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  1. Monday + Friday Mystcraft worlds are wiped. Whats happening now is your spawning back into that wiped world and crashing. (Unless you literally just right now made that book then I have no clue why its acting like that. But dont use that book anymore toss it out.) I'll get online and I should be able to get you back to spawn give me a few moments.
  2. I liked the old system for the fact that players created a shop and put items in, and you used items to buy items. I did not like the old system for the fact that space was limited and players would create useless shops or others would obtain multiple shops. Right now money doesn't mean alot with people putting stuff on the market for next to nothing as @RandomNukes said and I agree I observe it every day. Its better if we buy items with items In my oppinion.
  3. Yeah I thought that I had given you @supaspork a very clear and extremely thourough explanation as to why you can not use /fly but as belg says its right there in the rules. Its the "OP" part of the spawned items that might be different for Henk or Skilande but Skittles and RMTworks called it OverPowered (OP) spawned items aka hacked aka only obtainable with creative mode and thus unfair to pvp with and I cant find any armor or weapons on Br8h or in his home so I've got no idea what kind of gear he was using yet. So not sure I can get him for pvping with spawned items I wish I could find
  4. You cant fly with diamond armor without creative aka /fly command... unless you take the chest piece off for a jet pack. The jet pack takes power to use, makes it more fair and the fact that you have to take off the chest piece as well. Same with power armor it takes power to fly, and has a weight limit too and can not be enchanted. This makes it more fair. Where as /fly is unlimited forever flying in any kind of armor you want to full enchants. That is why it is not allowed. Pvping with spawned in items isn't unfair as long as its not a item that is creative only and as long as the en
  5. Yeah its always been working Its just gotta be big enough, And while the necessary minimum size is quite large that is not a bad thing later game it's not really that big or expensive once you got the resources. It makes stupid amounts of power with a fulmination generator too which really should be a later game thing so I think its setup perfectly in that way. Like I've built walls of resonant energy cells and counted it a long time ago it was something like 1gram of anti matter was over 10billion rf I think I just gave up and stopped placing resonant energy cells because they just kept fil
  6. I don't see him flying there and you were able to kill him. So you've only given enough to punish for the spawned items right now. I'll have to check with others on how to handle it though because in the past under the old staff I was taught that OP spawned items was ex. a sword with sharpness + smite + bane of arthropods is something a player in creative could add on but it breaks the game as only one of the 3 are inteded to be on the sword at a time. And for armor Fire protection, Blast protection, projectile protection and protection are mutually exclusive like the 3 in my example abov
  7. The particle accelerator is just a difficult thing to get working. It is difficult because its got to be a minimum size which is quite large, so large that its difficult to chunk load the entire thing and if its not all loaded then usually it blows up in the chunk(s) that isn't loaded. Quarry's do work to chunk load it if you place them down every few chunks and run around the machine once and start it and then stay in the area by the machine is what's given me the best results when I leave the area and come back its blown up on me every time. Also when server restarts all quarry have to
  8. Hey I went on and its saying i need FML/Forge ​So I got Forge 1.8.9 and it didnt work I tried adding on FML 1.8 also I did the client install because the other option was server install, did i mess up there or on the version that I downloaded.
  9. Actually the PE server was dropped because we had no one who could help with the development and coding of the server and plugins etc. Maybe for other reasons, but that was the official reason from Brunyman if I remember correctly. If Brunyman see's this maybe he might be interested if you are able to demonstrate a proper server and your knowledge and value in keeping up the server.
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