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  1. Illegal Items // Aduanich // Pure Survival

    As far as I know, when I looked in his inventory, he didn't have any potions. They should be either in his ender chest or in his chests at his home.
  2. Ilegal Potions

    Please respect the template. Closed.
  3. Illegal Items // Aduanich // Pure Survival

    No, the problem is not fixed. I've banned the player but a mod+ has to go get the potions from him. Also, I think it's a bug with the /item command, that's how he got the potions. So, whoever has time, please take away his illegal items because I'm a judge and I cannot. Thanks in advance
  4. Josegamer123[Spam]

    He doesn't need to upload the image on imgur/etc. It's attached on the forums. Just click it and it will become larger. Secondly, if you look at the image and see the obscene signs and spam, it doesn't realy matter if the complaint is written in English or Spanish, you are smart enough to understand what's going on. Now, for josegamer123, I think a warn or a 5-minute mute is enough. Somebody please punish him because I don't have the rank on Skywars. Thanks.
  5. Illegal Items

    Chat is completely different. Images don't match. Proof is useless. He will not be punished. Topic closed.
  6. Illegal Items

    The image is very unclear. I can't see whether those are enchanted apples or not. Please upload in better quality.
  7. Rank Transfer

  8. Bruny Please Look That

    He is just impacient because bruny didn't give him the rank yet (probably). Killer, as you know, bruny is very occupied and he will solve your problem. Just remember that others have problems too, and he can't solve them all at once. Give him some time please.
  9. Live life your way! My IGN is Lexylelelele

  10. Rank Transfer

    Hello! As you might know, a few months back my Premium Minecraft account got cracked and stolen from me. Back then, I had decided to take a break from Minecraft. Today I have bought a new Premium Account and I'd love if my old rank(s) would be transfered to this new one. Old IGN: Lexbahnic New IGN: Lexylelelele Thanks in advance! P.S.: I would love to return to the staff, but I understand if I won't be allowed to because of my inactivity.
  11. Cs:go

    Only wasted ~600 hrs of my life in it and if I don't play for a week I play like the worst player ever. Playing better than average - good requires a lot of CONSISTENT practice! Apart from that it's a realy cool game. Totally worth the 7$ I paid for it on G2A a couple of years ago. (also there's the betting which is awesome)
  12. Network Pure Survival Server Update To 1.9! Vote!

    No. A wipe would be great but the 1.9 update is a very shi**y update. I'm not going to go into details but I'd rather stay on a relatively "outdated" version of minecraft than play on that "update" that ruined the game. (even though sooner or later it will have to be done, all other servers will probably be on 1.9)
  13. Stuck In The End

    what do you mean it didnt work? i fixed your problem
  14. Stuck In The End

    Try joining now. Edit: Problem fixed; topic closed. (someone please close the topic since I don't have permissions on this section)