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SF2.5 Market Items disappear (repeated outcome...)

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I recently posted a refund for a number of drac and other items which i put on sale which vanished. When I mean vanish they were no longer on market listing, i didnt receive any funds and they dont appear in the market history command. Nor did i get a little booklet detailing their sale.

The link is here: 


What wasn't listed there, principally because i didn't care about a refund at the time was approx. 5 soul-binder books.

After posting the refund Lancelot kindly refunded the items and we chatted about best way to put items on market. I had previously used the "/market create <value> command', he proceeded to show/demonstrate the use of the market block at spawn.

Next day I checked and the two items I had put up had disappeared - One drac chest and one drac staff (same items as before, less volume). I asked Lancelot if he recalled me putting them on market he replied with a yes. I told him they had disappeared... and got a 'strange' styled response.

I repeated the process today. And am pretty confident that they were on market up until the server rebooted and afterwards they too had gone when i was looking to put more item on market (I'm a glutton for punishment...).

I can cope with the item losses, I have access to plenty of drac, hearts etc. but apart from votes etc. it's pretty much my only access to ingame $ and i want to buy a few more items yet from spawn shops.

Could someone please investigate? I'm willing to chat on discord/ingame if it helps. Even willing to repeat the process.

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Turns out the bug relates to charged items, so in short best to not put charged items up on market as they run the high probability of them disappearing.

Another player in-game was knowledgable of the issue and gave advice.

Is there any way a warning could be added to the market device, another sign maybe saying something like 'dont sell charged items'.



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