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  1. please do not ignore me I'm just a kid who wants to play porfa and I'm noob I want to learn and that's why the gm are to help not to ban for the last chance damela plz only that I wait for you in porpocrat minecrat and rrespondeme


  2. because baneaste henkekalmar for 4 days llo que q ise to ask gold and you banned me porfa not return aser help me porfa desbaneamee llo not the buelbo to aser porfabor only help meeee just that I tell you friend I want to play asasin porfiss porque baneaste henkekalmar por 4 dias llo lo q ise due pedir oro y tu me baneaste porfa no lo vuelvo aser ayudame porfa desbaneamee llo no lo buelbo a aser porfabor solo ayudameeee solo eso te digo amigo quiero jugar asasin porfiss
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