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  1. Lexylelelele

    Account rendered

    Soooooo you want to give your account to _Alex_PvP? I don't think that's legal though.
  2. Lexylelelele

    Insulting - iiTzArismaltor_

    I think both of you are taking this to an extreme. He did not insult you, he only called you a bad person. No reason to punish. Topic closed.
  3. Lexylelelele

    [Refund Request] FearThisGoD

    Go on your old name, take the items and put them in the new enderchest. Is that possible?
  4. Lexylelelele

    Spamming in Acv1

  5. Lexylelelele

    FPS issues | Infinity Evolved

    Tbh I have problems with vanilla minecraft lol. I have a GTX 1070 paired with an i5 6600k (3.5 ghz quad core). I have around 70-80 fps in 1440p, but I have a lot of drops (30 fps) without any mods. I feel you
  6. Lexylelelele

    Buycraft Gamemode Only

    5$ for creative mode seems outrageous. Everybody would have access to it and it would spoil all the fun imo
  7. Lexylelelele

    [CTW] Kits

    I think that armor/weapon kits should be removed too. Instead, we could leave potions for the donators (and players).
  8. Lexylelelele

    I lost all my things in Acv1

    Hello. I will refund your items. Please make a full list of what you need. Thank you
  9. Lexylelelele

    loss of a diamond helmet

    Will you please explain this? (The second photo is taken from your inventory!) https://imgur.com/a/mdVaUkL
  10. This is a childish fight between the 2 of you. Please try to make ammends with each other. There's no reason to punish aris for that mail. Topic closed.
  11. Lexylelelele

    Report - ACv1

    Yeah, you proved Jiimmy was invisible. However, there's no way to know who HBed you. I'm sorry. I'll have to close the topic. No punishment issued.
  12. Lexylelelele

    Suggestion - ACv1

    I don't think that smoke time should be reduced. I do think that most prices should be upped (smoke grenades, HB arrows, milk, so on).
  13. Lexylelelele

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but you are only clinically dead for 4 days, afterwards you wake up in your own coffin, buried in the cemetery and you cannot escape. I wish for more than 40 players online on PureSurvival at any given time.
  14. Lexylelelele

    [Rollback Request] SyringeofSouls

    Moved to Tekkit Technical Support.
  15. Lexylelelele

    unban FOXY175

    Your IPs are very similar, and on namemc AngoPala used that name to enter the server. However, you have been unbanned. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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