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  1. and the inventory of both googoobot and xMichael show the exact same halberd same enchants and everything in both of their inventory.
  2. hes selling a duped halberd on market for profit
  3. above is an image of lolvee's inventory after we confronted him about his duping and about us recording him doing so. This further shows guilt in his actions and an attempt to hide his intentions.
  4. I have uploaded a file. This video shows proof of lolvee duping enchants etc. dupers.html
  5. the images above are lolVeelol and xMichaeltng 's inventories.
  6. Honestly you're right. The current staff are AMAZING don't get me wrong, but I do understand the concern Jaq. MORE STAFF!
  7. Yes, PapaMaoDONG, sorry for the later response. The server did a restart, but it didn't restart for some reason. It was like almost a 5 minute delay. Everyone on the server knows about this as well. Some others reported about losing mystic keys, other gear etc due to this in-game bug. I was enchanting my brand new leggings, which I listed the enchants as well. The server then logged me out, and I saw it said "server restarting" so I waited patiently. After about 1 minute, I logged back on like wise, and found that my leggings had gone missing, and I put up banners in my house earlier as well, which you can check in my base, but they ended up duping. I placed all 5 down and they are still in my house but I somehow still have 5 banners in inventory? I threw those banners away bc of dupe bug, but I think that had some correlation as why my leggings went missing. Even the new anvil I had duped. The entire server was buggy after that restart. The only thing I really cared about was my leggings that had gone missing. I listed the enchants and color, so if you could get me that refunded, much appreciated. ❤️
  8. 1. Username: AlphaMatheus36 (Lost 6 exp tomes which I bought to add the enchants) 2. Lost Tide Guardian Leggings (Purple) 3. The enchants the leggings had were - Advanced Protection IV - Agility II - Evasion III - Advanced Mending - Unbreaking III - I don't remember if it was advanced thorns II or advanced thorns III which ever one works for it not to be too expensive is what I put
  9. Welp I lost my Ice halberd due to item frame glitch when opening a chest. and lost my fire halberd somehow when it had curse of possession. Username: AlphaMatheus36 Papamaodong tends to join my server if that helps u locate where im at dunno.. 5/29/20 -im literally so close to being done with this game, so if u help me get that gear back, i will be so fucking happy. thanks.
  10. Username: AlphaMatheus36 Papamaodong is on my server frequently So I was clearing a dungeon. Somehow my fire halberd with Curse Of Possession, YES, Curse of Possession, got out of my inventory while fighting. I ended up losing it. Really unfair. Would appreciate if you could return it back to me. 5/29/20 Friday
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