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[Revelation] Cannot Login


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Whenever I try to login to the Revelations server, it takes some 30-40 attempts before I can actually enter the server.

There is no error in the console, nor are there any in the logs. It just says Logging in... goes dirt screen for a minute and then "Disconnected".

What I have done:

**Using Premium MC account, latest Java 8, 50mbps connection**

  • Re-installed the ModPack
  • Re-started the game
  • Tried accessing through different server IP's.
  • Tried re-setting my IP
  • Tried using VPNs
  • Disabled Firewall

I don't think it's client side, because there were a few players who reported the same problem.

I think it could be that FastLogin mod or hook with the custom Authme, that allows premium users to enter without /login or /register.

Any thoughts?

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