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  1. CowGoesBananas

    Monthly Top Voter Rank. Rise above them all!

    Don't think /invsee and /enderchest others are appropriate commands for this rank. They give no benefit to the bearer. Everyone has a right to their privacy. I consider it shouldn't be something that is given just for votes, but used only for professional (referring to work, not entertainment) reasons, aka - earned through staffing. Anyways, that's if this is to be continued.
  2. CowGoesBananas

    [Cannot start the game]

    This would be easier to discuss on discord, anyways, make sure you have Java 8 installed as it's the one that works best. When in the launcher, press on options and change your MAX allocated ram from 4000 to 6000 MB, dont change the min or permgen. What is the ram on your pc? You do have 64bit java, right?
  3. CowGoesBananas

    Why is this allowed?

    What server is this for? Infinity?
  4. CowGoesBananas

    Complaint: Whitelist4life racial slurs and threats

    No matter who you are it doesn't allow you to accuse someone else's race/gender/religion, Whitelist4life has been rude assuming that nothing would happen. Also, PvP is not allowed on direwolf20 unless both sides agree on it, so if he in any way killed you or harmed you which you found offensive, that's another offense from him.
  5. CowGoesBananas

    Banned (unlisted) IC2 Item

    Then wait till you will get one, a thermal centrifuge seems pretty advanced. Anyways, you can just ask someone else to do it for you and give the resourses.
  6. CowGoesBananas

    Youtuber rank

    You can view his channel Anyways, he has ~1300 subs and gets ~150-1000 views
  7. CowGoesBananas

    Something like pure survival, but...

    If anyone has ever watched hermitcraft/mindcrack it could be something like that. A friendly whitelist server with comunity areas, personal shops, some kind of land protection would be needed anyways. From the start it could be a staff only thing but players can be added as the time goes. I'm neither for or against because running another server would of course have it's own expenses, but I just tried to make the idea a bit more clear for everyone.
  8. CowGoesBananas

    Sponsor Command Request

    About the /tp. Zombie horde/any mobs will despawn if you leave island for long enough, i'm sure you know. I see a point where this could be useful, but as only a donator I don't think this is something that should be given access to, just as Imperatus said, this is very easy to abuse.
  9. CowGoesBananas

    Set Server To Expert Mode

    Yeah, while others tried to tell me it is expert mode i really thought this would be more hardcore, turns out it really wasn't.
  10. CowGoesBananas

    Trump, Just Trump....

    Yeah ik. How sad the donkey faded away...We all miss you!
  11. CowGoesBananas

    Heart Glitch Maybe?

    Oh, I thought that was a typo, so he means he lost 3 hearts from each sword but only got 2 soul fragments?
  12. CowGoesBananas

    Help Me I'm Stuck In A Death Glitch

    Make a list of your most valuable items so you can get refunded after a reset. Also, what kind of trap was it?
  13. CowGoesBananas

    Heart Glitch Maybe?

    Eating a soul fragment will brig you back 10% (atleast that's what i heard), this can only be stacked up to normal health.
  14. CowGoesBananas

    Unban Stormy178

    Any info about what was that item crashing the server, and was it yours?
  15. CowGoesBananas

    Trump, Just Trump....

    Watch them all, pretty sure you know about this. Edit yasso : made the video embed

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