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  1. supaspork

    [Town Roll Back Request] Joey4213

    Player is remaining banned, rollback denied. T/C
  2. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    Due to the fact that nothing concrete has been shown showing that you have not done it and the evidence that has your creative tag on it, I am going to deny the ban appeal, at this point you are just fishing for any possible way to try to get out of it and have changed your story more than once. Ban Appeal Denied T/C
  3. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    Only the building itself is loaded, not the whole spawn area.
  4. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    Was also far enough away, it may not of been loaded unless someone walked close enough to the chunk, as it was on the opposite side of spawn
  5. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    Problem with the chat log there is dono, is that it couldve been up for a good time before it actually killed someone, as it required someone to teleport to spawn to actually be killed, which could of happened anytime after he set it up
  6. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    We did check all logs, and the forcefield was ~75 blocks from spawn, wouldnt need a home there.
  7. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    People have donated more and have done worse. So yes.
  8. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    That you did not do it, or that someone else did it. Unless you can, you will stay banned.
  9. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    Any proof?
  10. supaspork

    [Unban] Joey4213

    We found the force field killing people in spawn, attached to power it was this, with your creative tag on it.
  11. supaspork

    [Refund request] LuckyChuckie

    For what Server is this for?
  12. supaspork

    [Refund Request] Hempic420

    Items Placed In Inventory, Let me know if you got it, thanks!
  13. supaspork

    Changed name

    Please use this template for your format so we can help you faster, thanks!
  14. supaspork

    [Refund Request] BlackDeath220

    Items Placed in Your Inventory.
  15. supaspork

    [Unban] rom7ster

    You were Ban evading a permanent ban on your other account. Spamming chat is a great way to get unbanned, not to mention your very lengthy ban record on the other account. Permanent is Permanent.

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