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  1. MarceLOL

    New level system

    In my opinion, it's much better with lvls. There are lots of advantages, but for those who want to conservate rank names, they could be kept but not as a tag please. It's a mess the chat with Ac ranks + bought rank + tags + nickname. The rank name could appear in stats for example, and group a number of levels for each rank, for example from 0-9 novice, from 10-19 blabla... So we could unblock new things each 10lvls, I think it would incivate more to play regularly so they can achieve new things, just as in ctw, but not too op items/buffs, just balanced stuff, not like ctw ehem.
  2. MarceLOL


    We all have been waiting for the update for so long. Whole network had to be updated to 1.13 first, and that's what bruny did. The next step is AC so we can close ACv1, and then bugs, minigames, launch new minigame... Sometimes, I also get tired of waiting, but little by little we are getting updates. What you said FreeFall it's not just a PoV, is the reallity and we all know it.
  3. MarceLOL


    But we already know what is happening. And I don't see where are your advices :v. I didn't wrote my opinion because I don't see it necessary, you said things that everyone knows, you also said non-sense things like we are afraid of HackOs, Aduanich... I admit that sentence was funny xD. I've banned them several times and when I see them we have conversations, we chat as if nothing had happened. Same with most of the people, there is always someone who decides to hate me just for doing my job but meh. Network's update hasn't finnished, there are still so many things to fix and improve. I still don't get the point of this.
  4. MarceLOL


    What's the point of this post
  5. MarceLOL

    Staff Corrupt

    The wall wasn't protected, again. This is ridiculous, you are reporting someone for breaking and placing blocks in wilderness, in public areas, in "not-protected" lands. And it's bedrock wall... I would have removed it if I had seen it ingame. So, it's LittleDiax's protection? And you were building with bedrock in her land? LittleDiax hasn't got any rank, you can't give her items from creative. If you make a wall of dirt it's okay, but come on, bedrock?
  6. MarceLOL

    Staff Corrupt

    Those walls shouldn't exist, geri couldn't know what was FearThisGoD going to do, she's not a seer. Plus, the walls were not in your protected land... If you want to protect a house from pvp, use pvp protection blocks.
  7. MarceLOL

    Staff Corrupt

    I don't know if the walls still there, but The bedrock walls were yours? Bedrock can't be obtained in survival, so you can't use it. Maybe to protect armor stands because they can be griefed, but not like that. In addition, how could he break it, if according to you, it was protected land? The Staff is allowed to use those tools in order to do our duty. We can also use hacks like xray, always if it is for moderating (for finding hidden chests for example). In fact, I gave her that potion. Geri told me and I told her to remove them, just because most of the people think swastika=nazi, so just to prevent misunderstandings is better to avoid that kind of symbols. I'll join now and remove everything.
  8. MarceLOL

    [Unban request] KillerTugaWAR

    The ban has expired, so T/C. Remember to tag the staff who banned you using @nickname so he can be notified.
  9. MarceLOL

    Suggestion - Map Change on Pure Survival

    Didn't you read what I said?... what's the point of playing survival 1.13 with a map that doesn't have anything from that version, nor anything from the last 30 versions? In case of using a map in Pure, it should be in 1.13, with all new updates (biomes, blocks, oceans, structures, etc)
  10. MarceLOL

    *MEGALOLYT - 3nd offense duplicate items*

    Punished, T/C.
  11. MarceLOL

    Refund Request

    Refunded, thanks for reporting T/C.
  12. MarceLOL


    I already told him via discord why was he banned, he is Vito. The ban expires today, I know it's your first time, that's why the ban is only for 3 days. I hope it's your first and last time! T/C.
  13. MarceLOL

    UnMute Request - BySniperWolf

    It's not to feel sorry. Pillin is not an insult. Loco is a way to refer to someone. I can't punish Jimmy_04 because the last connection from his ip is JIMMY_04 and we have not case sensitive. With same insults I mean you used the same kind of "insults", or at least try to offend as he did. As both were offending each other both had the same punishment. I didn't mean literally same insults. And I'm not laughing, this is tiring.
  14. MarceLOL

    UnMute Request - BySniperWolf

    Constant fighting ingame and continuing it here. His "insults" were the same as yours, so if he deserved to be punished, why don't you? As I already said, the punishment is for fighting. Both were fighting, both same punishment. Equally punished.

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