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  1. no whoever it was changed all my secret answers and everything so i cant use my account anymore ? just been using the cracked offline version ever since
  2. yeah something definitely wrong cause now its constantly giving me this message...
  3. i had that problem too, update java to 64 bit and itll fix it.
  4. i've just been playing offline mode for now lol
  5. I have a ticket waiting for a response from them hopefully theylll let me change my password back cause absolutetly nothing is working now and appears everythings been changed....I have tried it in the vanilla forge launcher that you get from the offficial website and it even says wrong password....
  6. that's why i said im working on fixing it its just a hassle
  7. its cool, i wouldnt make a claim like this unless i was fairly certain. i had already tried every other possibility
  8. This is exactly why they would risk it, little kids trying to white knight them cause they think they can do no wrong. I've never had any problems in any of the years playing this game til i used this launcher.
  9. if you're not going to help please stop responding toxic kid, i didnt change pw i literally just logged into vanilla this morning and it worked fine. figured i'd try out the tekkit pack in your launcher so it logged in just fine on first try and it launched, then i closed your launcher went and ate then tried opening it again and my pw has been changed ?
  10. ill wait for someone older than 10 to respond
  11. ive had this account since alpha >.> im in the process of talking to mahjong to hopefully get it back....i shouldve listened to my antivirus when it told me not to use your launcher
  12. So i installed the launcher for your mods and entered my account and pw and logged in fine, but then it logged me out and now it says my password is wrong and i cant login again :/ i want my account back..
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