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[Advanced Rocketry] Enabling planets and solar systems


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First of all, as the one who all-in'd to this Advanced Rocketry mod from the beginning, I was so hyped with interstellar travelling, building base in orbit and etcs.

However, when I tried to launch my very first rocket, I realized that there was no planets except earth!. So I was wondering, why did FTB team have disabled all planets and solar system stuff when they put Advanced Rocketry in this pack? 


It might sounds like a child's wish making but I really find AR as a wonderful mod!

After doing some research, I've found a way to somehow enable it: 


I know some people might not gonna find this mod/content not as interesting as I am currently thinking. Still, I wanna give it a try to add this feature to server.



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I would love to see that make it in the pack. I was very sad to see it wasn't in revelation during testing :(


But, there's a very good reason: server stability.

Advanced rocketry is in an early stage of development, so planets have a lot of bugs. And there's also the issue of the strain of generating those dimensions, it does cause a massive amount of lag ?

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