarceLOL

    Unban x3

    Spawnkill is not letting people go out from the spawn. People complaining yeah, read the screenies' chat. I didn't said enchanting was illegal mate, I said finishing games with those op kits like gapples, ender, etc. is punishable. Your ban is for spawnkilling 6th offense, only 4d. Give thanks to her because it could have be more if she had added the punishment for finishing the game too early. Geri is not available at the moment but she gave me the permission to close this topic 🙂 So yeah, unban request denied, T/C and sweet dreams!
  12. MarceLOL

    Unban x3

    Enchanted full diamond, enchanted bow, sword, enderpearls, pots, people complaining, 6th offense... And you really are still saying there is not enough evidence? ha-ha. Btw, finishing games with those items in less than 10 minutes is punishable.
  13. MarceLOL

    [CTW] Dealing with strength pots

    What are you talking about Ray, eggwars is a new minigame which does nothing to do with ctw. I really give up about trying to change CTW. But Craftersland's ctw is not ctw. You can call it broken ctw if you want, that's a proper name, yeah. Or better, there's "Pure" Survival right?, so ctw would be Pure Kit. New minigame guys
  14. MarceLOL


    Gabri already punished, can't check if paquin does own keys. He has to be online T/C.
  15. MarceLOL

    Advertising server

    Punished! Thanks for reporting T/C.

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