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  1. [Password Reset] Frxn

    Hi. If you're using a cracked account you can use the command "/changepassword oldpassword newpassword" in the main lobby. Tell me if it works.
  2. [Refund Request] Frxn

    User refunded. Topic closed.
  3. We are trapped.

    Link removed. Topic closed.
  4. Join Warp Vip User

    They were TPd there. No punishment issued. Topic closed.
  5. :(

    This takes necroposting to a whole new level. You have been unbanned ever since, there have been 1 and a half years. I don't know if there is any evidence, but it's not relevant. Can someone please close this topic? Thank you.
  6. [Unban] iiTzWolfMcKing_

    Hello. I've reviewed my screenshots. I thought your armor was enchanted, in reality it was a simple iron armor. I apologize for the inconvenience, I acted before I was certain that you deserved a ban. I will unban you now. Topic closed.
  7. Armor Bug in CTW 7w7

    He threw the items away. I was about to forgive him. However, given that I banned him about a week ago and he broke the rules again, I have to punish him. Thanks for the complaint. Topic closed.
  8. Refund Request

    Also, please provide the name of the player(s) that scammed you.
  9. [Command Request] xtomyserrax

    You have already made a suggestion topic. This one is simply spam. Topic closed.
  10. /feed and /heal commands Suggestion

    /heal removes any debuffs, heals you and FEEDS you. That is why they have joint cooldowns (I think). Lowering the cooldown or removing it would remove the necessity of food, which is important in ACv1 economy and can be bought or found in dungeons easily. I don’t think we should change anything.
  11. ACv1 PvP Protection Adjustments

    Hello. I'm making this topic to inform you that some changes have been made to the ACv1 PvP protections. The following area has been protected (including the top of spawn!): https://imgur.com/a/ouUM8 The following areas are no longer protected (the corners outside of the spawn building): https://imgur.com/a/W3YQY Again, I would like to remind you that PvPing in close proximity to spawn will get you jailed, so please do not camp or PvP near spawn. Thank you, and have fun playing. (I will leave this post pinned for a few days, just so it can be seen by the vast majority of players)
  12. please do not ignore me I'm just a kid who wants to play porfa and I'm noob I want to learn and that's why the gm are to help not to ban for the last chance damela plz only that I wait for you in porpocrat minecrat and rrespondeme


  13. chigui123

    Hello. Please follow this template: Thank you. Topic closed.
  14. Pass ip again >:v

    Banned. Thanks for the complaint. Topic closed.
  15. New to Craftersland!!

    Hello Steve! Welcome to the community! I hope you have a nice time here. I can't wait to see you in-game on the Vanilla servers haha. If you ever have any question or if you need some help, please don't hesitate to PM me on the forums or to message me in-game. As far as the parents with kids go, I haven't met any parent besides you. However, that shouldn't stop the fun. Good luck and have fun, see you in-game! Lexy

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