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  1. 1. Do you think we should replace World Automation with Post Blast?

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Greetings, fellow players & staff members.

After hearing the tragic news that due to W.A's failure Post Blast is out, I had an idea.

I came here with a specific solution to this and for the greater good of Modded CL.

The decline across the Modded Servers is real and quite easily noticeable by anyone.

The exception being the Tekkit server which is fairly popular and probably will be.

However there is a easy, unbiased solution that can will be highlighted in this topic.



General Issue:

The Issue that we are facing is regarding server population across Modded MC Servers.

DW20, SF2, W.A are all suffering from heavy losses in player population and donations.

As a result, the community is losing funding and Modded Players are declining faster.

This issue is mainly caused by the fact that many almost 40% of features are disabled.


Although many are destructive or abusive, they can be used for other purposes as well.

Many items, blocks and features are disabled/banned, and many players do not like that.

A ModPack has a theme, and by disabling it's features you are also disabling it's theme.

Popularity does not come from Youtube, it comes from the content provided by the pack.

With only 60% of the content, and 40% disabled, the ModPack will slowly die/decline.


Theme Issue:

The issue of a proper theme is one that is probably dragging World Automation down.

The theme is what makes a pack unique from the other 50,000 ModPacks that exist.

We hear of many packs that are town based and are not meant for any sort of PvP.

Thus i'm afraid to say all the Modded Servers are near identical to other's present.

No one cares about the fancy spawn, everyone cares about the theme/content.


Protection System Issue:

The protection system issue is a result of the mod MyTown2 used on Tekkit/FTB/W.A.

It is responsible for disabling the use of many features within a Town Claim and/or plot.

As a result, player's cannot do what they want to do in another player's town or plot.

It is agreed that this protects us from grief, but with 90% of the world claimed it's bad.

Since you cannot use those features except in the 10% of the server that is not claimed.

Thus the current Protection System only favors the weak, who cannot defend themselves.


It takes the risk away from the game, and you login daily knowing your items are there.

Thus players know that if they take a one week break they won't lose any items at all.


In Factions for example, the risk is present while you are online and offline as well.

Player's need to be online to have Faction Power and defend their land from raids.

While staying offline, their Faction is open to anyone and defenseless as a whole.

Which is why it requires player's to spend a lot more time playing than not playing.


Disabled Features Issue:

Across all of the Modded Servers, you will find that 40% of features are heavily disabled.

As a result, you cannot interact, place, use or spawn a variety of items/blocks provided.

Especially when some of the content is actually the reason player's play the ModPack.

ModPack players decide on server's majorly based on the count of Banned Items listed.

There was a point when Tekkit had 50-60 players on average because of near 0 itembans.


No Disabled Items = More Features = More Content = More Fun = More Players = Donation.


Yes, some of them have to be disabled I agree, but disabling should be done for extremes.

Meaning items like Sacred Rubber Saplings, Industrial Craft 2 Nukes, Duping Items etc.


Proposed Solution:

I believe that we need to integrate a Factions protection system with more enabled features.

This can be done by utilizing my ModPack, since it has a unique theme based on hard PvP.

How many server's can you think of that use Factions and encourage PvP/Raiding/Griefing?

Exactly, it makes us unique and offers player's a risk/adrenaline rush when they raid/raided.


Post Blast:



-Factions: Less Disabled features, raiding, thrill, hard-core, PvP, Famous.


-Features: More Features = More Content = More Fun = More Players = Donation.


-PvP/PvE: Offers incentive to continue playing to advance yourself and your faction.


-Magic/Tech: One of a few Magic/Tech combined packs that can work together.


-Less Lag: Factions forces players to go far, and build small and underground.


-Less Lag: The bigger laggy bases are often going to be targets, and destroyed.


-More Planets: I am the only person to have 5 solar systems in my ModPack.



-HardCore: The crafting/progression is slow and hard, requiring more time/effort.


-Raiding: Raiding is not meant for everyone, and it is not meant for rage-quitters.


-Magic: Magic can be used to do insane things and is frustrating for tech people.


-Guns: You can be easily killed if you decide to walk into the open area/wilderness.


-Planes: Fighter Jets/Bombers can fly over and decimate a ground base easily.


Conclusion (Tl:dr):

My point is, scrap World Automation for a uniquely themed pack, like PostBlast.

More Features/Less protection = More Players/More Activity = More Donations.


Factions, combined with guns, planes, tech, reactors, magic and 5 solar systems.

Now who would not want such an experience, or well how many of those packs exist?

Truthfully, only one exists (Since i took the hour to implement 5 new solar systems).


~I just believe that we should create a modded server that focuses on PvP/Innovation.

I mean does it not get boring for you to build build build, and then a wipe comes.

It's a repetitive cycle where you don't really benefit, all you do is build not innovate.


Post Blast would mean for people to innovate to create their own protection.

They would not be able to finish all the mods/the entire pack without automating it.

Meaning until they automate protection of their base, they can never really finish.

Plus I have provided the means to counter every offense, and penetrate ever counter.

