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  1. Items placed in a chest at -8473 125 -17665 Closed upon receiving confirmation from player. T/C
  2. Your forums rank has been activated. T/C
  3. Hi there, could you please edit your topic accordingly to the template: And you are looking for an inventory rollback, not a refund request, so the title may be changed as well. Our staff will then get to it asap.
  4. Have you checked your crafting monitors? It may be stuck in a craft.
  5. Player was already warned for those actions, if anything like that happens again, please report it straight to us and we will take harsher punishments in-to count.
  6. It may take numerous tries. Maybe try crafting another vat.
  7. Refund completed. T/C
  8. The performance of garden cloches has been tuned down as for lag issues. Reason you are seeing it grow is that the visuals are client-side, but the process itself takes place on the server, and the speed is much lower here. I suggest straining away from cloches and using a farming station + growth crystals (will be more effective, quicker, nice range, less requirements, lag friendly)
  9. Well, i asked if you are a premium because premium users get auto-login. For a password reset look under https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/
  10. Rollback confirmed, refunded 1 missing item to player. T/C
  11. Doing this on behalf of _DarkTempler_ , he has problems with receiving the registration email Your Name: _DarkTempler_Coordinates: Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 20:30 / GMT:+1.00 / 08.04.19Description of Issue: Player entered Witchery spirit world but upon teleporting back to overworld with a draconic Dislocator lost his items.Screenshots (Optional):
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