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  1. Item refunded to player inventory. T/C
  2. Thank you for reactivating your rank! Good to have you back! ^_^ T/C
  3. Usually with a wipe, the only thing we can recover is your rank and the perks that came with it. Recovering the money everyone had would be nearly impossible, so we don't include that. I'm sorry about that, but the tank reactivation is as much as we can do.
  4. Items placed in player inventory. T/C
  5. I've placed your cells in your golden bag of holding in your inventory. Hopefully, we can find the source of the issue or an alternative creative power option. T/C
  6. https://i.imgur.com/hA8yDc0.png Here's a journeymap view, as well.
  7. Hey justTigro, What you need is this topic here: That is the town removal request, and it has everything staff needs to tend to the issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, though. ^_^ T/C
  8. Wires vanishing also happened to me, but I can't attest to Ender Chests. If a higher staff member could look into a solution, it would be appreciated.
  9. Your missing items have been placed in your inventory. Have a great day! T/C
  10. If you had a better idea of how many of what ingots, I'd be happy to help you out with this. ?
  11. Item is in your inventory. T/C
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