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  1. Name: Mohammed Farooqui IGN: dagger Age: 14 1/2 Crafter's Land Servers you played: Skyfactory,FTB and ...PB Location: Abu Dhabi,India A short description of yourself: You understand me You know me Hobbies and interests:Sleeping,Hanging out,Starbucks Discord / Skype Name: kashifarooqui.75(didnt use it since october) So does anyone remember me? that annoying kid to a productive member gosh its been 2 years and i still wish i can come back spite of my connection issues and busy schedule(Indian education system is a pain). Thank you.
  2. Well i fixed my account thanks to the power of mobile phone. .I just had to click the "full version" while on the mobile version of the forums.I'll mark this as solved and someone please close this thread?.And thanks to all the lovely people who have helped me throughout this issue.
  3. Well space stations are disabled in the new update of pb and sends you back to spawn.And what if no one or some few people only find thermal clothing and oxygen it would be unfair that the rest will die.And since both modpacks are heavily modded it would lag the server.And the server needs to restart every now and then for clearance of cache or useless entities.Then hunger games and skywars will need to be modified to stop just before the server can restart.So it might be a hard task.
  4. A picture with a deep meaning behind it.
  5. In cracked launchers the great thing is you can play with any UUID/Username.And since the server is cracked,You can do the steps i told you.You can find cracked launchers at "www.hackphoenix.com"
  6. Only Powerwarp can transfer your island and he is very busy.But what all my friends are saying I shall explain.In these steps 1.Open 2 launchers in which you play skyfactory(Ex:FTB Launcher,MultiMC,etc.) Note:Launch with cracked launchers for smooth functioning. 2.In the first launcher launch it as "Minecraften22" and in the other launcher launch it as "_MrShane_".Respectively. 3.Log in with both accounts into the server. 4.After that, Click on the launcher with the UUID/Username "Minecraften22"(when logged in the server only when both the usernames are on the server).Since,both usernames are on the server do /is invite _MrShane_.And then join the island 5.Then do /is makeleader _MrShane_. 6.Now your "_MrShane_" account has full access to your old island. If you have doubts please reply. If you wait chances are you might not get a transfer.
  7. Yay a new modpack .Btw can cracked users join the server?
  8. It says "The server requires FML/Forge to be installed. Contact your server admin for more details"
  9. I think there's a way of paying from your phone
  10. Hmmm when it happens again click "Cancel" and join the server and check in your console if it says "Attempting connection with missing mods on the server [FTB][*Mods*,*Mods*]" It will take a long time connecting with servers thats why like 8% of the mods are unactive when you load Skyfactory 2. dagger out
  11. This brings a great way to connect us all.Thank you Andrew2070
  12. They are a shame on our country.These Indians are mainly jobless IT people.From a report they make around 500-2500$ per day by scamming innocent people. :'(
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