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FTB StoneBlock 3 modded server update to version 1.9.0 is complete!

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FTB StoneBlock 3 modded server update to modpack version 1.9.0 is complete! Fixes and updated mods.

Server address: sb3.craftersland.net


You will find this modpack on FTB App and CraftersLand Launcher for download. The server is running latest modpack version 1.9.0

You can learn more about this modpack here: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100-ftb-stoneblock-3?tab=about



  • Updated to modpack version 1.9.0
  • Updated Forge
  • Updated all configs
  • Updated all scripts
  • Updated 38 mods
  • Removed 1 vote link


Official changelog:





  • A way to get slimy vines/seed by crooking slime blocks #4526


  • Create Crafts and Additions having duplicate item #4460

Mod Updates

  • Update AE2-Things-1.0.5 to AE2-Things-1.0.7
  • Update appliedenergistics2-forge-11.7.4 to appliedenergistics2-forge-11.7.6
  • Update BotanyPots-Forge-1.18.2-8.1.28 to BotanyPots-Forge-1.18.2-8.1.29
  • Update BotanyTrees-Forge-1.18.2-4.0.6 to BotanyTrees-Forge-1.18.2-4.0.10
  • Update cloth-config-6.5.102-forge to cloth-config-6.5.116-forge
  • Update cofh_core-1.18.2- to cofh_core-1.18.2-
  • Update collective-1.18.2-6.65 to collective-1.18.2-7.7
  • Update craftingtweaks-forge-1.18.2-14.0.7 to craftingtweaks-forge-1.18.2-14.0.9
  • Update create-1.18.2-0.5.1.c to create-1.18.2-0.5.1.f
  • Update curios-forge-1.18.2- to curios-forge-1.18.2-
  • Update eccentrictome-1.18.2-1.10.1 to eccentrictome-1.18.2-1.10.2
  • Update entangled-1.3.15-forge-mc1.18 to entangled-1.3.16-forge-mc1.18
  • Update FluxNetworks-1.18.2- to FluxNetworks-1.18.2-
  • Update ftb-quests-forge-1802.3.14-build.191 to ftb-quests-forge-1802.3.15-build.298
  • Update fusion-1.0.5-forge-mc1.18 to fusion-1.1.0-forge-mc1.18
  • Update incontrol-1.18-6.1.10 to incontrol-1.18-6.1.12
  • Update itemcollectors-1.1.8-forge-mc1.18 to itemcollectors-1.1.9-forge-mc1.18
  • Update Jade-1.18.2-forge-5.3.0 to Jade-1.18.2-forge-5.3.1
  • Update kubejs-thermal-1802.1.5-build.16 to kubejs-thermal-1802.1.6-build.7
  • Update mcw-paintings-1.0.4-mc1.18.2 to mcw-paintings-1.0.5-1.18.2forge
  • Update minetogether-forge-1.18.2-6.1.0 to minetogether-forge-1.18.2-6.2.2
  • Update ponderjs-1.18.2-1.1.9 to ponderjs-1.18.2-1.1.10
  • Update ProjectE-1.18.2-PE1.0.1 to ProjectE-1.18.2-PE1.0.2
  • Update rechiseled-1.1.2-forge-mc1.18 to rechiseled-1.1.5b-forge-mc1.18
  • Update refinedstorage-1.10.5 to refinedstorage-1.10.6
  • Update REIPluginCompatibilities-forge-8.0.65 to REIPluginCompatibilities-forge-8.0.89
  • Update rftoolsbuilder-1.18-4.1.3 to rftoolsbuilder-1.18-4.1.4
  • Update rftoolsutility-1.18-4.0.23 to rftoolsutility-1.18-4.0.24
  • Update RoughlyEnoughItems-8.3.642 to RoughlyEnoughItems-8.3.681-forge
  • Update selene-1.18.2-1.17.11 to selene-1.18.2-1.17.14
  • Update simplemagnets-1.1.9-forge-mc1.18 to simplemagnets-1.1.10-forge-mc1.18
  • Update stackrefill-1.18.2-4.0 to stackrefill-1.18.2-4.1
  • Update supermartijn642configlib-1.1.7-forge-mc1.18 to supermartijn642configlib-1.1.8-forge-mc1.18
  • Update supermartijn642corelib-1.1.12-forge-mc1.18 to supermartijn642corelib-1.1.16-forge-mc1.18
  • Update tesseract-1.0.35-forge-mc1.18 to tesseract-1.0.35a-forge-mc1.18
  • Update thermal_expansion-1.18.2- to thermal_expansion-1.18.2-
  • Update thermal_foundation-1.18.2- to thermal_foundation-1.18.2-
  • Update titanium-1.18.2-3.5.9-43 to titanium-1.18.2-3.5.11-45




Check out our guide post about how to start and progress in this modpack here: 



Server features:

  • FTB Chunks mod for land protection with modpack native cave generation.
  • Economy with Server Shops and Players Market
  • Crates and Vote party for rewards
  • Clans


Banned Items: HERE!

Daily Reward: HERE!

Donate to support us: HERE!

Try our launcher: HERE!





Stone all the way!



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