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  1. Edit ban message

    Yes, it would be a very helpful thing. I agree, +1.
  2. Report

  3. HB in Spawn // ACv1 // FrancoGhost

  4. trolling pure

    Hello, i am a normal user and i want to tell you something; in a protected zone you can place water, lava and nether quartz. That's how you can grief, but you will get banned for 14 days. (if someone reports you with valid proof or a staff member see you). You should do a video or screenshots when the users are putting lava and griefing your house.
  5. Report

  6. Report

    You should use the template
  7. ACv2 Can't join

    This is not your problem. Nobody can join on ACv2 because i think Manager or founder are updating or making a wipe. I am not sure, anyways, be patient.
  8. Report

    Umm.. Why did you copy wolf_flow111's proof? i am very very confused...
  9. Report

    You're not wrong if you use an example of the template, it is same thing, so i don't see a reason to ZengZ deny your report?
  10. Report

    Advertising 4th offense (his accounts are xXAlanWalkerXx, DarDiamond827 and others)
  11. Teaming in Solo Mode (Annoying for others) [SW]

    He already posted a suggestion.

    Theomega9 tienes que escribir en ingles o tu reportero sera ignorado. Copia esa plantilla cual Jimmel te la paso y reporta los jugadores, pero escribe todo en ingles, o, usa el translate. Te lo di en español para que entiendes pero aca se habla solo ingles. PS: Yes, i know that only english here but explained on spanish for him to understand.

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