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  1. o0DcSniper0o

    gmc and nei access perms removed

    Checked in with Darknesscrafted in-game, his gmc was removed, Tc
  2. o0DcSniper0o

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, But you also now see your worst nightmares staring back at you. I want World Peace!!!
  3. o0DcSniper0o

    Cursed earth in challenge rewards

    maybe 200-300$ since you only need one to spread with a watering can maybe also add a warning to the challenge reward collection page, warning the player that cursed earth and direct sunlight do not mix. Many new players do not know of this so it may be a good idea to warn them. as well as letting them know what the block does exactly so to negate any "mishaps"
  4. o0DcSniper0o

    SF Balloon in spawn

    sweet, imma go check it out xD Edit: XD It looks amazing. Glad I could contribute, hopefully i will be able to do far more in the future, be it more of this or just continuing to help players on the server, i look forward to being of assistance. ^^
  5. o0DcSniper0o

    SF Balloon in spawn

    Thanks XD, will do, the coordinates are x-14953| z-13191| y 163
  6. o0DcSniper0o


    @KayWolves Whats the name of the texture pack you used for the midieval build?
  7. o0DcSniper0o


    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6cAKlecXfL_Tk1WVWh2QXRmLVk Part of my base in Sky Factory ^^ I plan to build a small village
  8. o0DcSniper0o

    SF Balloon in spawn

    @brunyman I love building in minecraft, redstone too! so i thought i'd contribute to the server in a creative way This is the balloon in spawn, It is by no means a bad balloon however i have decided to build an updated balloon for the spawn ^^ It is something i did to contribute to the server I hope you like it https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6cAKlecXfL_blpHU3RsWVdkUEE
  9. o0DcSniper0o

    Texture packs

    The Sortex packs are also very nice
  10. o0DcSniper0o


    I understand where you are coming from however, the one chunk base is an example only, as you said You wont be limited to only one chunk so the issues you are speaking about will not happen you can load 4 chunks next to each other for a massive square of space. pipes can also be covered by facades. There is also no need to put pipe outside the wall you can create a seperate me system for the thaumcraft escentia storage, i always do this anyway since the alter is usually so far away from the base anyway xP and i hook a solar pannel to the essentia me system for power
  11. o0DcSniper0o


    That could also work, however a daily wipe is a little excessive as it does take a while for, as an example an ender quarry to mine to bedrock. then the player would have to go in every day before they log off to remove the quarry, there could also be an issue with the players power IRL going out for some reason so a day may not be enough time. 2-3 days minimum may be better Also skyfactories island mechanic is not instance based, it is distance based. That is why if you die and tp to someone elses island you will see the death marker still although it will be some 1000 blocks away i did fly once between islands as a test, took a while though xD
  12. o0DcSniper0o


    @Yusixs @brunyman If you'd like i can go into further detail on how this would work on discord later if you guys would like. I used this method an a friends FTB server i was GM on and it worked pretty well. so in a few hours if you like we can chat on discord and i can go into further detail about the below idea.
  13. o0DcSniper0o


    In relation to the thaumcraft issue, there is no need to place the alter anywhere near the single chunk becouse you dont need the alter to run offline as for the piping issue, this can esily be solved with me export busses attatched to ender chests with different whitelisted objects going to each level and ender chests to send the items back, I can easily create a semi-pipeless system, ive done it before. The last problem is a simple fix if you are talking about pvp seeing as there isnt really pvp on these servers on craftersland. also there is no reason you cant fill all the chunks around your single chunk with obsidian and a layer of water to protect yourself from pvpers. because there is no reason walls need to be chunk loaded. Also if you use this on another server, it will usually have pvp turned off, not saying there are no FTB and tekkit pvp servers, there are. but you can, with magical crops or automation, get more obsidian than you will know what to do with so building thick walls with a water layer around your base will be extremely easy Also this is if the server set you to one chunk, you are proposing 4 chunkloaders(including the paid ones) which will give 32x32x256 which is a massive amount of lang to build in if you use the onechunk method i spoke about in 4 connected chunks. The one way i believe you can fix the issue i posted above,
  14. o0DcSniper0o


    This may help the problem but it wont be by much, for instance if i was presented with this chunk limit what i would do is place a loader in a chunk, mine out the ground in the chunk if this was ftb or tekkit, and just proceed to build my base, with all the machines in the single chunk. Because remember a chunk is 16x16x256 blocks big. That being said, i could easily place any and all machines i need into one singular chunk and the issue would remain the same. It is a good theory on paper but if executed i doubt the issue would change by much. That being said if you do not do this 16x16 is not exactly big, especially for some mods. This is just an example, I have never done this nor do i plan to. Just giving feedback on the thought i had when i was reading this forum post about the better chunkloaders chunk limit. it was a good idea though. A way i think you can help the lag is: I also feel that a monthly wipe on the entire server may push some people away. One way you can potentially fix this lag is to create separate instances where people can use quarries and certain other lag inducing objects and do a weekly wipe on that instance to help cut down the lag, quarries and which ever other objects must also be disalowed on any other instance but the one im speaking of. This will also erase the lingering lag objects of people who are offline for long periods which will help the lag as well. Before the wipe players that are active will have to go into this instance and retrieve their items before the instance resets or their items and machines will be lost
  15. o0DcSniper0o


    they look amazing! well done, the space one is my favorite xD

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