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  1. Could also just put them on the market for free, would practically be the same thing.
  2. Town Regenerated and removed. T/C
  3. Town Regenerated and removed. T/C
  4. Town Regenerated and removed. T/C
  5. All Towns Regenerated and Removed, Thanks T/C
  6. Town Regenerated and Removed. T/C
  7. Player has only been offline for 8 days, the requirement is 30 to be deleted
  8. Town Regenerated and deleted. T/C
  9. haha i think i was the one who told you about this but I'd second this, although people would find ways to steal from other people who use BC pipes badly, i personally have outsiders perm to "loot" in my town
  10. You do not pick up spawners with silk touch, you must use a portaspawner
  11. Items placed in your inventory, next time please follow the template T/C
  12. Dont Necro old posts please, this issue was solved over a month ago. T/C
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