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  1. Same here, i donate most of my disposable income to charities and NGO's, Wish i could donate but i can't for every organization i see, if i remember correctly 1/2 people will develop some sort of cancer during their life span, i see some of you donated a good sum each and reached a reasonable number, I'm happy all of us are helping in a way, Secondly, spread awareness, you'd be surprised how many people are willing to donate for a serious cause. Children with cancer in photos is what hits me the most. Good job CL.
  2. Let the server restart or timeout, Maybe try after a couple hours, It's a bug that's being plaguing MC for ages.
  3. https://soundcloud.com/flume/never-be-like-you-feat-kai Nice start we heard many rhymes like "Really Really" Also Kanye West's "Friends" Listen to the full song you guys might like it.
  4. Bollywood finally coming out of reddit.com/r/bollywoodrealism
  5. I highly recommend you guys see/read this [Link below] http://imgur.com/gallery/5UnFH
  6. Mrbatman

    Im Sorry...

    Sounds amazing! I just heard it, the voices remind me of a song i heard can't remember the name
  7. When was it last in a stable build? Make use of older versions and troubleshoot it looks like your forge version is out of date / corrupt libs
  8. Mrbatman

    Who Is My Sister

    Funniest audio clip in the world https://soundcloud.com/danish-sait/funny-teenage-lover-boy-gets That Indian dad accent 110%
  9. The dude in the center of the scooty i lost my shit. "Is that really shit?"
  10. IIRC ICBM can be used to grief, have you fixed that or are you planning to? Or is griefing allowed? A true open world? I would like it since people will actually limit base size and hide their properties like bases or mining elsewhere to go incognito
  11. I made one back in 2014 July/June http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/4242-tutorial-mytown-permissions-and-more/ On another note, good job Don +1
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