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  1. Yay!!! Thanks! ? EDIT: Any chance of doing the same for mana orbs and wisdom wood logs?
  2. I had replaced the arcane pedestals around my infusion altar with the ancient stone versions a long time ago. Finally got around to trying to upgrade the altar itself. Only to find that doesn't work. You make the structure like it should be, with the 8 ancient stone blocks, ancient pedestal and runic matrix... then you try to use the salis mundus on it and.... nothing. It just doesn't form.
  3. Wanted to say a belated thank you for fixing my inventory! I appreciate it!
  4. Sorry to be impatient. Thought I'd post a reminder. I'm assuming the backups eventually get replaced and I'm hoping to get this taken care of before the relevant backup gets deleted. Thanks again for all your work!
  5. I think anytime on the 10th should be fine. The death happened on the 11th. My post about it was at 11:34 pm central time (currently GMT -5). To be safe I'd back that up at least a few hours. Say maybe into the afternoon? Anytime before 6pm central time on the 11th should be more than enough. Thank you so much for your time!
  6. Nacre won't form anymore when dropping a gold nugget into a mana pool. The nugget just sits there until it despawns, but the nacre never forms. Pretty game breaking considering it takes nacre to make arcane stone and also by extension to make the blank runes for a blood altar.
  7. Ok, did that. Thank you very much! Edit by DragonLady: Player made Rollback Request T/C
  8. Your Name: QuantumBladeCoordinates: Death point was approx 3238, 58, -2885 (Luna). Currently located at approx 3314, 119, -2785 island dimTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): July 10th 2019Description of Issue: Died on the moon. Finally managed to secure the area, but original grave with my best items was nowhere to be found. There was a mutant Steve in the area that may have broken the grave. Screenshots (Optional): Don't have any screen shots at the moment, but the death list is in a chest at the island dim coordinates.
  9. This was reported earlier today by some other players with the flint GT axe. I later confirmed it with a diamond GT axe. It appears to make progress breaking the block of the tree, then snaps back to fully un-cut. Have not tested in the overworld. I'm guessing its something that broke since the pack update. EDIT: Vanilla axe works fine
  10. So it turned out that you need sky stone instead of glow stone for the T3 altar caps. The quest book says that, but I didn't have the skystone at first and the item says that you are missing glowstone which is very confusing. Good news is that the wand will actually USE the skystone once you have it. Just ignore what the item says about glowstone.
  11. Your Name: QuantumBladeItem Name + ID + Amount: ManyCoordinates: approx 3238, 58, -2885 (Luna)Description of Issue: Had finally made it to the moon with the intention of going mining. There was a dungeon nearby. Unfortunately died. That was my own fault. But even worse is that my gravestone apparently got destroyed somehow. Can mutant steve's break gravestones? I had some good stuff on me including a creative flux bore and Excalibur. I've placed the deathlist in a chest at our island base. 3314, 119, -2785. The list is incomplete as it doesn't list anything in my satchel. I'm hoping you have an easy way to restore the grave itself since it wasn't looted? I really really hope you can do something! Thank you very much for your time!
  12. I'm trying to upgrade my blood magic altar. I forget which tier it is... Tier 3 I think. The one with the first upright pillars. I'm using the item recommended in the tooltip of the unavailable blood magic book. The item that looks a little bit like a lambda symbol. Anyway, Everytime I go to upgrade it complains that I'm "missing a glowstone" even when I have glowstone in my inventory. I've also tried to manually finish making that tier, but then the item complains that something is blocked. Is there a known bug with that item? Is the pattern / required blocks changed in this pack? Thanks!
  13. Your Name: QuantumBladeItem Name + ID + Amount: "Holy Sword Excalibur" + plants2:excalibur + 1Coordinates: approx 3310, 120, -2782Description of Issue: I was making nitor and accidentally tossed my sword into my cauldron Since this isn't a bug I understand if you can't do anything, but I really hope you can. Thank you for your time!
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