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  1. HoraAuxesia

     [Command Request]*HoraAuxesia*

    Another gentle bump
  2. HoraAuxesia

    Bought VIP have a command question!

    I believe the command is /delnick. Yeah, that's how they're supposed to display.
  3. I recently learned that our server uses a rather lengthy process to restore player data in the event of a no grave death, crash, or corruption. I feel that implementing an Inventory Rollback plugin would simplify this process and make it easier and quicker to restore player inventories in the event of loss. The Inventory Rollback plugin (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/inventory-rollback.48074/) is one possible option that is very well received. It backs up player inventory upon death, joining or disconnecting from the server, and changing worlds. While the traditional method works well, it can be overwhelming when first used. A plugin such as this provides a GUI interface and retains up to 50 "instances" per player. This would make inventory rollback and restoration much simpler for those who handle such things. Please, keep in mind that I am unaware of all the plugins used for the server, and only wish to offer a suggestion that may help both moderators and players quickly resolve Inventory issues. I hope you will take the time to consider this as one of several potential options and only as a suggestion. Thank you for your time.
  4. It seems every time I load up Rev using the CL Launcher, I have to confirm all my optional mods again. This happens on the Windows version as well as the Universal version but on Linux. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but felt it needed to be addressed in case I was not the only one experiencing the issue.
  5. Account Name: HoraAuxesiaRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /god, /thru, /topReason for Request*: Two of these commands make navigating the server easier, especially in the event of being stuck in a claimed area. /god is a general perk I enjoy when I want to get around without being targeted by mobs, while still being able to interact with the blocks in game.
  6. HoraAuxesia

    [Rev]amped Spawn (With Concepts/Ideas!)

    I enjoy the idea of a more living, breathing spawn. Discussion of a community marketplace has been brought up in another post, and I stand behind the idea. The Market, at current, seems underused. Renting out booths for players to set up shops would be a nice feature. A more fleshed out marketplace with better availability from the perspective of "Staff Shop" items would also be nice to see. To the Waterwheel and Blacksmith, I say it would bring about a sense of movement to a very stationary spawn. The idea of the Waystones seems nice but would require quite a bit of hashing out to make it a workable feature. The last thing we want is a player to waystone into a lava trap, after all. If people want to have featured builds linked, they would likely need to be preapproved by a member of staff. I would also enjoy seeing a garden or park area that would showcase the multitude of trees and plant life the server has available for players to use as decorative items. It could provide a place to rest, while also giving ideas for their own builds. I, personally, seem to find new trees, flowers, and terrain regularly, and it keeps me looking for ways to evolve my own claim. I hope to see some of these ideas brought to life, as it can only mean more players being attracted to the server. Regards, Aux
  7. HoraAuxesia

    Player Plot Shop

    This was always a favourite thing of mine on a server. Players setting up chest shops filled with things you may or may not need. The /market is nice but very impersonal. Players having shop plots gives them a chance to show off their personality as well. I agree with ShinyPorygon, this could help stimulate the economy. Players could sell excess items that others may need, which usually occurs via "quick auctions". That's fine, but shops are a better alternative in my opinion.
  8. HoraAuxesia

    Infinite sewage Ender Tank

    While I don't see this as being problematic, I'm more concerned with its practicality. Your concern is for large animal farms on the server, but not all large farms use the sewage drains. Some, if not most, keep farms for the animal products like leather, wool, eggs, and feathers. In those instances, there really is no benefit to the addition of an infinite sewage tank. If there are others who share your concern about the lack of sewage, then it would be nice to hear from them as well. I'm sure, with enough support, something could be done. Mind, that comes down to the higher ups, but I felt I should put in my two cents.
  9. HoraAuxesia

    Crafter's Land Newsletter | August 2018

    Good to hear a new server machine was set up for 1.12 packs. I'm sure it's made a huge difference, as they tend to be RAM heavy to begin with.
  10. Your Name: HoraAuxesiaClaim Leaders Name: AvalonClockHartCoordinates of claim : 2545, 80, 1209Claim members: AvalonClockHartReason for request: The plot has been abandoned for 171 days, and I would like to continue expanding my claim plot, but it is very close to this plot, it seems. It is the minimum claim size as defined by the placement of a chest.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  11. Account Name: HoraAuxesiaRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /god /clearitems /top /thruReason for Request*: My request for /god is simple: invulnerable but able to interact and harvest blocks as in survival. While having creative is nice, you can't interact with the world in it. Blocks shatter and vanish. For /clearitems, there are many times when you manually mine and leave trails of cobblestone behind you. With /clearitems, all dropped items within a certain block distance are cleared from the ground. The /clearlag command can also accomplish this just as well. The command /top takes the player to the top block in that area and is useful for getting out of deep mines without going to /home or /spawn. /thru is useful when you end up in a place you shouldn't be (like another player's base or town) but can't get through a wall or structure because they don't allow block breaking by outsiders. This has happened while exploring and mining, where I ended up in another player's mine/base and could see the outside, but not get to it. Thank you for your time. Regards, Aux
  12. I'm glad there was an update, but does this resolve the issue with NEI not showing Expert recipes in Infinity? If so, I'll gladly switch back to the CL Launcher.

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