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  1. DragonLady, here is joey admitting to doing it
  2. He was the only other person allowed into the world as I allowed him to tp there...
  3. Hi, so my in game name is bdasilva, I'm on the server a lot. Last night I went afk in my mob essence world and came back that I was killed by white decay. Now I know that this sounds common but its not, this was a stable world that I have had and been afk in before. I know it was someone in creative that placed the white decay blocks down. This is because I allowed Joey4213 into the mob essence world to pump some mob essence for himself while I did it as well on my claimed plot. And at some point he placed some white decay blocks to show me them and then broke them before they spread too much. So what I am saying is that while I was afk joey placed the blocks that spread and killed me, making me lose all my stuff.
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