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Sponsor command requests

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Good <insert appropriate greeting>


First off my rank is Sponsor+


I would like to make a request for:


World edit be removed and all accompanying special commands

My ability to enter creative mode and use the TMI cheat option be removed.


Basically, I want to be unable to cheat items in :P
I still want to be able to fly, and use /heal and /feed..

But being able to cheat items in is tooooo tempting.


I found the game more fun when I had to work for things. 
Would still like the teleport cooldown and things like that. 

Just no item cheats,  no mob spawnings, no world edit, no creative, no TMI cheat mode. 


Kind regards

An easily tempted Voodoo ;) 


If you need me, i'll be deleting my island and waiting. :) 

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