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  1. Hello to all! I want to showcase a method to get a lot of power with little impact on space and server (at least much friendly than a rainbow generator setup). What you need to make this run at max efficiency and max size: 1. Mods: Mekanism, Actually Additions (or any mod that can facilitate infinite water transfer, you'll need a lot), Pam's Harvestcraft (sink), EnderIO (optional) and any other mod that can improve the setup; 2. Prerequisites: A lot of steel, 1 setup to turn brine (infinite from spawn) into fuel. To get things started you need to make the fuel needed
  2. The server times out every time that area is loaded. Apparently he has an overflowing xp farm and that causes server to time out. The island with the problem is the Interstellar_HD island. Been 2 or 3 days since this is happening but seems like he doesn't want to make a topic to get the issue resolved. He keeps trying to log in for some reason, many times to no avail. Can someone delete the problem blocks or the XP? Thanks
  3. You took too much into your inventory. So that causes you to crash your client. You'll need a n inventory rollback. Also, from what i remember, in chat is broadcasted that you don't hold too much stuff in your inventory or you'll crash. Especially the Applied storage disks.
  4. A shrine might be the way to go, but what if the server tick lag causes the crystal to stop working? just like the other shrines? It could happen. Like I said on the direwolf20 server section about the same issue, adding a custom recipe to craft the luminous crafting table without the crystal does advance you in the astral sorcery tome. I tested it in single player with a custom recipe and it worked. The recipe could use the same materials and be the same shape as in the JEI, it just won't require the crystal.
  5. @brunyman can you take a look at this? it only needs a recipe added and the mod can be used again. on both servers. Thanks.
  6. Just try to enter the server multiple times. If you have a minecraft premium account will get you on server without the need to make a login password.
  7. Regarding this issue. I think this can be fixed kinda easy. So you don't need to have a crystal linked to a crafting table. Since the next stage in astral sorcery is to craft the Luminous Crafting Table, an easy fix is to add a custom recipe for it. that way players can just craft it and not need to do the crystal and altar thing. And can confirm that it does advance you in the mod. If this would be implemented that would be awesome.
  8. Any news about this? does using a spawned floating crystal advance in astral sorcery? Or astral sorcery is a mod that is off limits.
  9. Rebumping cuz astral is usefull. Someone with access to gmc should test if spawning a floating crystal links on a vanilla crafting table. If it does, add a shop listing for that.
  10. It was used in combination with brews that can potentially grief protected area like making holes, placing blocks, changing blocks, depending on the brew. And even tho the brew that does that is banned, if you place it inside the urn it doesn't get used or confiscated. At least that how it was when I tested the urn.
  11. Was banned for that reason that you mentioned. Before being banned, items on that list are tested multiple times or have been situations when that was used by players to damage protected land. It can be used to destroy protected land in combination with some brews.
  12. its supposed to last that long... it has a chance of loosing the enderpearl. you can't use 1 pearl for ever... read the book about it.
  13. Nice design man... tho on servers doesn't really work since the lag is an issue... but still nice thing...
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