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  1. Refunded the items to the shulker box at home. Did you ever try setting your home at another location? Looks like you've placed the shulker right where your home is.
  2. Hello, after the rollback is done(It's not done yet), please do not keep as much entities in one place, as they may start despawning if a certain cap is exceeded due to creating lag on the server.
  3. After your attempts at dupe you aren't eligible for any refunds from that base. In fact, I should've regened the base. Also, I think the 7 shulkers (including the ones you stole from MadSpring) full of xp tomes are good enough for you not to notice the shortage of 2. T/C
  4. We've given word to managers about the plugin issues, however it is unclear if and when they may be fixed. One thing that could help with the situation overall is only selling necessary gameplay items, not stone bricks etc. as i've seen others do, as not overflooding with the same offer 10 times, as they do get taken out of sale and are returned to the owner after 7 days.
  5. Dragon eggs may not be placed for decoration as they are entities and will initiate the hatching process upon placement (which can go wrong). Refunded eggs partly. T/C
  6. Hello, as I understand, this is your SP world? This is a server for the craftersland network, we don't specialize in tech support outside of our server. Which launcher are you using for the pack? Is this your first time loading the world? Do you have a premium or cracked account?
  7. Unfortunately I do not possess time travelling powers ;). If you want to re-gain the full sword, please file/edit for a rollback request.
  8. Okay, let's start with the situation at hand. A creative tagged item was found in another player's inventory. The player also testified that he had less enchants on the sword before, which really isn't of essence for this situation in case you wanted to justify it that way. Unless you can show proof that the player had the item without the tag before, this might as well be another creative give-away, who knows. Now, we might've let this go on an easier pass if that was it, but yet another creative item appeared out of the blue: Yet another one here: You were warned before that being careless with creative mode will have consequences. Here we see them. On a side note, if you helped the player with creative items and he got all the dragon loot afterward, the dragon loot has been creatively influenced as well, so I suggest straying away from any progressive interaction with other players while using creative items or gmc.
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