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  1. [Recruiting] Spaceengineers

  2. (Solved) Delete player data _join crash_

    I wonder what your username is, Oh thats right its Yusixs - _ - It has been solved thank you.
  3. (Solved) Delete player data _join crash_


    [1] In-Game Username: -icedfrappuccino [2] Details of Situation: -Nukelar says he banned me for ban evading on discord. What was the orginial ban for? [3] Ban Category: -Discord Ban [4] Ban Duration: -Forever [5] Staff Member: -Nukelar [6] ScreenShots: -I have a few of Nukelar saying he uses school computers to ddos his friends. Also, a few of him saying I broke the rules for ban evading when I wasn't supposed to be banned in the first place. [7] Your Reason: -My reason is that he banned me for server hate originally and that's how I remembered it. I said I would buy the server and I don't like the way it was being updated as of right now and he took that as server hate and he banned me. Last time I checked server hate wasn't a crime nor breaking the rules. It is not unethical or not using my common sense, anyone can argue it. Nukelar that banned me should not be allowed to T/C since this post is about him.

    [1] In-Game Username: -Ddoesn't matter. unban me from discord now [2] Details of Situation: -I got banned from discord for "server hate" from nukelar [3] Ban Category: - DISCORD [4] Ban Duration: -FOREVER ON 3 ACCOUNTS [5] Staff Member: -NUKELAR, zee told me he would unban me but he hasn't yet. [6] ScreenShots: -It is not needed! [7] Your Reason: OKAY MY REASON IS he can't ban me for server hate in the discord, he hasnt fixed my problem he just takes a look at my username and bans me. Like what the hell! I did nothing wrong broke no rules and he bans me, it's abuse at it's finest. ALSO he can't code an os and if he were he wouldn't be slacking off on Minecraft. he just told us he ddoses and that's illegal. If anything Nukelar should be demoted. I'm usually on 15 hours a day and he's barely on.
  6. Whenever I join the tekkit server I crash, then the server crashes from what people tell me. Can bruny or some staff delete my playerdata in the overworld so then when i login ill spawn at spawn.. Thanks.
  7. Player Rollback

    "the game glitched" the server did not.
  8. Player Rollback

    sounds like a personal problem.
  9. Poll on Needle gun



    Hello, Earth_Keeper_T we suggest you use your Minecraft username on the website so people can identify you. I'm going to assume you are Earth_Keeper_T because you joined 8 mins ago.... and first two posts are here. For the fact for you to lie to the server, that's just bad.

    In-Game Nickname: (Earth_Keeper_T) Time and date: 9:37 MST 3/2/17 Description of what happened: (Earth gives ducky free cell.) Screenshots or Proof: (https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwNyFEOgyAMANC78G-hHYHiZRaCBE1UCO2-zO6-vc_3mM88zWp21SGrtdshpc8NRPvMrULrvZ01j0Og9Mtm1Vz2q94qltgjpphSYGIK5PFf0UVk5BBDCkjsLDmMi3stjt5E4BMgw7ib-f4Aj0Ujwg.rPQJnyCLh6MpGWk7dfrw54Ig9d8?width=1235&height=663 ) List of eyewitnesses: (Duckyisgay)
  13. [UNBAN] icedmoca

    [1] In-Game Username: -(icedmoca)- [2] Details of Situation: -(Banned for server hate in server network discord.)- [3] Ban Category: -(Discord)- [4] Ban Duration: -(Perm)- [5] Staff Member: -(Nukelar)- [6] ScreenShots: -()- [7] Your Reason: -(I didn't break a server rule to be banned in the discord. But I am sorry and it won't happen again. I got banned for "Server Hate" in the discord only. Even tho I said If I bought the network I could update the plugins faster and have new maps and make it really enjoyable! But anyways Nukelar shut me down on my free speech when he banned me for "Server Hate" I am requesting an unban because it does not state in the rules that you can be banned for "Server Hate")-
  14. Command Request

    If I app for helper for Tekkit can I get world edit..? How much more money do I have to throw down the drain for worldedit commands that are changed so i can only do 3x3 chunks. This restriction with worldedit? Like other donors have worldedit and they requested it and I requested it and I don't get it? It says in the shop I can request any command. This is unfair because other people have it and I even donated more to the server.