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  1. That's a bug with the Dimension itself it starts empty and performing the Opening of The Eye ritual creates the dungeon and a portal to it, Sometimes the dungeon never spawns. the previous server I played has this bug 100 fold. Almost every Obelisk there either never spawned the dungeon or spawned you outside of the dungeon.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/E6zbVTj Everything was restored except the the contents of the Last Ender Chest which had a Golden Bag of Holding containing Safari Nets of a Villager, a Ghast, and an Ocelot. I was planning to make this my "soul" chest to contain souls, Safari Nets and other spawn related items but after all this happened I'm questioning the stability of the EnderStorage mod. Thank you For this I was losing hope that my items would ever be restored and I didn't think to screenshot everything under the assumptions the the mod was stable as this is the first time it ever broke for me
  3. Hey my items are still gone and no one is even trying to help



    1. havoc64


      The inventory rollback did not help at all, apparently  color code ender chests are a seperate file

  4. All 4 ender chests are still empty, that didn't seem to restore them as I was really hoping it would. Was the time used before or after my listed time? The time I listed was right before the crash. I Downloaded a NBT editor to make sure of the location and it seems only the original Ender Chest saves to player data while the Ender Storage versions store to their own folder by the name of "EnderStorage" I did some testing on a personal world and this is what I found https://imgur.com/a/OyMkR5g Is there any way to roll back mine without affecting everyone else since it seems to save all Ender Storage mod chest data to the same file or did everyone loose their ender chest data? All 4 of my chests were diamond locked and from what I can see puts my name on the folders (not sure if that's their proper name) and should make them easy to find. Blood Magic seems to save it's data in the "data" directory as [playname].dat, it seems more files broke than I thought and I'm curious why.
  5. Your Name: havoc64Coordinates: X: 2220, Z: -33, Y:51Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): December 09, 2018 3:00 AM CSTDescription of Issue: Shortly after the mentioned date/time there was a massive crash that caused my own and possibly many other's playerdata to get corrupted which I described in another post. To repeat, Blood Magic LP got reset to 0 which caused me constant nausea till I disabled Ritual of The Feathered Knife, all 4 of my personal Ender Chests had their contents wiped (their data is stored in player.dat and unfortunately I only screenshotted the contents of my travel chest), all achievement data was deleted, all questbook progress was lost, and 16 apples randomly showed up in my inventory Screenshots (Optional):
  6. After this most recent crash just now everyone's wires disappeared, my LP network got drained to 0 when it was at 6 million before the crash (others were probably affected as well), everyone's achievement data has been deleted, and 16 apples just randomly showed up in my inventory. If nothing else can you at least try to revert the LP, I've been working on that for days. Also why does your server keep crashing lately, it's non stop crashing several times an hour which makes it difficult to do anything especially with you planning a wipe in 3 months. https://imgur.com/a/RDAEoMt edit: Apparently the contents of all ender chests were deleted. A rollback to an hour ago is desperately needed
  7. A player by the name of "themercenery" claimed the spawn point of the End and a large area around it and it's causing problems (why is it even possible to claim in the end anyways?) Anyone without flight is locked out of the End entirely and many have fallen to their deaths and can't get to their graves nor can I help them with such because the land is claimed https://imgur.com/a/mAqIRZi The long line of end stone was me attempting to trace the border
  8. XRay is always trying to stir up trouble in chat thus I usually have him on my ignore list (and for whatever reason he keeps getting removed from my ignore list) The first time I added him to my ignore list he decided to abuse the market mail feature to continue harassing me via written books.
  9. Agricraft's irrigation system is broken on this server which I found that out the hard way while making my greenhouse. If you have sprinklers on top of a water tank that can work as an alternative https://imgur.com/a/vwK26Cd
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