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  1. Items refunded to the double chest on the platform at players base. I suggest moving the other chests out of smeltery chunk as well to prevail of more item losses. T/C
  2. Did you see the player ingame on the player list? Unless the player returns again, as far as i can see it was a mob. There are player looking mobs spawned by one of the mods with their names and everything. If the player does, however, visit the game again, contact me directly and he will be punished. T/C
  3. Did you see the grave? I suppose not, because there isn't one. You will need to make an Inventory rollback request to retrieve the items, follow the template under Technical Support.
  4. A strange incident to say at least. Glad you found your way out of it. T/C
  5. The best I can suggest in this case is trying to delete and make the town a-new. (The claim expenses will be refunded) If you are on discord, please contact me, i go by the same name in our public discord server. It will be easier for both of us to discuss the matters there from now on.
  6. My apologies, in my rush I totally forgot to delete the town. Try now.
  7. The grave wasn't spawned. The player will make a rollback request. T/C
  8. I checked everything but was unsuccessful in finding the cause for this error. I will remove NUTUN's town. Please report if the issue persists.
  9. Hello, Did you also try the /is spawn command? That should bring you to the initial spawn point of the island. Empty your inventory and click on the text when it asks if its a safe teleport. If you see nothing on your island then it has been deleted, unfortunately, to no visible reason. In that case we can issue a rollback (for which you'll need to create a seperate post based on the Island Rollback template under Technical Support) , but it only goes back 2 weeks, so not sure it will help. Player created a rollback request. T/C
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