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[Complaint] Always_ein


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In-Game Nickname: Always_ein

Time and date: this was long ago and i dont know the date for when it happened

Description of what happened: A long time ago when i was in TIK (Theimperialknights) i found a rocket and machines fueling the rocket and infinite energy blocks. This was built my Ein and Ein later said it was because he wanted to show EPICfighters how to make the tag when you spawn somthing in from creative disapear. 1 week later i found laser drills with infinite energy blocks and a diamond chest collecting the recources. This was sometimes empty and full. I didnt think much about it as when i said it to ein he would remove it (but never did). About a week ago i left TIK because i know Ein uses creative items and is pretty rude sometimes. Im making a complaint about him because this will make his whole me system influenced. He also claimed that start of the map he "traded" a bunch of items. All thought he didnt.

Screenshots or Proof: I dont have screenshots but i know where the laser drills are. Asked in discord about it but no one did anything about it.

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Ok, unless you have proof that Ein is either 1) Selling creatively influenced items, or 2) Giving Creatively influenced items to people outside his town, then he is not breaking any rules, then i am going to go ahead and close this complaint

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