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  1. HB in Spawn ACV1

    Done. Thanks for the complaint. It's his 4th offense this year, he has been banned for 2 weeks. Topic closed.
  2. Report

    Done. Thanks for the complaint. Topic closed.
  3. Ive got banned for nothing

    According to the ban list, he was banned on Tekkit. Could someone please transfer this topic on the tekkit subforum? Thanks
  4. Report

    Player punished. Thanks for the complaint. Topic closed.
  5. HB in spawn #10 - Ac v1

    User punished. Thanks for the complaint. Topic closed.
  6. Unban me

    1. You did not respect the template. 2. Here's a screenshot of your enderchest: https://gyazo.com/5b82715ade9482844d5891c410ba593c 3. The ban stays. Topic closed.
  7. HB and CAMPER

    No template, insufficient evidence, wrong section. You should post in the "Complaints" section under "Network servers". Make sure to follow the template. Someone please close the topic. Thank you.
  8. Command Request Pinecoeu [Ac v1]

    Alright, please stop replying unless you are directly involved in the issue. Let’s wait fot powerwarp or brunyman.
  9. I was banned for HiddenBlade in spawn

    First off, this isn’t the right section. Secondly, yeah, I believe you, but you still abused a bug. I’ll reduce your ban by 24h. Topic closed.
  10. I do not understand...

    So you come here and complain that we are "abusing" you and not treating you right, after you insult the staff multiple times (e.g. Lexylololo/YT comments). #1: Bumping old threads actually hurts us because if someone keeps bumping threads that were opened 3 years ago, we can't see the new ones as easily. Plus, it's uselss to reply such a thread because it is too old and nobody cares what's in it anymore. #2: USING CAPS TO WRITE A MESSAGE can be associated with anger or rage. That's why everywhere from school to writing a statement for the police you have rules when it comes to your writing (handwriting or digital): you only use a big letter when you have to write a name or when you have to write a sentence. Don't blame us, blame whoever implemented this system. #3: Using Spanish or other languages ingame is not prohibited. We know that many players are spanish, therefore we cannot make them to speak English. On the forums however, since this is an international community based around the English language, there are people from multiple countries who speak different languages. That is why it is mandatory to post in English: so that everyone can understand you. A great example is brunyman, who is Romanian, and he uses the English language. There's no prefferential treatment, there's no rule that states that you have to use Romanian, just like there is no rule that says you have to use Spanish, because not all people know these languages. English is the most common language studied worldwide, and it is not our fault if you failed your English classes. #4: When it comes down to reporting a player, there are different situations. A) The player actually abuses a bug or breaks the rules in order to troll you or to make your game experience less fun, in which case he is punished. B) The player does these things because you keep on annoying them, and they can't stand it anymore. In this case it's much more relative if the player should be punished or not, it depends on the situation. The main idea is that every situation is different.
  11. HB in spawn #9 - Ac v1

    Player punished. Thanks for the complaint. Topic closed.
  12. Command Request Pinecoeu [Ac v1]

    Insulting staff won't help your chances of getting the command...
  13. PS - Duped Items

    Player banned. Thanks for the complaint. Topic closed.
  14. Unban Me

    You threw a super force potion (lvl 127) to a user and it killed him. That’s called owning illegal potions and abusing creative mode. You were banned for 30d because you were banned several times before and you didn’t learn your lesson. The ban stays. Topic closed.
  15. Ban to Jail

    I assume everything is OK now. I'm locking the topic, if you experience any other issues please send me a private message on the forum. Topic closed.