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  1. Hey, could you please edit the post accordingly to the template here. Also, how were you able to get your grave in the spawn?
  2. The backup is performed directly to your inventory. If this didn't solve it, we can either try rollbacking to an earlier time or refunding the items you had.
  3. Oh you can manage that yourself, just punch a small hole at the bottom and he shouldnt be able to see you.
  4. I went to your island but was unable to find the wither so I suppose the problem has been solved. For immediate assistance on issues like this it would be more convenient for you to use our discord server. Also, don't open chance cubes on your island unless you are ready to deal with a wither or half of your island going "whoosh".
  5. Player punished, thanks for the report. Are you now back to survival mode?
  6. Our server is running on the latest RLcraft version of 2.8.1. It appears that the issue might be on your side as your launcher has got the wrong version. Please update/reinstall and try again.
  7. Hello, and I would like to request you to edit this topic using the template here
  8. The market is sufficient for what we need. A player shop would bring more trouble than benefit.
  9. Hello, for a refund, please make a topic under Technical Support using the template provided here.
  10. Your Name: CowGoesBananasCoordinates: -3424 39 4405Time/Timezone/Date: 23:20 | GMT:+2.00 | 06.12.19Description of Issue: Was killed in the midst of a server lagspike, items cleared right after as i was dealing with discord ad bots
  11. Hey, i can see that you have 2 accounts, swoozhe and swoozhee, is that correct? Are they both premium or is one cracked? One solution I can offer is for you to login through our modded hub, the ip is modded.craftersland.net Closed due to inactivity T/C
  12. Items refunded in a chest on players island. T/C
  13. What commands did he use? /is invite name ?
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