Which is why the strategic balance exists, but you have to innovate to find it really.



~Please Vote!

~FeedBack is appreciated.

#Not a Hate post on World Automation.



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I personally agree with these points because think about it like this people playyed crash landing because of its theme but if a server was made that disables mobs for example then that would be taking the fun and hardcore out of the pack but if they had just inplemented a plugin to lessen lag or other issues then it could and most probably be more succsesful and yes i know that this is for post blast but that was an example i believe that post blast will attract a whole new variety of players due to the PVP aspect

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Well the thing is that those banned items/features are banned because players, mainly griefers like the spam/abuse them. And that makes the life of other players that just want to try a modpack with their friends a pain and most want to play without having always to look behind to see if someone is trying to grief them or not. Maybe Post Blast is a pack where are less banned/disabled items, but the pack isn't for everyone. Most of the players just want to play safely, try the mods, learn them, have fun. If there was a way to cut down the griefing/abusing part... then all those items won't be banned in the first place.

Either we make the punishment for griefing harsher or find a way around... to enable most of the items back.

We could try the Post Blast and see how it goes...

But I still think we need to advertise our servers better. Thru Youtube, Twitch, HitBox, whatever... We need to make ourselves more present, so players find us more easily.

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Well, To be honest, I would absolutely love the idea of a war server.

The fact that people have to build effective bunkers sounds like fun to me, Both on the building and raiding side.

I literally live for building under ground. And the idea of building one in space is magical.

However, I have to ask how easily it will be to claim areas. You see, People who want to build large underground complex's late game, will suffer for this.

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I totaly agree with your post and  i would like to add that the FTB server is kinda dead with not many people online so i want to suggest to add FTB crackpack or other newer versions of FTB and not the FTB direwolf20 I know it is very good modpack but there are new modpacks too

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Answering a few issues:


~Issue Concerning Late Game Expansion:

1. Practically, once you are advanced/big enough, most players would shift to 1/30 planets/moons.

2. Underground expansion is not the only option, one could create outposts across the 5 solar systems.

3. With ICBM, I can guarantee that the big-factions will wipe each other repetitively, noobs will thrive.

4. ICBM has a few defenses, I have designed one that was thought not to really exist.

4. Player's will innovate to survive, (survival of the fittest) and will find more ways to do so.


Basically, for every weapon in the mod there is an equal defense, but really you can invent many ways.

For example the Cryotheum Syringes, who would have thought of that initially? it took 3 years to do so.

Point being, just as life finds a way, players will too find a way to circumvent their own destruction.


You'll probably see a lot of "MAD" (Mutually Assured Destruction) where Factions threathen Nuke war.

However they will never have the balls to push the button, knowing it will probably kill them as well.

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Since WA is a modpack made form scratch and there is no advertisement for it and still doing better then the popular modpacks at certain times, I would not say that WA failed. I would rather say its doing pretty good and would love to see how it does if it gets advertised more.

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>Be Andrew
>Be somewhat excited for free Post Blast hosting
>Open a topic where Brunyman says he doesn't have the $ to run another custom server

>Get assmad
>Go full on keyboard warrior and make a topic with a wall of text explaining that WA was a failure and Post Blast will be a better "themed" modpack

>Never realize that WA has a theme

>Never realize that WA was never a failure

>Never realize how juvenile it is to while and plug your modpack every chance you get
>Get assmad at this post

>Go keyboard warrior


We all know what happens next

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WA is not a bad pack, and it hasn't "failed". But it hasn't succeeded either. They are two different modpacks. My issue with World automation is that it isn't anything 'new'. We don't have a modded PvP raiding server, but we do have a couple PvP(no raiding). I think Crafters needs this, to attract a whole new audience of people that like factions, ect. But World Automation is basically Tekkit and FTB with different mods, same goal, build, improve, and quit. No raiding, no being raided. I think PvP factions would get a bigger audience, and keep them longer.

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What really amuses me is that:

I can host with or without Crafter's Land, I only wanted a place to share my work without hate.


World Automation has 6.3k Installs, and 23k Runs (with a server) (Pack Exists for 9 months).

Post Blast has 9.3k Installs, and 21k Runs (without a server) (Pack Exists for 12 months).


How's that for successful, not to mention, we always Poll higher than you guys.

So, next time post something constructive rather than providing irrelevant content.


~Adios slit.

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It's evident that World Automation hasn't been successful as a server, not as a ModPack.

I agree it is a fairly fun pack to play, but without a consistent theme it is identical to many other packs.

I don't want modded Crafter's Land to simply die off, rather I would want it to expand.


The fact is that, I agreed to a World Automation server when Brunyman promised if it worked, we'd get a turn.

Rather, I didn't expect it to fail as a server and change Brunyman's decision, i expected both packs to co-exist.

I told Rmtworks earlier, this was not meant to be a hate on World Automation, it was a solvency to the issue.

Until you guys decide to actually throw money at advertising, the unthemed server will not get far really.


So vote how you want, comment how you want.

It makes no difference really, our modded servers are on decline.

If you guys don't see it, then you will soon enough.

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