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So I was curious on how to max out Tinker's Construct tools and came across the 'creative modifier'. Right now the only way to get it is to spawn it in, but I was wondering if there'd be an expensive crafting recipe that could be tied to it. Maybe an Extreme Crafting Table recipe. Definitely something expensive though to prevent it from being abused. I have no idea what a reasonable recipe would be, but I thought it might be a nice option to have later in the game. 

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I been working on a a recipe 



Creative Tool Modifier:



It's made using the following:

36 Sunnarium Plates
16 Fluxed-Armor Plating

4 Nether Star Blocks

16 Unstable Blocks

4 Pure Mana Blocks

1 Wyvern Sword, Bow, Pickaxe, and Shovel

1 Dragon Egg


Script has been added!
Please note using these tools after being made OP will be against rule 5
A proper guide will be made later.


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