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  1. Your Name: chviaCoordinates: -2820, 60, 4327Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 5:00pm PST, 12th Nov 2018Description of Issue: The only things that disappeared from my inventory were my knapsack and all the tools in itScreenshots (Optional):
  2. chvia


    I'm slowly getting irritated and want to play with things just working, but new problem of the week. All my recipes have reverted back to normal infinity evolved making it really annoying to do anything. I've tried changing my game to expert in singleplayer and reloading minetweaker, but all I get is an error saying that there's no such mode as expert. I'm on the Crafter's Land launcher and I have a feeling something might have bugged out in that, but please if anyone knows let me know what's going on.
  3. I'm not sure what's going on, but I just logged on and it has gotten worse... time is 10:52 PM PST November 6th 2018
  4. Your Name: chviaTown Name: YeetinvilleCoordinates: x,z [-2800, 4287; -2815, 4272] [-2816, 4287; -2831, 4272] [-2816, 4271; -2831, 4256] [-2831, 4255; -2816, 4240] [-2800, 4271; -2815, 4256] [-2784, 4287; -2799, 4272] [-2784, 4271; -2799, 4256] [-2784, 4255; -2799, 4240] [-2800, 4255; -2815, 4240] [-2799, 4239; -2784, 4224] [-2783, 4271; -2768, 4256] [-2783, 4255; -2768, 4240] [-2783, 4239; -2768, 4224] [-2783, 4223; -2768, 4208] [-2767, 4223; -2752, 4208] [-2767, 4224; -2752, 4239] [-2767, 4240; -2752, 4255] [-2767, 4256; -2752, 4271]Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 05:00PM PST 11th November 2018Description of Issue: This is actually right outside the claimed chunks of my town. Not sure if this is absolutely the right spot to post something like this, but it seemed like the right place. All the coordinates posted are the x,z corner to corner coordinates for the chunks that have been effected. There's also some damage underground, but I'm not sure how long that's been like that.Screenshots (Optional): I have more screenshots, but I'd have to send them on discord 2018-11-06_16.39.33.pdf
  5. I know there was another post made a bit ago that addressed some multiblock issues with the water tank and that there were patches made to fix the server issues caused by this, but I'm finding that they're still not functional. In the picture you can see that the water fills the single tank block completely, but there's no dice with the water flowing into the channel. This means double no dice for functioning sprinklers. I really need the sprinklers to work in order to keep my wheat mature for my toast farm. if there's another way to get the sprinklers to work without having to use the tank I would be very grateful. For now I'm just gunna pray that RNG will be my friend until something can be done.
  6. So I've been having this weird problem where sometimes when I load into the server this capacitor is 100% empty for no reason. It requires me to break it and re-place it over and over again until the saved power finally reloads. It's extra weird because when you break it and hold it it tell you that there's power on it. Anyways, this has been causing me grief in try to deliver power to machines as they sometimes just stop receiving power from the capacitor bank. Also, another thing that comes up with the basic capacitor bank. When I hook up immersive engineering wire from this capacitor to IC2 machines they don't get powered. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intentional. Hooking up the IE wire to a water wheel or an Extra Utilities generator as a source of power seems to feed the IC2 machines just fine. it's just going through that Basic Capacitor Bank where it stops working for some reason. If more details are needed I'm more than ready to respond. Thanks
  7. So I was curious on how to max out Tinker's Construct tools and came across the 'creative modifier'. Right now the only way to get it is to spawn it in, but I was wondering if there'd be an expensive crafting recipe that could be tied to it. Maybe an Extreme Crafting Table recipe. Definitely something expensive though to prevent it from being abused. I have no idea what a reasonable recipe would be, but I thought it might be a nice option to have later in the game.
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