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  1. Thanks for trying, in that case I'll refund myself as I had a ton of specific items, most of which i do not even recall. T/C
  2. There are too much uncertainties in this request for us to deem it legit. Unless you can provide a more detailed log of the situation, we won't refund the items. Also, looks like you aren't part of any islands at the moment. T/C
  3. I am unable to comprehend the meaning of this topic. Could you explain it to me in detail what it is you aim to achieve with this? Thanks
  4. Hey, sorry for the delayed response. To get the items back you will need to make an inventory rollback request for which a template can be found under Technical Support section. Looks like another player was forcing your teleports and we will investigate on this matter.
  5. Closed due to inactivity (It was out of our rollback range when the post was made already). T/C
  6. Still empty. I thought i had everything 2 days ago from noticing the issue. Maybe there was simply a mistake in the rollback, may we try 4 days ago from time specified to be sure?
  7. Items refunded to players inventory. T/C
  8. Your Name: CowGoesBananasCoordinates: 2022, 22, 2202Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Make it 27.07.19 any of the backups.Description of Issue: Came online just to find out my inventory is completely empty apart from some vote keys.
  9. Yes, a rollback will be performed when our manager comes online. We apologize for the delays.
  10. There is a Thanks, a Like and a Cookie, more than enough to express support, and 3 more to express other emotions.
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