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  1. Server: Tekkit User: Donvanhugenstyn Need a password reset, locked myself out by accident. New keyboard for christmas and it's taking me abit to get used to typing on it
  2. Account Name: Donvanhugenstyn Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: World Edit & Removal of spawn tags Reason for Request*: World Edit to assist in faster, easier building of my creations. And removal of spawn tags as some items do not work properly when they have them. I think /give would also work in this instance to give me a stack that doesn't have tags but I don't need that command. Example pneumatic servos do not work unless created properly and others. I already had both those abilities in the past, both as a player and as a staff member. And have never abused my commands. I don't really play the game but enjoy creating functional builds and filling them with stuff that works and having these abilities will allow me to build and not have to waste time making items so there is no tag or clearing/filling in areas etc. Thanks.
  3. Hey I went on and its saying i need FML/Forge ​So I got Forge 1.8.9 and it didnt work I tried adding on FML 1.8 also I did the client install because the other option was server install, did i mess up there or on the version that I downloaded.
  4. I believe when I had my town setup and labeled the plots for people the only way that seemed to work was un-claiming the chunk and re-claiming it. I tried to remove one before and I think the only two ways is the one who its assigned to can do it, or you un-claim then re-claim that chunk.
  5. Careful when allowing turtles for the entire town. I would suggest you use /town perm plot set ccturtles true And set that plot somewere withing the town so that turtles cannot penetrate. That way a rogue turtle cant be sent in to do bad things to your town.
  6. Yeah I feel your pain Radu, I had a town with several members and they were worried about their stuff and new people trolling and stealing. It took me along time to find out how to use /assignplot Its really cool though to have everyones land safe and be able to set permissions to the plot and play with players worry free. I did have some people complain that with a plot assigned to me but /town perm plot set town build, they at first could access the ME there and then said they cant anymore. I don't really believe them but I didn't care about the items in it since I have creative mode so I just unclaimed that plot and reclaimed it and left the plot unassigned so that everyone could do whatever in it. Everyone except the guy complaining was able to build and access the ME in that chunk, and I'm sure he was able to aswell but he wanted assistant rank probably to cause havoc on the town. He kept saying he couldn't access the ME anymore and couldn't build and wanted town assistant rank. I felt it suspicious and so just made that chunk unassigned which was a area for free use by everyone anyways and not really anything they could do to grief the other members. They could empty the ME but that wasn't a issue to me id just replace the items. He never did empty it and he left a few days after I wouldn't give him assistant rank. Sounds like a griefer to me, assistant is earned not given away like candy. I've never actually figured out how to unassign plot besides unclaiming the chunk and reclaiming. But I've only ever needed to do it once so it isnt a big issue for me.
  7. We have many possible commands that can be set in place to help protect you guys beyond our plugins. So to help protect you guys im going to help you guys out. Alot of these are known but not by everyone. To keep all outsiders out of your town use /town perm town set out none That command would prevent all outsiders from entering the towns claimed land, It will not affect town members, or town friends. Town friends can be added by town mayor, and town assistants. And one I always make sure to set in place is /town perm town set friends enter There should be little reason to give a friend build perms, though sometimes there is reason. And by default friends get build perms. If you have a reason to give a friend build perms make sure that after you set it back to /town perm town set friend enter And my favorite of all applies to town residents, but not town assistants. You can set plot permissions, a plot is 1 chunk. which is 16x16. To do this you enter /assignplot <name> That will make that chunk owned by whoever's name you put example /assignplot DonVanhugenstyn Once you do that town residents who do not own that plot get reduced permissions, and you can use commands to change them. like /town perm plot set town enter which would allow town residents to enter but no build perms. Once you use /assignplot <name> it automatically takes on whatever perms the town has set but you can as I said change the perms for that specific plot. With /assignplot you can have members within your town and not worry about theft. If someones gained your trust you can promote them to town assistant and then the plot assignments wont affect them. However please be careful who you let into your town and give assistant rank to. We cannot stop anyone from stealing from you if you have given them permissions to allow them to do so. /town perm town -will give you current town permissions set /town perm plot -will give you the current set permissions of the plot you are in to change entire town permissions is /town perm town set <name> <permission> ex. /town perm town set out none - out is the name, none is the permissions, meaning "out" gets "none" meaning no permissions to outsiders, not even entry into the town to change plot permissions is /town perm plot set <name> <permission> ex. /town perm plot set town enter -means your setting the plot permissions for "town" to "enter" so residents can enter but nothing else. remember town mayor and town assistants aren't affected by plot permissions though. Remember, choose your town assistants wisely. They can do everything a mayor can except delete the town. This is the list of MyTown Commands, not all are enabled. http://mytown.mineyourmind.net/mytown/
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