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  1. Is the hand of death banned

    I don't think it is. Wasn't banned when I last played on server. Its a near item even tho it comes with great costs
  2. [Dw20 1.10] Player trading system

    Yes. that way you can limit who does what and where.
  3. Bad ping

    Can you link a pastebin of the specs the console gives? like java version, memory allocated and stuffs like this?
  4. So, since a lot of players asked for a trading system, I thought I would make some kind of trade booth for players to be able to set up trades. Still work in progress though. Will be a few days until it's all set up and ready for use.
  5. [Refund Request]Cajun_Turk

    Items refunded in a drive at your "ME system".
  6. [Claim Removal] RosaGardiner

    Area regenerated and claim removed.
  7. Staff with emotions and feelings....

    Why are you so pissed about that? Doing refunds that have huge amounts of items takes a lot since 1.10 doesn't have the needs to just spawn in couple millions of items at once. And JEI doesn't support the drums of liquid or the mod doesn't add it to be able to just give you a drum. I've done a few refunds of hundreds of thousands of items in the past, and that took a few hours. It's not that simple. It will be easier to ask for a rollback of that area, than asking for a refund.
  8. Help installing Direwolf20 1.10

    If he is cracked check the ftb launcher hackpheonix version. might work.
  9. Because End Portal everything away!

    Items refunded in the chest.
  10. Because End Portal everything away!

    For items refund please use this template:
  11. I was griefed, please help

    So, you want a claim rollback? If so, use this template and post in the dw20 1.10 technical area. https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/244-dw-110-technical-support/
  12. [Claim Removal] FedeLoL52

    Area regenerated and claim removed. Good luck with the expansion!
  13. Is spawn the new dumping site? ? ?

    We might change the claim flags so nobody can drop anything in spawn. If they keep doing this.
  14. [Refund Request] Hals_G_Ruch

    Refunded. check your inventory
  15. Refund Request TK_Cartman

    Chunkloaders get removed if the tps drops under a certain level. Refunded at your last location in the diamond chest.