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4 players abusing banned Balkon Weapons on Tekkit Server


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In-Game Nickname: _iSkillAura, Ditto__, bageeto139

Time and date: 5:00pm 12/7/16

Description of what happened:

-The 3 came into our nether chunks near the portal

-followed me back into claimed chunks where PvP is disabled

-Killed me and someone else using the blunderbuss or musket from the balkons modpack (which is disabled and banned on the server)

-took shit

-Continued to kill in claimed chunks, claiming it wasn't claimed when they have been for almost a month.

Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) .eJwlx10KwyAMAOC7eACjmX_0NkHFFtpGTPY0dvcOBt_L9zHvdZrN7KpTNoB2SOXVrCgvGt0O5nF2mofYyheQKtX96rcKYIgZg8_F-YIuZpcAY_IlxFcJGFLGX4Gk_dl5D_N9AEtuI3E.png

List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)



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my guess is they use a crafty turtle to make the items and hacking to modify the NBT in a way that changes the item number so an inventory/item check against what's banned hangs up. could be putting the items through an anvil/auto anvil/auto enchanter to give it something that would completely change the item. 

I'd have to experiment but I really don't know much about how to hack. >.<

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i can clear this right here and now...

they did not use balkons because the entire mod is banned.

and last i heard brunys way of dealing with banning entire mods was to simply remove the mod from the server files. meaning there is no possible way to bug any items from said mod in as they dont exist

also... turtles cant do any form of item editing. yea they can make it but only if its a valid item id on the server

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I know computercraft turtles can craft (crafty turtles) and each item has a grid of values that takes up a certain amount of memory. if this memory is exceeded then any values added afterward will be added to the other values by wrapping around the pointer matrix in memory. the person doing the killing was probably using a bow outside of the claim. also according to the screenshot they were in the wilderness when they were killed. maybe they used a regular bow to hit them enough so they would get out of the claimed boundaries and killed them with a regular sword or something. either way... /town perm town set out none


build large walls and an enclosed area in the claim and you won't have that problem any more. 

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