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  1. No one online

    Yes. Even tho the server has been wiped, I don't think its very popular lately. Might be because of holidays, but also might be because of other reasons.
  2. Market Signs at Spawn

    Literally just made a topic about the same issue
  3. Market crash

    There is a steve minecart listed in the market that causes client crashes when clicking the sign to open the market. Can this be solved? Also, is there a way to blacklist certain items from being added to market? It's not the first time this happened.
  4. It was used in combination with brews that can potentially grief protected area like making holes, placing blocks, changing blocks, depending on the brew. And even tho the brew that does that is banned, if you place it inside the urn it doesn't get used or confiscated. At least that how it was when I tested the urn.
  5. Was banned for that reason that you mentioned. Before being banned, items on that list are tested multiple times or have been situations when that was used by players to damage protected land. It can be used to destroy protected land in combination with some brews.
  6. [Dw20 1.10] Player trading system

    Should this be kept or can be removed? Could be a nice way to trade between players, each booth has 5 trade-o-mats. And each player can choose what he wants to trade and for what. If this doesn't get any input they will be removed.
  7. Yea, it is an exploit but instead of having to do everything again in the spirit world, I say its ok.
  8. or... get some last stand and exp on your armor. It should not kill you
  9. Or... you could just "cheat" and use either the tinkers belt or the tinkers knapsack. Those allow you to transfer items to and from the Spirit world.
  10. I believe so. Dw20 1.10 doesn't have witchery.
  11. [Claim Removal] Jeremix

    Claim removed.
  12. Claim Flags

    Claim flags for spawning reset. Mobs should spawn now.
  13. Refund Request [Tiredman72}

    Items refunded and placed at the spot.
  14. Command Request XxZachxX

    If you want a name change, why don't you change your account name directly? and not having to use the /nickname? But yes the Nick is there to show that you changed the display name.
  15. Is the hand of death banned

    I don't think it is. Wasn't banned when I last played on server. Its a near item even tho it comes with great costs

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