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  1. Team Trolling

    Punished! Thanks for reporting, T/C.
  2. smoke in spawn - santytube

    Punished, thanks for reporting T/C
  3. Pass ip - JaViGAMer191

  4. Armor Bug in CTW

    Done by main
  5. Insulting in Acv1

  6. Report

    Punished, thanks for reporting; T/C
  7. Ban Evade/Passing Ip

    It was strange... When I banned him, it appeared as avestru77, not as AVestRU77. It always appears the last name he used to join the server, and avestru77 with no caps was banned... Whatever xD it's not easy to explain, T/C.
  8. Ban Evade/Passing Ip

    Amm yea wolf, thanks for your info; idk what would I do without you. Punished, when were these ss taken?
  9. [CTW] Dealing with strength pots

    I would delete strength II from the market and make strength I exclusive for donators, with a higher price (it's ridiculously cheap) Also remove sharpness, protection and power enchants. At least level III and IV Strength II is one hit kill...it makes no sense
  10. 21 People Report

    I think that I've finished T/C.
  11. 21 People Report

    I'll, but it will take about 30min because all the screenies are disordered, what a surprise
  12. Report

    Done; when they are more than 3 reported people, I would appreciate if you put the names in the same order the screenies are T/C
  13. Report :3

    I can't see who took from the base, who took from drops and who brought the armor to the base her love* T/C
  14. Report 7u7

  15. Bug Report - Skywars


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