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  1. i can clear this right here and now... they did not use balkons because the entire mod is banned. and last i heard brunys way of dealing with banning entire mods was to simply remove the mod from the server files. meaning there is no possible way to bug any items from said mod in as they dont exist also... turtles cant do any form of item editing. yea they can make it but only if its a valid item id on the server
  2. everyone hates you now. dont worry this is CL not Hitlers Playground no one cares what you are here (Unless your hitler... then GTFO)
  3. there is a reactor you want walkthrews? go see a youtube video or read a guide
  4. Being tired tends to make you function like a drunk
  5. Anyone know when there's plans for post blast to be an official cl server?
  6. floodgate or somthing along those lines, it should be ingame if im right, but its been a while
  7. o wow never thought id be mentioned positively in one of your topics lol... thx its been nice. ill return at some point when i get a stable connection again
  8. whatever happened to your donation rank? OT i know but it would be nice to know
  9. traps department is full sir. might be able to fit you into sanitation department tho.... get scrubbing them toilets young one... the mexican food realy does a number on our facilities
  10. yea.... weve got the manpower we need for just about anything well we dont have someone in department of irritation but i think its good we axed that department...
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