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  1. This is the Teaser video for my new series on YouTube, it's called Tekkit Archives because, as we all know, this pack is well over 3 years old now. This pack will always have that place in my heart, because it just has that playability that you don't see alot these days. It's alot different in the newer modpacks, but tekkit is a pack where you can just jump in and get started. The series will start when the server wipes, so be sure to tune in! If you want to get notified when it comes out, subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon! Thanks, Fisher.
  2. This is a discussion that I wanted to have with you guys about Minecon 2017. I just saw this and was kinda bummed because I was actually going to go this year... Apparently They aren't having a convention in person this year, it will be a 90 minute livestreamed event (condensed down from 3 days...) Thoughts?? Mojang's Thread on 'Minecon Earth' AntVenom's Video (how I saw)
  3. Server Crashing on Login

    BTW, I live with ManYouForgot.
  4. Server Crashing on Login

    Yeah, I can't even get on now: See Here:
  5. New Forum Background

    Rip computercraft shoutbox :[
  6. New Forum Background

    The new forum background is ???, Now if we could bring the shoutbox back ?
  7. Computercraft Liquid Me Monitor

    No, but @GunnerHQ pointed that out to me and I thought that was hilarious
  8. Computercraft Liquid Me Monitor

    Hey guys, today I felt like making a monitor that would display how many buckets of a certain type of liquid I had. So I set out to do that and with motivational help from @tmkeller, we did it and did it in 20 minutes flat. These are pictures! (Imgur album @ http://imgur.com/a/T1IS4)
  9. Computercraft Creations And Questions

    thenks men! i will paint you the best picture ever
  10. Computercraft Creations And Questions

    hey slti? HOw do you run a paint programme? I wont to color some colering pages, how do? please help i need to paint and unleash my art beast inside ples respond, also I am a thred necromancer >
  11. Minecraft Nuclear Power Plant Tour

    This is neat. It reminds me of the Rust Power Plant monument. I definitely want to try to recreate this
  12. Work In Progress

  13. Hi there! I would like to get my Sponsor rank transferred from tekkit to worldautomation. My ign is XMedders Thanks-a-million, -Fisher
  14. Computercraft Turtles Tutorial

    Thanks, I enjoy the art of coding, and I believe it is an essential skill for all people in this day in age.
  15. [Tekkit][1.7.10] World Automation Modpack

    Okay, also.. Plugin? very confuse.

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