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  1. [Unban] [LarsOMG]

    This was almost a month ago. "Luckily", I still have the proofs. Someone told me to check Euronymous_'s home. I checked it, and it was full of duped items. That person told me that Euronymous_ was your account (LarsOMG), so I went Lars's home. I found more and more duped items, and some illegal potions. In addition, all your allowed's homes had also duped items, duped from you (I suppose). http://plays.tv/video/5a2d7548719d7a73f0/fdsa Unban request denied. T/C.
  2. Unban

    Hi, Use this template please:
  3. Memories

    He is a serial killer. He murdered my dear charged creeper :c https://gyazo.com/820b4221a404b3a79cf92560de466075 We won't forget you, ZengZazional.
  4. Report

    Punished! Thanks for reporting (: T/C.
  5. marce el viper em esta grifeando ayudame porfa me grifeo todo esta asta volando es un hacker el no tien preium ni nadsa ayduaaaaaa

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    2. epivman800


      esas son las pruebas

    3. MarceLOL


      capuio no me copies la ruta del archivo xDD Hablame por mensaje privado

    4. Main
  6. Report

    Punished! Thanks for reporting T/C.
  7. Unban

  8. Report

    Punished! Thanks for reporting T/C.
  9. Unban Me

    Yeah, I was re-opening the topic. I'll just add my own proof, frame taken from the video: And Javiichu's as an extra: https://imgur.com/a/on2BF "Well, I think he had to put / invsee xKayoZzGx to be completely sure, but hey he cry" . Well, I wrote /home xKayoZzGx:1 instead, to be completely sure. Voldemort answered the reason for the 30 days, so nothing more to add. See you, "bae" (: Unban denied, T/C.
  10. Rollback Request x2

    If I'm not wrong, the last wipe was on june
  11. Rollback Request x2

    Sorry for re-opening the topic, but what wipe are you talking about @Terminator? Pure Survival's wipe was months ago
  12. Report

    Punished! Thanks for reporting; T/C.
  13. Wool abuse [CTW]

    I want to highlight this. Sometimes, when someone places the wools and ends the match, the game gets bugged and it doesn't start a new game. Right now, there is a bugged game, and the only thing we can do to fix it is to wait for the restart (it's not the first time it happens). If staff had permits to open/close the games, we could avoid this bug and the wool abuse.
  14. Report

    Punished! Thanks for reporting It is called "spleef" T/C.
  15. Unban Resques

    Do you really think that I ban people for pleasure? haha. I think you dupe for pleasure, cause I found about 30 shulkers full of keys. Let me show you: http://plays.tv/video/5a141a90e6ba2e9e16/otra-vez-we 00:00 --> I find a hidden chest near your home, full of shulkers with legendary keys. 00:40 --> I find another chest, under Firulaisxd's protection block; but you are not allowed in his area. I check the ip, 01:40 . Firulaisxd is your account, so nice try. Why 30d? Just look at your ban hist. You should already know that I only ban if I've evidences! Unban request denied, T/C.