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  1. Please edit your post accordingly to this template. Player made a new topic.... T/C
  2. Players punished. I already reported the dupe method to the higher ups a while ago but unfortunately none of them have yet responded, so please report any players that you see duping either here or on our public discord. T/C
  3. To add to this, the target was banned again for the possession of illegal cheated in items.
  4. A new beginning dawns over the horizon. T/C
  5. Wipe has been completed as of 11 hours ago. T/C
  6. Alright, I will need you to be online to clear your inventory, please message me on discord so we can get on simultaneously. CowGoesBananas#7567 Cleared players inventory and refunded the items. Issue resolved. T/C
  7. The point of a wipe is a new opportunity for everyone to get out in the world, explore and compete from the beginning. It's quite impossible to keep track of everything and the older the world grows, the laggier will it be. You may not feel much lag at the moment because of the low population - another factor why a wipe is needed. Reviving, reincarnating the server.
  8. A wipe is a reason for a lot of old players to return to the pack. They see it as a fresh start for everyone and a new competition to engage in, especially as this is Expert Mode. A new map also provides a new seed and locations to explore. Regenning chunks can quite often go wrong with the AE2 meteorites which appear out of random, and while it isn't really a big deal, this is just a short term solution and to expect a modded server to run for years is quite utopic. I will close this topic as we have a new wipe poll opened. T/C
  9. Unfortunately we can't have anyone carrying over their posessions or get any bonuses as that is the point of wipe. You must understand that at any point in time there will be players like you who have gotten past the beginning grind but not end-game yet. We understand your reasoning, but we hope that you may consider returning to expert mode in the future, as it is the challenge that most of us find attractive in this pack. I can offer you to try out Direwolf20 1.7.10, which doesn't differ much in the mod-list but is quite easier than IE EM.
  10. Hey, it would be very helpful if you told us your ingame name. ( I suppose it's Daktal420 ?) At the moment it's looking like you will require an inventory rollback, however I can not guarantee that there isnt another way and neither that a rollback will help.
  11. Hey, if you'd like a rollback please edit your post accordingly to the template Player made a rollback request T/C
  12. Now... Why excactly did you make another post under yet another incorrect server? Your first post is under Ultimate Reloaded.
  13. Player has a newer rollback ticket open. T/C
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