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  1. Can I get an example of some of said items that were too "overpowered" in a PvP setting? PvP using overpowered items is a bad thing, especially creative items because those aren't available to the general public and only donors. But an item that literally any person in the game has access to? I think there's an issue with the term overpowered being totally subjective here. Everything has a power level. Diamond player fighting another player wearing iron armor? Overpowered. Two hits to kill someone in full power armour without golden apple buffs, in my opinion, just a higher level of PvP. The staff in the past has tried to ban PvP or make it "opt-in" to try to quell things only to be met with vicious opposition because the server is unique in the sense that it allows unfettered PvP. As far as I know. The perpetrators of the past mostly PvPed to prey on new players and made their lives hell. But camping another player and not letting them play the game is just breaking a different rule of harassment. Completely removing a method of higher level PvP content is a slippery slope to removing it altogether. I've also fought in settings where more than one parties have had the "overpowered" buffs and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  2. The "PvP Exploit" that the straw was banned for isn't an exploit at all. Using the straw, you are about to consume liquids and obtain different effects from most of them. Let's have a look at the different effects, shall we? From the wiki page: Fluid Effect Duration Chocolate Milk Speed IV and Haste III Health Boost II 1:00 0:05 Destabilized Redstone Causes Lightning to hit the Player Energized Glowstone Night Vision, Speed III and Jump III 1:00 Essence Gives a single XP level Ethanol Speed and Haste 0:40 Gelid Cryotheum Fire Resistance 8:00 Liquifacted Coal Blindness 0:10 Meat Restores 2 hunger points Milk Clears any active effect Mushroom Soup Restores 2 hunger points and Regeneration III 0:15 Lava Sets the Player on fire Resonant Ender Randomly teleports the Player [1] Sewage Slowness, Poison and Nausea 0:40 Sludge Poison, Nausea and Weakness 0:40 Tectonic Petrotheum Haste IV and Resistance III 5:00 Water Puts out flames when the Player is on fire Zephyrean Aerotheum Water Breathing Invisibility 4:00 1:00 (Note: some of these are ftb exclusive fluids, but it all works the same way) The "PvP exploit" (I'm going to keep using quotes here because I'm not willing to call a perfectly normal functioning part of the game an exploit) in question involves the destabilized redstone liquid. You may look at it and think, "Hmm that's weird it says it only does that one thing, according to the wiki." Striking you with lightning provides a very unique effect within itself which is not stated explicitly here. This status effect is that MOST buffs or debuffs on the player will be amplified and the duration extended. But if you take a deeper look into vanilla minecraft alchemy, you'll understand exactly what effect this liquid should have on you. Let's look at the minecraft wiki for brewing. The wiki states that redstone is an modifier to existing potions. E.G. it extends the duration of whatever potion you add it to. With that being said, one can draw the conclusion that the straw being a tool for a PvP exploit is fallacious. I implore you to try the straw for yourself to see the effects that you can get from drinking various liquids in single player. It all works the same. In short: Redstone enhances potions ---->consume redstone to enhance buffs on player == Working perfectly as intended. EDIT: As for the argument that the straw somehow is being used for a duplication glitch. I would say the burden of proof is on those that make such a claim. How can an item, which cannot hold a liquid, but can only consume liquids that are out in the open world, be used as a duplication device? There was a dupe glitch involving the plastic cup, which is why the item is banned. But where the two items share the same functionality in that you're able to consume liquids using one or the other, the straw lacks the capacity to hold objects. Sources: https://ftbwiki.org/Straw https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Brewing
  3. I'd quit trying to weigh in here Ein. This topic has nothing to do with you and you're adding nothing of any meaningful value to the conversation. Let the grownups talk it out buddy.
  4. I'm a long-term donor and community member across multiple servers, so they've already gotten what they wanted out of me. I've even donated this wipe even. Allow me to address a few points. 1. You're concerned about the wall being built even though we would have our perms set to enter. Why is this? It's not like we are playing a modpack which has arguably the easiest access to flight. Oh wait. Why is a physical wall even an issue? 2. We're not threatening you. We are pointing out broken logic and trying to get back something that we spent hours of our own time and effort to make a reality.
  5. Also would like to add that in addition to deleting the town instead of making any attempt to compromise, he also didnt bother to refund any of the currency spent to claim these hundreds of blocks.
  6. What rules are being broken here? The purpose is to build a wall. Claim a little further in the other direction then?
  7. Why do you feel the need to report us? Pointing out the fact that your emotions change instantaneously isn't harassment. It's a simple observation.
  8. Your Name: Rurede94Item Name + Amount: Vip keys/cashCoordinates: Description of Issue: server wipeScreenshots (Optional):
  9. I think the reason for a lot of the lag is that more players are having significant progress in their bases, and having these players keep their progress would not only provide the players with an unfair advantage, but would defeat the purpose of the wipe reducing lag. As for the Mystcraft world buying bit, I half agree there. I don't think the specific world should transfer over, because worlds aren't too difficult to make. However, I like the idea of being able to buy a world save one time and be able to use that world save on a new map in addition to the old one. Ranks transfer from wipe to wipe, why shouldn't other microtransaction items?
  10. Event canceled due to lack of interest.
  11. Haha yeah if there even is enough interest. ?
  12. Your Ingame Name: AsHy11 Your clan tag(if applicable): DIG Have you read the rules as they have been presented to you?: Yes If so, what is rule number one?: 1. No Breaking Ingame Rules while participating in the Arena. Submitted at the request of the competitor.
  13. Hello everyone! You may know me as Zeref, XANA, or just that [explicit] that goes around collecting people's power armor for fun. I've noticed that PvP on the Tekkit server has generally declined since I started playing three years ago, and I want to change that. So I'm hosting a Hunger Games style tournament, which I call the Festival of Blood. Within this tournament you are placed in a sealed environment amongst the other competitors and must fight a battle royale. The Arena is filled with loot, mobs, and other obstacles that the competitors must overcome. The Rules are simple: 1. No Breaking Ingame Rules while participating in the Arena. 2. If you leave the arena, you are disqualified. 3. You will bring nothing into the arena. 4. You have one life. If you die, you're out. 5. May the strongest and smartest survive. Note: Diplomacy is not only LEGAL but is encouraged as it increases your chances of survivability. Note: Rules are subject to change at any time. You're probably thinking, "Now hold on there Zeref, whats in it for me"? The rewards for this battle are as follows: First place: Receive personal training in the Dark Arts of PvP from myself and an opportunity to base with me if you so choose. Second place: Your choice of: A stack of blocks of enderium, $10000 in-game currency, or A stack of blocks of Fluxed Electrum and stack of blocks of Diamond. Third place: Your choice of one of the two leftover rewards from second place. Fourth place: The remaining reward after third and fourth place take their picks. In addition to these rewards: 1st-4th place will also receive personal protection. I will not hunt you for as long as I play Tekkit. 5th-8th place receive their choice of a stack of ingots of any kind of their choosing. The competition will be held Saturday, August 18th, at 20:00 UTC (+0). If you need help determining what time this is in your timezone please use http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/. Please Register Here, last minute registrations could be accepted at my convenience. Your Ingame Name: Your clan tag(if applicable): Have you read the rules as they have been presented to you?: If so, what is rule number one?: List of Competitors: AsHy11 Zylond SugariestBaton I've provided a picture of the outside of the arena. To see what's inside you'll have to join in the festivities.
  14. Your Name: Rurede94Town Name: WALRCoordinates of Town: -2519,+4306Town members: GamingWither_SLReason for request: inactive town. need to claim land and i cannot because of the positionScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
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