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  1. I told you that you would regret your decision. Better shut down your money laundering operations before Interpol gets to you :)

  2. Any acknowledgement at all would be nice. It might prevent me from making another account and causing your staff to look like fools again. You can't do something wrong like ban someone without a good reason and expect them not to do something about it. Don't believe me? Try it. I guarantee you'll regret your decision. I'm looking at supaspork and henk, specifically, but anyone else who has something constructive to add: feel free to make a post. In 24 hours from this post I will initiate my contingency. Remember: none of this would have happened if EPICfighters had been punished according to the craftersland rules in regards to griefing.
  3. Is anyone going to acknowledge this post or do I have to do something else to get you to take this ban appeal seriously?
  4. I'm also interested in any updates for this suggestion. It would certainly be better than loading the server down with unnecessary teleports. I think giving each player their own market "sign" similar to the vote key that can be placed in the base would be a neat idea.
  5. [1] In-Game Username: Archmaestro[2] Details of Situation: Banned indefinitely for no reason [3] Ban Category: Uncategorized [4] Ban Duration: Indefinite [5] Staff Member: Henk [6] ScreenShots: N/A [7] Your Reason: I have been banned in game for no reason. I have also been kicked from the craftersland discord. One staff member said discord punishment was supposed to be separated from the server, so what gives? Edit: the van is for rule 20 + serious threats. Given that I have made no threats, there is no basis for the ban.
  6. This is a terrible idea. The server turns blocks that cause lag into obsidian. Making additional infrastructure is just asking for abuse and angry players. One fulmination block will store enough energy to make 8884 obsidian with a non-glitched lava fabricator. Limiting the possession to one block is a severe and unusual limitation. Redstone energy conduits are far superior when used on a fulmination generator. I did some experimenting and the cause of the lag was indeed the aluminum wires. As soon as I replaced them, the lag stopped.
  7. Edit: unintentional double post
  8. While your sentiment is noted, bringing conspiracy theories into the forums is not appropriate. Also, I'd appreciate if the staff didn't make little digs at me in the server. Once they stop, I will stop.
  9. I set that nickname because I thought it looked cool. I don't know of anyone with flat testicles. How in the fuck can 2 zeroes be used to represent female breasts? That's a massive stretch. Nice conspiracy. I use that nickname because I hate when people send me private messages asking for free shit. The "figure" you're speaking of doesn't even vaguely resemble male genitals (unless of course you have 2 lines for testicles - I don't need proof, your dumb argument is enough to demonstrate your flat testicular affect) Yes, I want to bring this stupid situation to light before it turns into another griefing staff member.
  10. Yet another problem that has not been addressed by the tekkit staff. Hopefully this bump will get their attention.
  11. I agree with this complaint. I have had this happen to me before. It's too bad the staff want to focus on people's nicknames instead of real problems like this which have not even been acknowledged yet
  12. That's quite a conspiracy theory you have going on right there. It's be a shame if something called circumstantial evidence proved that you were just being petty... Look, dude, it's painfully obvious with the way you people act toward everything that I do that you're trying to cause trouble. It started with one staff member trolling me by griefing my claim. Now, it's you bozos going after my nicknames. What's next? What little, insignificant thing are you going to blow out of proportion? I'm doing my best to nip your bad behavior in the bud before you do what EPICfighters did. You know what you were saying about my nickname is a huge stretch, just like how "unnatural bedrock" was a huge stretch. You make it just barely plausible and skate by. Yes, going after someone for something stupid and barely logical is a power Trip. It's similar to how a cop goes around a person's vehicle and goes out of their way to write tickets for stuff like a tire being inflated to 31 psi instead of 32. I shouldn't have to spell this out, but thanks for giving me the opportunity.
  13. I KNOW that you people get together in your staff chat rooms and talk crap about players. I know you do it in private messages on discord too. The fact that you had completely ignored the glaringly obvious rule-breaking name while you were online is evidence that you weren't concerned with the name as much as who had it. I shouldn't have to point these obvious names out to you, and I'm not about to drag another person into your power trip. You keep ignoring the fact that you've been influenced in a negative way by one (or more) of the other staff members. I wouldn't have even made this post had you not used global chat to "call me out." I feel that in and of itself should be more than enough evidence that your intent (big keyword here) was to use your staff powers to punish me if I would have not changed my name, which you know is a massive stretch of the facts in your favor. Now unless you have anything substantial to add to this complaint that doesn't involve completely dismissing the facts, I'd advise you to just stop and wait for a verdict.
  14. I maintain that the name is not offensive. Just because there are some people (including you) who are going to interpret it as such, no matter what it is, doesn't mean it's an offensive symbol. I originally used the single underscore as a nickname. For whatever reason (no reason) a different staff member said they just didn't like it, despite nobody in the entire server seeing any problems with it at all. I change it out of respect for them as a person (because they said it bothered them) and I changed it when they were online. Now, when I've found a permanent solution (no single character names) I get staff that wants to moan about it. FFS, it was almost completely invisible. Only people who wanted to trade with me and those who knew how to use /realname would bother to message me or otherwise address me. I could have used 3 underscores. What are you going to try and interpret THAT as, I wonder? Seriously. You consider offensive imagery "minor" ? Let me get this straight. You perceive something as offensive, and refer to it as "minor" ? To me, being accused of having an offensive name isn't something that's minor. I never expected you to take this seriously; it's quite clear that you're not. Those characters are no more offensive than a carat or a V or the "o.0" face. It's a classical case of critical over-thinking. You're so focused on any minor thing I might do that's wrong. Do you think it might be related to how another staff member, newly promoted, goes snooping around people's bases and uncovers something they don't understand and the first thing they decide to do is remove it? Nobody's getting hurt. The server isn't crashing because of it. It just looks like something that's impossible to do. Instead of getting on and asking me about it, they decide to jump to the most destructive "solution." What went wrong here? Did someone complain about the name to you? I have a feeling it might be that same someone whose signature move is deleting stuff and then claiming ignorance to excuse their poor actions.
  15. Then your point is moot. The name is not inappropriate.
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