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  1. First thing i can suggest you try is getting the free tp to spawn on our buycraft page. It should work within 5 minutes of purchasing when you will try to log in. In case that doesnt solve it, then you should make an inventory rollback request, because the issue could be cause by too many items in your inv.
  2. CowGoesBananas

    Town Rollback Request AwCrivins

    Items refunded and placed in players inventory. T/C
  3. CowGoesBananas

    [Inventory Rollback Request] CowGoesBananas

    All good T/C
  4. CowGoesBananas

    Problem with laser

    It seems like the thing needs an update to kick in. I haven't experienced those issues on a MAJOR level but still, similiar incidents have taken place. I think that something like another cable or fluxduct or anything that can interact with the HV capacitor should give it an update and set it to work. Although I understand the issue here is with lasers, it might be a visual glitch, and most of time it only needs a block update to start working again.
  5. CowGoesBananas

    cant fly anymore

    Hi there, I'm guessing you have a premium Minecraft account and changed the name of it?
  6. CowGoesBananas

    Logistics Pipes bugs

    Seems like they had simular faith as Ender IO conduits on SF3, same exact problems are still persistent there.
  7. Your Name: CowGoesBananasCoordinates: 1371; 1703; 78Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 21:45 12.02.19. GMT:+2.00Description of Issue: Accidental /icScreenshots (Optional):
  8. CowGoesBananas

    [Complaint] Elias_31

    The player will be given a second degree rule 11 punishment, if the violations continue, please reply in this topic and we will take harsher actions. Edit: Deleted all of players gathered taglocks and bound puppets.
  9. CowGoesBananas

    My chickens despawned. Help

    Player has been inactive for 7 days and hasn't replied therefore showing no further interest in the refund. T/C
  10. CowGoesBananas


    Players island has returned to normal, T/C
  11. CowGoesBananas

    [Island Rollback Request] DNAcrazy

    Player is alive and well. T/C
  12. CowGoesBananas

    [Inventory Rollback Request]*DNAcrazy*

    Player confirmed. T/C
  13. CowGoesBananas

    when they open the applications

    Hi, i'm happy you are willing to staff on our servers, so here is a little info. The staff apps happen seperately for 1.6-7. and 1.10-12. servers. We open the applications every 3-4 months, based on the requirement for more staff. The applications for 1.10-12. servers were closed recently in middle of January, so you can expect next of those to be open around April. As for the 1.7. servers, those applications may take place in late February, but i'm only basing my statements off of global average. Our Administrators will decide upon the opening date sooner or later if necessary.
  14. CowGoesBananas

    My chickens despawned. Help

    Please follow the refund template if you want your chickens back. For future, keep all chickens in nesting pens, only take out the ones you are breeding.
  15. CowGoesBananas

    Despawned chickens?

    Keep your chickens in the nesting pens unless you are breeding them. That way it will reduce lag and prevent despawning.

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